Hot Tub And Massage: Before Or After


With plenty of hot tub benefits, no wonder, many people crave a warm and bubbly bath. To make it even more relaxing, get a massage. A good massage is one of the simple pleasures in life that we enjoy. But, many are wondering, which should go first – hot tub and massage?

Keep on reading to know more about hot tub and massage. Whether at home or at a spa, among other places, we’ll help you decide what you should do first.

Go to the Hot Tub First

As a general rule, enjoy a hot tub first before getting a massage. Whether you are at home or in a spa, it is always a good idea to soak in the hot tub 15 minutes before getting a massage. Make sure that you know the right hot tub temperature to make the experience more relaxing. Experts recommend that you keep the water temperature between 100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whether it is in inflatable hot tubs or woodfired hot tubs, the time that you spend soaking will prepare your body for the massage. It relaxes your surface muscles and eases tension. This way, the masseur can exert more pressure without suffering from discomfort.

Drawing out lactic acid is another benefit of soaking before a hot tub massage. This loosens both your muscles and connective tissues. This also makes it possible to maximize hydrotherapy benefits, including less joint inflammation, lower blood pressure, and an increase in oxygen flow.

Enjoying a hot tub is also good to clean your body before getting a massage. Environmental pollutants, chlorine, and sweat can be present in your body, and the best way to get rid of them is through soaking in a hot tub.

If you soak in a hot tub, make sure to dry yourself before the massage. A cool shower will help to cool off the pores. Dry yourself as a sign of respect to the therapist. No one wants to give a massage when your body is dripping!

Soaking in a Hot Tub After a Massage

Hot tubs and massage are both relaxing. If you are looking for optimal relaxation, however, getting in a whirlpool hot tub after a massage can also help. The jets will help in the recovery of the muscles.

One of the main reasons why many people soak in the tub after a massage is to get rid of the oils in their bodies. This may not be hygienic. It is better to get in the shower instead. A steam shower will be relaxing. In the hot tub, the chemicals can mix with the water and make it dirty.

Drain and clean a hot tub if you use it after a massage. This way, you can get rid of the oils that are in the water.

Hot Tub Massage Tips and Tricks

To make the most out of hot tub and massage, this section talks about some of the best practices to make the experience more relaxing.

Listen to Relaxing Music

Regardless if you are soaking in the hot tub before or after a massage, adding music to the experience will make it more relaxing. With a waterproof Bluetooth speaker next to you, play soothing music, such as instrumentals. Slow and intimate songs will also be good. If you are with your partner, this is also a good idea for a romantic hot tub evening.

Shower First

Especially if you will be soaking in a hot tub after the massage, the best practice is to shower first. Make sure to use soap when you shower. This will remove the oils and lotions that are still lingering on your skin. If they get in the hot tub, this can result in foaming problems, which can be a headache to resolve. If that’s the case, to get rid of foam in the hot tub, one of the best practices is to replace water.

Use Aromatherapy Oils

For the most relaxing hot tub massage, aromatherapy oils can help. This will allow you to take advantage of the power of scent. Add a few drops of essential oils in the water to make it more soothing. After this, if you often use oils, however, pay attention to regularly performing a hot tub deep clean to make your spa hygienic.

Choose the Right Massage

For a hot tub and massage to be relaxing, one of the most important is to choose the right type of massage. This boils down to personal preferences. Whether you would like to get rid of sore muscles or you want a relaxing time will also affect the right type of massage that you should have.

If you want relief from sore muscles, you can never go wrong with a Swedish massage. If you are into sports, on the other hand, an athletic massage is good. For those who would like to focus on joints and mobility, Thai massage is recommended. This is a dry type of massage, so you don’t have to worry about oils getting in the water after your massage.



Before we conclude, let’s look at some of the questions you might have about hot tub massage.

Q: Is a Hot Tub Good after Massage?


Yes, a hot tub is good after a massage. It will help in muscle recovery. Especially with hydrotherapy, this will help to relieve sore muscles and make you feel more relaxed. Although, if you have to use a hot tub only once during the massage, do it before.

Q: Is It Better to Have a Bath Before or After a Massage?


It is better to have a bath before your massage. This will help to clean your body of the dirt and pollutants that can be possibly stuck in your skin. You don’t want these to be rubbed during the massage. It can also be an effective way to loosen up your muscles and make you feel more relaxed.

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Hot tub and massage are effective to get rid of stress and loosen sore muscles, among other benefits. The best practice is to use the hot tub first before getting a massage. This prepares your body and eases tension.

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