10 Best Hot Tub Decor Ideas


Your hot tub is more than just a spot for hanging out and relaxation – it is an integral feature of your property that enhances its appeal and market value. This is why it’s important to invest time, effort, and money on different hot tub decor and landscaping features to ensure that your hot tub integrates seamlessly into the overall design and aesthetics of your property. Besides, applying these outdoor hot tub landscaping ideas and designs will also improve the area’s ambiance and make your hot tub much more enjoyable to use.

Hot Tub Décor Ideas

Making your hot tub fit into your overall design scheme shouldn’t be that difficult. These 10 hot tub decor ideas to help ensure your hot tub, whether it’s a regular tub or an inflatable hot tub, fits perfectly with the rest of your landscape.

1. Raised Platforms

Installing your hot tub on a raised platform like a porch gives you the perfect view of your surroundings. You just need to make sure that the platform is strong enough to carry the combined weight of the hot tub, the water, and the users. Also, check with your local authorities because a separate building permit for the inclusion of hot tubs on a raised deck may be required.

2. Sunken Look

Of the many different outdoor hot tub landscaping ideas, this is certainly one of the most popular. Many people love the appeal of a sunken hot tub, giving it the impression of a small pool or pond that integrates seamlessly into the ground. However, to achieve this look does not mean digging a hole in the ground and sinking the hot tub there. Instead, you’re going to build a deck around the hot tub to the top leveled with the walking area.

Keep in mind that you should only build a deck around three sides of the hot tub, leaving the side where the control panel and pumps are located open and easily accessible for repairs and maintenance.

3. Rock Walls

For a more rugged and rustic look, you can build a rock wall behind your hot tub. Some hot tub owners usually have rock walls built on one side of their tubs only, while others enclose all three sides and leave only the side with the hot tub steps for the entrance and exit. Some even put a spout to create a small waterfall as their hot tub decor. It is recommended you use lightweight stones for the wall. Be sure that the wall is also structurally sound, otherwise, it might topple over your hot tub and damage it.

4. Hot Tub Bar

If you love having hot tub parties, then you’ll love this next idea: surrounding your hot tub with a bar. You can have a counter with small shelves underneath built around three sides of the hot tub. Then, set some bar stools around the counter, fill the shelves with your choice of beverage and you’re all set.

5. Decorative Screens

Enclosing your hot tub with decorative screens is one of the best ways to enhance its appeal and at the same improve the privacy of your hot tub. Laser-cut decorative screens and hot tub decor are available in a variety of designs, from fern leaves to swirling patterns and everything else in between and beyond.

6. Gazebo or Pergola

Building an overhead structure like a gazebo or a pergola can add a whole new level of architectural feature to your hot tub area and your whole backyard. Some people like gazebos because they provide complete protection from the sun overhead, while others prefer pergolas because of their open and airy feel. Whichever one you choose, these outdoor hot tub landscaping ideas are bound to bring character and a luxurious appeal to your bubbly paradise.

Keep in mind that you still need to install a hot tub cover and hot tub cover lifter even if you have a gazebo. You can’t fully rely on the gazebo roof to prevent leaves, dirt, and other debris from getting into your hot tub.

7. Ambient Lighting

Installing ambient lighting can make your hot tub area look more magical and appealing. You can easily set them up along the pathway leading to the hot tub or even along with the hot tub steps. If you have a gazebo or pergola over your hot tub, you can install rope lights or hanging lanterns in it.

Take note of your choice of lighting systems as well. For more fun and festive space, bright colored lights are the best options. For a romantic hot tub session with your special someone, then go for more subdued lighting to soften the mood.

8. Surround It with Plants

Adding plants around your hot tub is one way of turning that modern space into an inviting paradise. Add flowering plants of different varieties for a burst of color and fun, and consider using decorative pots to further enhance their appeal. Scented plants like lavenders and lilacs are also a good idea. If you have an inflatable Intex hot tub or Bestway hot tub, put some space between the plants and the hot tub walls because some plants excrete oil or sap that can stain the hot tub’s fabric.

9. Add a Fireplace

A cheery and crackling fire can do more than improve the ambiance around your hot tub since it can also provide some warmth when the temperature dips. It also creates a focal point that greatly enhances the appeal of your hot tub area.

10. Hot tub Lighting Systems

Almost all the tips mentioned above were all above decorating the surroundings of your hot tub. Although some people find that enough, how about leveling up and decorating the hot tub itself with LED lighting systems? You simply need to replace the standard hot tub lights with colored LED light bulbs to give your hot tub water a colored effect. You can also replace the standard, clear underwater light lens with a colored plastic lens.



Q: Can you put a hot tub on a raised deck?


Yes, it is possible to install a hot tub on a raised deck provided that the structure is strong enough to support the combined weight of the hot tub, water, and the people who will be using the tub. Consult with a professional to help you implement these outdoor hot tub landscaping ideas to ensure the structural integrity of the deck.

Q: Can you put a hot tub in a screened in porch?


You can put your hot tub in a screened porch. Doing so is actually a good design idea since the screen will help to keep flies and insects from entering the hot tub area, buzzing around your ears and ruining your hot tub session. Again, make sure that the porch is structurally sound to ensure that it doesn’t collapse.

Q: Can you sink a hot tub into the ground?


Unfortunately, you can’t actually sink a hot tub into the ground. What you can do though is to build a deck around the hot tub and line the surroundings with lightweight stones and plants to give the impression that the tub is “sunk” into the ground.

Q: Can you put a hot tub under trees?


It is not recommended to put a hot tub directly under a tree because dried leaves, twigs, as well insects living in the tree canopy may end up falling straight into the hot tub. Even large tree branches may break off and land on your hot tub causing serious damages that are beyond repair.

Q: Do I need a fence around my hot tub?


Putting up a fence around your hot tub is not necessary unless it is required by law. The regulations vary from one place to another so you’ll want to check with your local authorities for the exact details and requirements.

Q: How do you prepare the ground for a hot tub?


To prepare the ground for your hot tub, follow the steps below:

  1. Check the area where you plan to install the hot tub. Make sure that the installation won’t affect any electric, water, gas or other utility lines running to and from your house. Also, check that the ground has good drainage so that your hot tub does not end up being surrounded by puddles or mud.
  2. Level the ground where you plan to install the hot tub. Fill any holes up with dirt and remove large stones and other debris until the ground is flat and even.

Once the ground is all cleared up, you can start setting up your hot tub base and installing the hot tub.

Q: What is the best base for a hot tub?


Concrete pads are still considered to be the best base for a hot tub. They are solid and easy to level, thus providing your hot tub with a secure and even base.

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From making small changes like hanging rope lights to large ones like building an overhead structure, adding one or two (or more) hot tub decor can do so much in enhancing the looks and ambiance of your hot tub area. There are plenty of other outdoor hot tub landscaping ideas out there, but the ones above should be more than enough to help you get started and achieve your goals.

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