What To Do With Hot Tub While On Vacation


Owning a hot tub requires special daily care. But, what about those days when you have to leave the house? You should not worry if you will be gone for a few days. There is still a lot you can do for the maintenance of your hot tub even if you are away.

No matter if you won’t be at home for 3 days or more than one week, we have got you covered. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about hot tub vacation preparation and maintenance.

Hot Tub Vacation Checklist

Leaving the hot tub unused for a certain period is not a big deal, but you should do some preparation to prevent any possible damage. Here are the steps you should follow if you are going away:

Test the Water

Firstly, test the water condition. Check the calcium hardness and alkalinity of the hot tub water and properly balance it. Make sure everything is in perfect order before leaving the hot tub unused to prevent possible complications.

Clean the Filters or Replace Them

Cleaning or replacing the hot tub filters is one of the most important things you should do before you leave. Use a proper cleaning solution to prepare the filter cartridges for the following period. In case you skip this step, you will have to deal with dirty water upon return.

Sanitize the Hot Tub

Always check whether there is a large enough sanitizer supply. It is important to note that the sanitizer will last longer if no one is using the tub. Besides, decrease the output levels and shock the hot tub with spa shock. Lastly, turn on the pump for at least half an hour for proper water circulation.

Secure the Hot Tub

No matter if you are planning to be away for 3 days or more than a week, you should always check the hot tub security. Make sure the hot tub cover is in its place so it protects it from external factors. The hot tub cover will keep the heat and stop the dirt from getting inside the water. Also, make sure you properly store the hot tub steps.

Ask Someone for Help

In case you are leaving the hot tub unused for more than a week, it would be a good idea to ask a friend or a neighbor to occasionally check your hot tub. Instruct them to check the sanitizer level and add more if needed. If your hot tub is placed outside and the weather is bad, they could also check the cover and see if everything is running smoothly.



Q: What Should I Do With My Hot Tub When I Go On Holiday?


You should check whether everything is alright with the water and secure the hot tub. Firstly test and balance the water, clean or replace the filters, sanitize the hot tub, and secure it. Make sure the hot tub cover is securely attached and the hot tub steps are properly stored.

Q: Should You Leave Hot Tub On All the Time?


Yes, you should leave the hot tub on all the time since they are designed for such use. Leave the hot tub on no matter if you are leaving for a few days or more than a week.

Q: What Temperature Should You Keep Your Hot Tub When Not in Use?


You should keep the hot tub at least 5 degrees colder than the usual when not in use. Doing this will save energy, especially if you are going on long vacations. 5 degrees is a good rule of thumb, but you can go as low as 10 degrees.

Q: Does Turning Down Hot Tub Save Money?


Turning down the hot tub does not save money because it will use much more energy to heat up. That is why it is enough to lower the temperature while you are away. By doing so you will save energy because it will not take long before the tub reheats.

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Taking proper care of your hot tub can prevent serious damage and will prolong its life. You should devote some time to daily maintenance, as well as follow a special hot tub vacation preparation. Before you leave, make sure everything is properly working.

Test the hot tub water and balance it properly. Then, clean or replace the filters, sanitize the water, and secure the cover. Also, you could ask someone for help if you are going on long vacations. Do not turn off your hot tub because it is specifically designed to be running all the time. Instead, lower the temperature to at least 5 degrees to save some energy while you’re away.

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