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Your hot tub lighting is an integral part of your hot tub, brightening up your hot tub for better visibility and even enhancing the ambiance. This is why it can be frustrating to see your hot tub lights not working. Not only does this ruin the mood but it also gets you worried about repairs and expenses. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to troubleshoot the problem and even fix it.

Hot Tub Lights Not Working: Common Issues and Solutions

There are several reasons why hot tub lights don’t work. Sometimes, the reason may be as simple as a busted light bulb while at other times it can be as serious as a damaged circuit board. In any case, hot tub lights not working can be just as frustrating as having no power to the hot tub. Below we listed some of the most common reasons why your hot tub lighting isn’t working and what you can do to fix them.

Before we get started with any of the troubleshooting tips for hot tub lights not working, make sure that you turn off the circuit breaker and confirm that the power is off using a non-contact electrical tester.

1. Check the Switch

One of the first things that you’ll want to check when hot tub lights not working is the switch. Many models of hot tubs (especially the older ones) make use of an air switch which sends a pulse of air to activate the switch when the button is pushed. Such switches are designed to provide a safe means of turning on the hot tub even with wet fingers.

So first you’ll want to check if the button is working properly by pressing it up and down. If the button seems to be working fine, the next thing to check for is the air hose that connects the button to the switch. Look for any sign of cracking or splitting in the hose by blowing through it. If there aren’t any, get a flashlight and check the underside of the button for any damage or debris that may have gotten stuck in it.

2. Check the Light Bulbs

Most hot tub light bulbs are designed to last for a long time, especially the LED types. However, this doesn’t mean that they will last forever.

You’ll need a multi-tester to see if the light bulb is still in working condition. Set the tester to Ohms or resistance and connect the probes on the contacts in the light bulb. If the reading shows “0” resistance, it means that the light bulb is still working. On the other hand, if the reading shows “1” or higher this means that the light bulb is shorted out and will thus need to be replaced.

3. Check the Lamp

If the hot tub lights not working, check the lamp or the socket where the light bulbs are inserted. Sometimes, the lamp can develop rust and corrosion because of the wet environment. These create a barrier that prevents contact between the lamp and the light bulb, thus preventing the light bulb from lighting up. If this is the case, you can clean the rust and dirt away using a rag or a toothbrush. Again, make sure that the power is completely turned off before you start poking your fingers inside the lamp.

If the damage is beyond cleaning, you’ll need to replace the lamp with a new one. You can get a replacement by buying a hot tub lights kit, which also includes new wires and connectors.

4. Check the Fuse


Almost all types of hot tubs, from regular hot tubs to inflatable hot tubs, have fused to protect them from damages that may be caused by voltage spikes. The fuse can get shorted when the voltage rises above the safe limits.

To check whether the problem lies with the fuse or not, simply take a look at the fuse itself. If the wire inside the fuse looks ruptured or if the fuse’ glass looks burned and discolored, then that means that it needs to be replaced with a new fuse. Make sure that the new fuse is the same type and amperage as the old one. You may also want to test the replacement fuse with a multi-tester to check if it’s in good condition. Simply set the multi-tester to Ohms or resistance and put the tester’s probes on each end of the fuse. A good fuse will show a reading of “0” while abas fuse will show a reading of “1” or higher. If the replacement fuse checks out, go ahead and install it in the fuse clips.

5. Check the Transformer

Hot tubs make use of a transformer to provide the light bulb with the right voltage, usually 12 or 24 volts. When the transformer fails, it can cause the hot tub lighting to fail as well. To check if the transformer is still in good condition, you can start with a visual inspection. Look at the wires and make sure that they are not corroded. If all looks well, get a multi-tester and measure the power going in and out of the transformer. The voltage output should be either 12V or 24V depending on the label on the transformer. If the output is higher or lower, then it’s time to get a new transformer.

6. Check the Relay

Relays are used to control or direct the power going to the light bulb. More often than not, these relays are attached to the circuit board or located just before the light lamp. Relay failures are caused by a variety of things like the relay getting stuck or becoming corroded. The latter can be checked through a visual inspection, while the former will require the use of a multi-tester.

7. Check for Shorted Wires

All hot tubs like Coleman hot tubs, Lifesmart hot tubs, and others will have electrical wirings running throughout their structure. These wires serve as a pathway for the electricity necessary to power not only the hot tub lighting but other operations of the hot tub as well. That said when the wires are compromised the power fails to reach the light bulbs which then prevents them from lighting up.

A visual inspection of your hot tub wirings should show you if any of the wires are damaged. Specifically, you’ll want to look for nicks in the wires caused by rodents or insects. You can also try wiggling the wires gently to check for loose connections and tighten the connectors accordingly.

8. Check the Control Board

Although it is unlikely to happen, hot tub lighting can sometimes fail because of problems with the control board or circuit board. The problem may lie with the whole board, or with some of the board’s parts like the capacitors or the resistors. If the hot tub lighting issues can’t be fixed with all the troubleshooting tips mentioned above, then the problem may be with the circuit board. At this point, you’re going to need the help of an electrician or hot tub technician to determine the exact cause of the problem.

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It can be frustrating to see your hot tub lights not working, but luckily there are plenty of ways to troubleshoot the problem and fix it. Most hot tub lighting problems can be fixed by replacing the damaged parts and can be done without help or a professional. Just remember to practice caution when trying any of the troubleshooting tips above to prevent any untoward incidents.

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