Hot Tub FLO Error – This Is How You Can Fix IT


Having a hot tub sometimes means dealing with certain problems. Digital spas are designed with self-diagnosed features that notify you about errors. These errors can include heating, sensor, and water flow problems. Hot tub FLO error is among the most common ones you may encounter.

However, seeing this is not a reason for panic. It typically means the hot tub is having issues with water flow. This is an issue most hot tub owners will experience and it can be easily fixed. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about the Jacuzzi FLO error and how you can fix it.

Hot Tub FLO Error Guide

The self-diagnosed features can be very beneficial when it comes to fixing your hot tub. That is why it is important to learn what those errors refer to and how those problems can be solved.

There are different types of hot tub errors, and not every error refers to the same thing. Similarly, not every error can be fixed in the same way. Some errors may require minimum effort, while others require professional help. There are three error code groups you may deal with: water flow, sensor codes, and heater codes.

Water flow problems may be displayed as FLOW, FL, or even Jacuzzi FLO error. Also, you may notice PS (which refers to pressure switch) and LF (which refers to low flow) on your hot tub display. Luckily, these problems are very common and can be solved in a few easy steps.

Step By Step Troubleshooting

If you notice your hot tub is displaying FLOW, FLO, FL, or similar error codes, there is indeed a solution. Troubleshooting the problem is pretty much the same for all hot tubs and spas. Remove the hot tub cover and begin the process by:

  1. Completely shutting down the hot tub.
  2. Inspecting the water. You should check for the debris which can get stuck in the pump.
  3. Taking all the hot tub filters and filter cartridges out. Make sure you set them aside at an appropriate place.
  4. Turning the hot tub on without placing the filters back.

If you notice that you are no longer receiving the hot tub FLO error, this means there is something stuck in the filters and they are clogged. The solution is keeping them overnight in a chemical filter cleaning product. However, this method will not work if the filters are more than one year old. If that is the case, you should replace them with new ones.

On the other hand, if you are still getting the Jacuzzi FLO error, you will need to get professional help. A technician will be able to tell what is obstructing the water flow. It is typically something mechanical, such as damaged or loose connectors.

Make sure you always contact official or trusted repair companies. They will fix any problems most appropriately by replacing the broken part with the original ones. Taking good care of your hot tub is crucial if you want to enjoy its benefits for a long time.



Q: What Does It Mean When My Hot Tub Says FLO?


If your hot tub says FLO, it typically means that it has a water flow problem. When the water is not flowing like it is supposed to, the equipment overheats because the heater stops working. This error code shuts your hot tub down to prevent more complicated problems and damage.

It is a very beneficial self-diagnose feature that can save you lots of trouble. If the heater is not properly working, the water quality will also become worse. That is why having a normal, unrestricted water flow is crucial for a properly-functioning hot tub.

Q: How Do You Fix The Error Code on a Hot Tub?


You should check the filter, the pump, and the valves to see if anything is causing water flow troubles, such as a clogged valve, impeller, or a dirty filter. Sometimes these problems are caused by bad flow switch or pressure switch, or even damaged wire connectors. In such cases, you should get professional help so you can enjoy using your small piece of paradise in no time.

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In case you notice your hot tub is displaying FLO error, there is no reason to panic. This refers to water flow problems which are very common. Also, this can be fixed in just a few easy steps.

It is enough to turn off your tub, check for any debris, and remove the filters. If this helps and your tub starts working normally, then your filters need to be cleaned or replaced. However, you should call a professional if the problem persists even after taking these steps.

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