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With plenty of hot tub health benefits, it is no longer surprising why a hot tub is one of the best additions to any home. However, it can be frustrating when it encounters several problems. This makes it important to be familiar with spa error codes and the best solutions.

Even the best hot tubs can be prone to errors. From overheating to temperature sensor faults, you will inevitably encounter problems. Before you panic and call a technician, see if you can remedy the problem by yourself.

If you are looking for the most common hot tub error codes, we got you covered in this article. We’ll let you know what the error code means, as well as the best things that you can do to fix it immediately.

Hot Tub Error Codes: What They Mean and What to Do

Diagnosing common hot tub problems is easy! Just look at the small screen that displays the error message. Find out what the spa error codes mean and act immediately to fix the problem.


The Problem: When you see these letters flashing in the control panel, this means that you need to replace the UV bulb.

The Solution: The best thing that you can do is to replace the UV bulb. Head to the nearest dealer and find one that is suitable for the tub that you have. Replacing the bulb is important because it inhibits the growth of bacteria. You can also use hot tub sanitizers to keep the water clean.


The Problem: This code means that the button is stuck. You will have a hard time setting the desired program when you see this error code.

The Solution: Try doing a hard press of the button. This will eventually remove it from being stuck. If not, get in touch with a pro. You might need to replace the button or the hot tub’s control panel to make it functional.


The Problem: It is one of the most serious spa error codes. This means that there is no controller data communication. The computer fails to connect. You will not be able to set the desired temperature and use the other critical functions.

The Solution: Call a professional when you see this error code. The computer may need to be repaired or replaced to restore communication.


The Problem: This is indicative of a temperature sensor fault. Your hot tub’s computer may be unable to detect the accurate temperature. It can also be indicative of a communication problem between the control panel and the circuit board.

The Solution: Changing the hot tub water will not fix this problem. It can be an error with the computer or the sensor. Call a technician for repair or replacement.


The Problem: This happens when the temperature goes below 20 degrees Fahrenheit than what is currently programmed. While hot tubs are meant to be hot, when you see this message, it means that your hot tub is not reaching the desired temperature.

This is the point where you will be concerned about what is the right water temperature for a hot tub. The answer will depend on several factors, such as the water and the heat that your body can handle.

The Solution: A low hot tub water temperature can be uncomfortable. However, there is no need to call someone to fix the tub at this point. All that you have to do is to wait and the water will soon heat. The heater will activate. Tap water is usually cold, so it should not come as a surprise that you will see this error code.


The Problem: This code shows that the heater was able to detect inadequate water in the hot tub. When this happens, the heater will not function. 

The Solution: Each hot tub manufacturer will have their respective recommendations when it comes to the minimum water that you need. Follow this for the heater to function as it normally would.


The Problem: When you see these hot tub error codes flashing, it means that the flow switch is either malfunctioning (FL1) or not working (FL2). You can blame dirty hot tub filter cartridges for this as it can affect the circulation of water. These codes will cause the heater to deactivate.

The Solution: Check the water level and see if it is below the recommendation. Alternatively, you should also check the filters or the cartridges. You can clean the hot tub filters to restore their function. If they can no longer be cleaned, find a replacement.


The Problem: It is one of the hot tub error codes indicative of a problem with the fan or the blower. This means that there is an issue that restricts the fan from functioning properly. It blows air, which is the one that is responsible for generating bubbles.

The Solution: The best hot tub troubleshooting solution is to inspect the fan to be sure that it is working. There may be stuck dirt or debris that limits the fan’s functionality. Worst, you might need to repair or replace the fan. If that’s the case, get in touch with a technician.


The Problem: It is one of the hot tub error codes indicating a problem with the water flow. This can also be a sign that the hot tub water jets are misbehaving. The pressure switch can also be experiencing problems. 

The Solution: Inspect the filter for blockages. Clean the filter. If you can still see the same error code, you might need to replace the filter. See to it as well that the circulation pump is working. Another solution is to replace the pressure switch. It might no longer be working, which is why it fails to detect the flow of water.


The Problem: It means that the sensors may be out of balance. The computer is reporting a difference between the temperatures that the sensors can detect. This can also be indicative of a flow problem.

The Solution: The flow issue can be a problem with your heater. Open the filter and clean it. Regular inspection of the filter is one of the most important hot tub care tips and tricks. Check the pump to make sure there is no debris stuck.


The Problem: This means that the hot tub is in a potentially freezing condition. This happens when the computer detects that the temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the hot tub to automatically activate protection from freezing.

The Solution: This is one of the spa error codes that won’t require you to do anything. The heater will automatically activate to increase the water temperature. This situation is common when you fill the tub with tap water, which is normally cold. Once the low-speed pump and hearer activates, it will increase water temperature by up to 65 degrees.



The Problem: This error code stands for interlock failure. There can be a pump or ozone spike. Ozonators can also be faulty. 

The Solution: This is a technical problem that requires professional attention. Call a technician to know more about the problem. Chances are, you might need to replace parts that are no longer working.


The Problem: This stands for Low Flow. When this happens, the hot tub heater will shut down while the other components will continue to function as normal. This means that it will take quite a while for the tub to be filled.

The Solution: Learn how to troubleshoot a hot tub heater. This can also be solved by inspecting and cleaning the filter. If the problem is beyond the filter, do not attempt to solve the problem. Get in touch with a technician.


The Problem: It stands for overheating. This indicates that the water is more than 112 degrees Fahrenheit. When the water gets too hot, the tub will automatically shut down.

The Solution: Do not get into the hot tub. If there is a hot tub cover, remove it. This will allow the water to cool down. If the hot tub is big, you will benefit from having a hot tub cover lifter.

Another solution is to set the program to Economy Mode. This automatically lowers the temperature to prevent overheating.

If the problem persists, turn off the hot tub. Get in touch with the manufacturer or a licensed technician.

P1, P2, P3-ER

The Problem: Depending on the type of hot tub that you are using, there can be multiple pumps. These are some of the spa error codes that will be indicative of the failure of the pumps to function. 

The Solution: Check the pump for potential problems. In most cases, there can be debris stuck in the pumps that prevent them from working. You might need to replace the pump when repair no longer does the trick.


The Problem: Some spa error codes should not be a cause of concern and this is one of them. PR stands for priming. You will see this code when you turn on the tub for the first time.

The Solution: It does not require any action. In the case of most models, the priming mode will last four to seven minutes. Just wait until the spa is ready for you to enjoy.


The Problem: At this point, there is no serious problem with the hot tub. However, this is a reminder that you should test the pH level of the water. A pH level that is too high or too low will prevent you from making the most out of the hot tub.

The Solution: You should learn how to balance the pH level in a hot tub. It should be anywhere from 7.2 to 7.6. There are test strips that you can use to check this. You can add chemicals to alter the pH level.  


The Problem: Some hot tub error codes serve as a reminder for care and maintenance, such as RSA. This is a reminder that you should sanitize the spa. The failure to do this can increase the likelihood of suffering from health problems such as hot tub lung and Legionnaire’s disease from a hot tub.

The Solution: There are many ways to sanitize the hot tub to maintain its top performance. For instance, you can lower bromine or chlorine levels in a hot tub. You also need to perform a hot tub deep clean. From the pipes to the filters, pay attention to the different parts to sanitize the tub.


The Problem: It stands for sensor 1. This indicates that the high-limit sensor is not working properly. It can mean a short sensor when the spa is deactivated. On the other hand, when the heater is deactivated, it means an open sensor.

The Solution: It is one of the hot tub error codes indicating that you should not use the hot tub. It may not reach the required temperature. This isn’t one of the problems that you should handle on your own. The best action is to call a technician.

SP-F1, F2, F3

The Problem: This shows a problem with the fuse of the hot tub. This is indicative of having a blown fuse. This will limit the functionality of the hot tub and prevents the water from being hot. 

The Solution: Test the fuse to be sure that this is the problem. You need a voltmeter or multimeter to do this test. If the fuse no longer works, you will need a replacement. While this is one thing that you can complete by yourself, if you are not confident about doing this, it is best to seek professional help.

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Hot tub running and maintenance costs can be high. It is important to regularly inspect and maintain your hot tub to avoid unnecessary expenses while also maintaining its peak condition. Pay attention to the hot tub error codes mentioned above to easily detect and fix any problem.

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