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Pump failure is one of the common problems, especially with older spas. Restoring your hot tub pump will allow you to keep using your hot tub at its full potential. Hot tub pump replacement is a good idea if your pump is at least three years old. Keep in mind that replacing just the wet end or the motor won’t do much. Replacing the whole pump means that you will have fewer headaches in the long run.

Pump Failure Symptoms

There are a few signs that will give you a green light for Jacuzzi pump replacement:

  • Whining noise from worn bearings
  • Defective starting capacitor
  • Frozen impeller, bearings, or shaft
  • Humming noise from the motor not turning
  • Pump seals failure that will lead to leaks near the pump

How do you Replace a Circulation Pump on a Hot Tub?

You need to drain and clean your hot tub before everything. After that, you will be ready to start with the hot tub pump replacement, but you need to remove the old pump first. To keep everything safe make sure you unplug the electrical power first.

Removing the spa’s access panel will be your next step. There are hot tubs that have a slice, others have two-gate valves. There’s usually one on both sides of the pump. Just drain the hot tub if there are no valves on the pump and close the valve if there’s one.

Removing the Pump

  • Take a look at the pump’s ground terminal and de-attach the copper bonding wire from it.
  • Pumps usually have two unions; make sure you unscrew them to drain out some of the remaining water.
  • The base bracket of the pump usually has a couple of mounting screws. Remove them.

Jacuzzi pump replacement could be a dangerous game if you’re not careful. Do not remove the pump from the hot tub if the power cable is still connected.

Cable Detachment

If your power cable is in good condition you can keep using it even after you replace the pump.

  • The cable clamp screws should be loosened
  • The connections at the motor of the pump should have the access cover removed
  • Make a note of wire color connections and codes while you’re removing the cable
  • Check whether the wire ends are not dirty. You can snip off about an inch of the wire. Just re-strip them afterward.

Installing New Pump

In simple words, the installation process of a new pump will be the steps mentioned above, just in reverse. Just keep in mind to check whether the power is disconnected from the hot tub before you start with the hot tub pump replacement.

Connecting Power Cables

Usually, hot tub pumps have two speeds. The low speed is usually used for heating cycles and filtration. Still, even these pumps can be configured so you can use both speeds for the same thing.

  • Place a cable connector clamp after you remove a wiring plug from your new pump.
  • The end of your new pump motor has a wiring access cover – remove it
  • Connect the power cable correctly
  • Put a new access cover
  • Make sure that the cable clamp is tightened

To secure a good connection to your new pump, make sure the wire ends are clean. You can check a label diagram showing the wiring scheme at the package once you’re done with the Jacuzzi tub replacement. Changing the pump is important for hot tub maintenance.

Two-Speed Pumps

You need ground wire and 3 line connections to install a two-speed pump. This is the most common color coding:

  • Green: Ground
  • Red: Low peed
  • Black: High speed
  • White: Common

Of course, the color coding will differentiate from system to system. So, make sure you refer to the wiring diagram on your pump to stay safe. Different pump brands have different wire orientation.

One-Speed Pumps

Two-speed pumps can usually serve as a single-speed too. All you have to do to achieve this is to leave the speed terminal blank while using the high speed and common terminal connections.

After the pump replacement, your hot tub heating or filtration cycle shouldn’t be set at low speed. However, if this is the case just switch the low and high-speed wires.

  • The bare copper bonding goes to the grounding terminal of the pump
  • Carefully align the pump to the union connections and set the pump in place
  • Put the mount screws for the base, but don’t screw them yet
  • Make the unions tight with your hand
  • Use a wrench and tighten the screws of the pump base

After you’re done with the installation you will be ready to use a cleaner and prepare the hot tub for use.


Q: How long does a hot tub pump last?


Hot tub pumps typically last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. The most important thing in increasing their lifespan is proper maintenance. In addition to taking care of the pumps, you should also pay attention to the whole spa so you avoid damage.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a hot tub pump?


Replacing a hot tub pump can be done in the wet end way, which costs around $65, or it can be the replacement of the motor, which cost around $200. In addition, replacing the whole jet pump will cost you around $300.

Globo Surf Overview

Replacing the hot tub pump shouldn’t be hard for you to do on your own. Still, you need to be careful since you are dealing with water and electricity. Make sure the power cable is not plugged in and you will be good to go from there. Check the measurements of the pump you’re currently using before you decide what pump you will choose as a replacement. Follow the instructions on the package to make sure the wiring is done correctly. With our guide, Jacuzzi pump replacement is no longer a dreaded task.

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