10 Best Hot Tub Apps


Taking care of your hot tub has never been easier. You can get all the information you need with just a few taps. Taking technological development into account, it should be no surprise that there are many available hot tub apps. They are convenient, easy to use, and can help you monitor your tub in seconds.

There are many features these apps can offer, such as a Wi-Fi spa controller. So, which should you choose? In this article, we will present the 10 best options, so you can choose the most suitable hot tub app for you.

10 Best Hot Tub App Choices

1. AquaCheck

This app is used for water testing and is available both for Apple and Android. It can be downloaded for free, which is a major bonus. It utilizes a specifically designed water test strip that can help you manage your tub. It works by taking a photo of the strip and telling you what chemicals you should add to the water.

2. Pool Calculator

There is no need to do any math because the app does all the complicated calculations. You just have to enter the required information about the hot tub (size, chemical readings, etc.).

Upon completing the required steps, the app will show you how much of each hot tub chemical you should use.

3. Balboa Spa Control

If you have a Balboa system equipped with Wi-Fi, you can use this app to do the work for you even if you are miles away from the tub. This app will make it possible to control everything.

You will be able to adjust the temperature of the water and even control the filtration cycles. The Wi-Fi spa controller can truly bring your tub experience to a whole new level.

4. Sunsmart

You can use the Sunsmart app if your tub is a Sundance Spa hot tub. This app will allow you to manage and control every little detail about your tub. This system is one of the most advanced management devices of this kind.

Simply download the app on your phone and tablet to start using this convenient system. You will be able to change things like temperature, lights, and pumps right from your screen.

5. Cloud Control

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. So, take your phone or your tablet, download the Cloud Control app, and control your hot tub from any place.

You are required to have a Bullfrog spa for this Wi-Fi spa controller to work. It will let you control the temperature, adjust many types of settings, manage filtration, pumps, and much more.

6. ProLink

The ProLink app is compatible with Jacuzzi spas. The only thing you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection inside your home and a smartphone with a stable Internet connection.

With this app, you will be able to control the conditions of your hot tub wherever you are. It will let you control and adjust many things, such as water temperature or even jets.

7. MAAX Collection

The MAAC Collection app works with the Balboa system. It is very easy to adjust the settings on your hot tub with this app. With a stable Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone, you will feel like you are right beside the tub.

It will give you access to the Balboa system and let you change everything you want. You can adjust the temperature, pump settings, or even lights. Also, you will be able to set up a timer for your pump. Lastly, you can do all these changes from the comfort of your bed or wherever you are.

8. OnSpa

The OnSpa app works with Arctic Spa hot tubs. Simply connect the app to the OnSpa system and it will let you configure just about anything. If you have an Internet connection at your home and on your smart device, you can manage the tub from just about anywhere in the world.

The app will let you adjust the heaters, and change the tub settings. Using such a system is the easiest way to monitor your hot tub even if you are on vacation.

9. Pool Doctor

This hot tub app makes it possible to monitor everything about your spa in just a few seconds. It is available both for iPhone and Android, which is a plus. It is a very versatile app that is also simple to use. It will allow you to check the water condition without any hassle. You will be able to adjust the levels of salt, total alkalinity, bromine, calcium hardness, chlorine, and cyanuric acid and keep them under control.

Even though this app offers many different functions, it is not overwhelming and complicated. It will only show the measurements related to the type of tub you own. You can even convert the measurement to liters, kilograms, ounces, gallons, etc.

10. Leslie’s Pool Care

Balancing the tub water is essential. It can prevent many inconveniences and protect your health. Using Leslie’s Pool Care app will allow you to easily achieve this. It will let you run a home water test and immediately receive the results. Besides, it will offer you a specific treatment plan according to the type of tub you have.

This app also has unique features that can make it easier to manage the condition of your tub. It can even track the water testing history, which can be very beneficial.

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Managing your hot tub can be a demanding task. Fortunately, many spa apps can help you achieve the perfect spa conditions wherever you are. Since there are many available apps, you should choose ones that fit your needs.

Some of the best apps for managing your tub are ProLink, Sunsmart, OnSpa, Balboa Spa Control, etc. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet as well as a stable Wi-Fi connection. This will allow you to control your tub in just a few taps.

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