What To Do With Hot Tub In Summer


If you have tried hot tubbing before, you probably understand the comfort provided by the hot tub on a cold or chilly day. However, what happens when the outdoor temperatures start soaring? Do You have to place the hot tub cover on the spa and wait until the fall? – luckily for you, the answer to this question is no!

While the summer season is characterized by high humidity and oppressive temperatures, you can still use the hot tub in summer. If you are wondering what to do with a hot tub in summer, this article has various tips that you can use.

Tips to Help You Use Hot Tub in Summer

1. Try Morning and Evening Soaks

In areas featuring low humidity levels, summer temperatures start dropping as the late afternoon wanes and bottom-out later at night. The thermometer usually starts rising again when the sun rises. In most places, this means that dusk, twilight, and dawn are ideal times for getting in the hot tub and enjoying a relaxing session.

Jumping in your clean hot tub in the evening or at night can provide tranquility after a hard day at work. Enjoying a hot tub session in the cool morning is an ideal way to find balance and relax in preparation for the long, hot summer day.

2. Soak Away on a Rainy Day

Rain happens to be Mother Nature’s way of beating the high summer temperatures. In some places, summer rains come daily – it is not uncommon for the rain to continue for weeks.

A summer rainstorm can easily break the hot spell pretty quickly. The cool peace that usually follows is a perfect invitation to melt into the bliss of your inflatable hot tub.

If there is no risk of lightning and thunder, using the in-ground or above ground hot tub while it is raining should offer you unique tranquility. Simply sit back and enjoy the cool rain on your face while the rest of the body indulges in the warmth of your hot spa.

3. Throw a Party

In most places, summer is a social season – a time when family and friends come together for barbecues or to just relax and talk. If you have family and friends who are willing to come over to your place, throwing a party may be a perfect answer to what to do with a hot tub in summer.

High-quality hot tubs feature entertainment systems that can provide the perfect music to match the party’s vibe. From the latest beats and classic tunes to summer movie marathons and big games, Bluetooth technology should help you connect to the home entertainment system via the hot tub’s remote controls. You can easily turn up the volume, change the music, and do much more while you and your family/friends are flipping burgers.

Entrancing hot tub fountains and waterfalls should augment the party mood while multicolored LED lighting should usher the gathering into the night, setting an ideal stage for stargazing and fun hot tub games.

4. Turn Your Hot Tub into a Cool Tub

If you would like to soak in the hot tub at day time, and you are wondering whether it is possible to use the hot tub in summer – when the temperatures are highest – you should know that this is possible. All you will have to do is turn the hot tub into a cool tub.

Most spas allow their users to do this by simply reducing the hot tub temperature setting. Alternatively, you can turn the hot tub heater off altogether to enjoy some cool hot tubbing session.

5. Place the Hot Tub in the Shade

Dealing with the glaring sun is one of the things that make using the hot tub in the middle of the summer day extremely uncomfortable. However, with enough protection from direct sunlight and a cool hot tub water temperature, you shouldn’t have to worry about what to do with the hot tub in summer.

Placing the hot tub in the shade is one of the best ways to protect yourself from direct sunlight. If moving the hot tub is impossible, consider erecting some sort of shelter. As an example, you can set up a large adjustable patio umbrella around the hot tub. Also, be sure to apply sunscreen correctly before soaking in the hot tub.

6. Apply a Cold Compress

If you are worried that using the hot tub in summer may affect you negatively even after turning the heater off, you can consider using the cold press to make your soak comfier. When getting into your Bestway hot tub, bring a cool, wet washcloth. Simply place the washcloth on your neck or forehead.

This should help you feel instantly cooler. You will also be more comfortable to enjoy a long soak in the hot tub while it is hot outside.

7. Ensure You Are Properly Hydrated

While this does not answer the question of what to do with a hot tub in summer, it helps you improve your experience in the spa. Staying hydrated is a good rule of thumb that everyone should follow when it is hot outside, even when you are not in the hot tub. However, when it comes to staying cool in the hot tub, definitely drink up – water, that is.

Coldwater will not only keep you hydrated; it will also help you keep your body from overheating. Keep a bottle of water nearby while you are in the hot tub. Be sure to drink from the bottle regularly.

When soaking in the hot tub in summer, it is a good idea to avoid alcohol. As you probably already know, alcohol is a diuretic and instead of hydrating you, it will cause dehydration.

Note: In addition to causing dehydration, excessive alcohol drinking while in the hot tub could cause drowsiness which can lead to unconsciousness and subsequently result in drowning.


Q: Can You Use A Hot Tub in the Summer?


Yes, you can use your hot tub in the summer. You will simply need to plan your day in a way that allows you to go hot-tubbing in the cooler parts of the day. By the cooler parts of the day, we are referring to morning hours or at night.

If you would like to soak during the daytime, you will need to lower the average hot tub temperature. Also, if your Intex hot tub is outdoors, consider erecting a shade to protect you from direct sunlight.

Q: What Is the Best Temperature for A Hot Tub in the Summer?


During the summer, a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit should be ideal. Since the temperature is lower than the average body temperature, the hot tub should be refreshing on the hot days. If, however, your goal is to turn the hot tub into a cool plunge tub, consider lowering the temperature to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Can Hot Tubs Be Cool?


Hot tubs can be cool. All you will need to do is adjust the temperature settings. Simply setting the hot tub temperature to lower than the body temperature should be enough to make the hot tub feel cool. Alternatively, you can turn off the heaters and allow the hot tub to cool down slowly.

Q: What Is Too Hot for A Hot Tub?


Any temperature exceeding 104 degrees Fahrenheit is considered too hot for the hot tub. A temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit is considered safe for healthy adults.

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If you have been wondering what to do with a hot tub in summer, this article proves that you do not have to cover the hot tub and wait for the cold season. With the tips outlined in this article, using the hot tub in summer should be easy for you.

If your goal is to enjoy the benefits offered by hot spa water, consider soaking when the temperatures outside reduce – this could be at night or in the morning. If you would like to cool down in the hot tub, simply reduce the temperature of the hot tub water.

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