10 Hot Tub Care Tips And Tricks


Owning a hot tub has two sides. The first one is the fun one, and it includes all the interesting, relaxing, and fun things you could do in your hot tub, like reading your favorite book, playing some board games with your friends and family, or simply letting your body relax. The second one is a bit less favorite and it includes anything connected to the maintenance, although this side is equally important as the first one.

Keeping your hot tub in a good shape will help you reduce the money spent on maintenance, lessen the need for repairs, and it will help you significantly lower the time you’ll spend outside. This article will help you find the easiest and cheapest ways to maintain it. Not to mention all the saved nerves.

1. Tennis Balls

You may or may not play tennis, but owning a few tennis balls can be really helpful to remove oils, hair products, lotions, and other greasy stuff from the water. You’ll achieve this by throwing a few tennis balls into hot tub skimmers. Or, you could throw them straight into the water.

They will help you by soaking up all the bad things we’ve mentioned above with their fibers, so it will be easier to clean your spa and keep it healthy. To the best possible outcome, change them every few days, or at least every week.

2. Use Bleach For Your Hot Tub Cover Freshness

Treating your hot tub cover is as equally important as all the other things connected to hot tub maintenance. Constant heat and water exposure can help it become smelly if you don’t clean it right. Using a simple bleach solution will help you with this. Use a spray bottle, make a solution with 90 percent water and 10 percent bleach, then spray it on your cover. You should do it at least once in three months.

3. Tracking Time Could Be A Lifesaver

If you’re about to (re)fill the hot tub, one of the most clever things you could do is to set up the timer. Because this could take a while, it is easy to forget about it if you walk away to do something else meanwhile. The timer will serve as a reminder that your hot tub is being refilled, so you won’t have to worry about potential overflow and all the mess that could occur if you forget. Not to mention the possibility of fried equipment.

4. Use Spray Cleaners For Your Filter Cartridges

Now it is time to reveal one of the most important secrets when it comes to keeping your hot tub filters clean – you have to wash them frequently! And we don’t speak just about rinsing them once a week and soaking them every few months, but also about thorough once-over using a spray cleaner on monthly basis.

If you don’t have spray cleaner near you, dilute the hot tub filter cleaner you use the most by following the directions, then add it to a pre-owned spray bottle. Wet your filter good using the cleaner, then make sure you have it a thorough rinse, as you don’t want any foam in your hot tub.

5. Soap Could Help You With Hidden Surface Issues


Draining your hot tub is not easy and it is most likely not one of your favorite activities, because you have to remove all the water, then wait for it to refill again, etc. But if you’d like to see if your spa surface has some problems with the texture, or has cracks or something similar, it is time to visit your kitchen. Take the dish soap and squirt it a bit into your water. It will break your hot tub surface waves and give you a bit better view of the bottom of your spa.

6. Your Spa Has Tiles? Baking Soda And Vinegar To The Rescue

Having a hot tub with tiles means there is one more thing to worry about when taking care of your hot tub – grout. Here you’ll find baking soda useful.

Go to your kitchen, take baking soda, mix it with water, and form a thick paste. Once formed, apply it to the tiles using a damp sponge. Wait a few minutes, then turn the hot tub on.

Using an old toothbrush or something similar, enter your hot tub and get the grout lines using circular motions. Scrub it until starts to looks good. If you worry about baking soda’s effect on your chemicals, sleep calmly, it shouldn’t change anything, but once you’re done, measure the balance, just to be sure.

If you’re out of baking soda, use white vinegar as a substitute substance. It should have the same effect. Vinegar could also help you keeping your jets clean and preventing them from stiffening or creating a clog.

7. Money Saving Advice – When To Run Your Heater

Having a hot tub means you’ll have a bit more expenses, but if you wonder how to lower them a bit, the answer is – check with your power provider when the electricity costs less and turn on your heater then.

Also, a good thing to do is to insulate your hot tub. Combined with the “off-peak” heating, your energy usage will drop a big-time, but it will also reduce a big portion of stress on your hot tub’s system, helping your hardware stay in a good shape for a longer period of time.

8. Your Hot Tub Needs Its Share Of Fresh Air

When the night falls, you could open the covers and let the fresh and cool air cool your hot tub a bit and keep the temperature at the optimal level. Also, leaving them open for about 15 minutes after usage or adding chemicals will help them normalize sooner and easier.

9. Keep It Covered

At all other times, having a hot tub cover is a must. It will help your water keep the temperature at constant levels, not to mention lowering the possibility of having debris or insects and frogs invade your spa. And it will help you if you use bromine as a sanitizer because it will keep the UV light away. Also, you could use double covers, if you want.

10. Don’t Use Soap Or Oils In Your Hot Tub

We use oils and soaps to wash and keep our bodies healthy, but these products can be really harmful to your hot tub. This means you should avoid using deodorants, sunscreen, creams, and similar things as they will cloud the water rather quickly, and they could also clog the filters.

If you have visitors, tell them to shower before they enter your spa, or you’ll risk having to replace the water and possibly some parts soon.

Also, a good idea is to wear a baseball cap if you have long hair, to prevent it from entering your spa water. Or any other cap – this is completely up to you and your choice.

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This article should serve you as a guide on how to ease up the hot tub maintenance. Don’t wait too long before you use some – or all – of these tricks, because this way you’ll get your hot tub in the best possible shape, so you could enjoy it as long as you want without having to change anything.

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