How Hot Should A Hot Tub Be?


Many would consider this an obvious question but, trust us, it is one of those few things that get new hot tub users confused. Some people love their water cool, some warmer, and others are extremely hot. But just like your spa size, features, capacity, and accessories, the topic on temperature boils up to a personal preference.

Over the years, the hot tub community has had debates on the “appropriate” hot tub temperature. And some of the biggest questions have been:

“Exactly how hot should a hot tub be?”

“Is there a specific temperature that can maximize energy efficiency?”

“And do things like frequency of use determine the temperature at which you should set your spa?”

Our own hot tub experts have interesting opinions on this topic too. You may want to grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy the read as the answers to this riddle may surprise you!

The Standard Temperature

If you just bought your hot tub, you may have realized that the maximum temperature limit is set to 40˚C. This simply means that you can’t raise the temperature of your heater above this point, which is a question that has been asked so many times by new tub owners. Some older versions, however, can allow you to do this but all new tubs can only go up to 40˚C.

Studies show that the safest temperature for adults to bathe in is 40˚C. So if you decide to raise it any higher, the outcome could not be that pleasant. If you don’t risk boiling yourself or a member of your household to death, you could end up damaging your hot tub, or both. Remember, most of the parts of this system to are built to operate at that temperature.

How To Determine The Right Temperature For Your Hot Tub

It is called a “hot” tub not a cold tub, lukewarm tub, or skin-blistering tub! That means the temperature should be just hot-right – not too cold and not blazing. A spa is supposed to give you comfort and something cold or skin-scorching will give you just the opposite.

However, considering that this is something that will be used by every member of your family, determining the right temperature that favors everyone can be a little tricky because some individuals will prefer warmer water than others will.

37˚C is optimal and will work perfectly for almost every member of your family. But for those who need a serious stress-relieving soak or want to feel a little burn on their skins, 40˚C will be acceptable.

Keeping The Temperature Consistent


If you are a tub owner, you want your small pool to conserve as much energy as possible. This is totally understandable, after all, who wants to pay a huge electricity bill? As such, other than wondering what the ideal hot tub temperature should be, new spa owners always want to know whether or not they should turn down the temperature after a soak.

Now, this may feel like a nice way to prevent energy wastage but tell you what, you won’t realize any savings on energy at all. What happens is that when you lower the temperature of your spa, the next time you want to have a soak and turn the temperature on, the heating element will have to work extra hard to heat the water. It will therefore consume more energy than if you just left the temperature as it was from the start.

But there are times when we advise tub owners to reduce their spa temperature – when they are not planning to use the tub for an extended period of time. If summer just set in and you are planning to get away from home for some time, it only makes sense to lower the temperature of your water since no one will be using it anyway. Just make sure to put the cover on to keep contaminants away.

Once you get back from your vacation, remove your hot tub cover, do your water chemistry, and heat your equipment. You may also want to drain and clean the hot tub to remove any foam or cloudiness in the water.

Maintaining a constant spa temperature can save you more energy than when you have to increase the temperature every time you need a soak.

Ideal Temperature For Kids

Children have more sensitive bodies than adults. You should never soak your kid in a 40˚C hot spa. The safe temperature for your children will be 36˚C or lower. Anything above this can be a suicide mission.

Also, don’t let them stay immersed for more than 5 to 8 minutes at a time as they can easily get dehydrated. Make sure they drink enough water during breaks to cool their bodies down and stay hydrated.

Caution: Never let your kids go to the hot tub alone especially if they are not old enough to know what happens there. Children want to play with anything they lay their hands on. If yours are the curious type, trust us, you don’t want them anywhere near your spa’s temperature sensors.

Health Conditions

While dipping in a hot tub may feel relaxing and enjoyable, sometimes it can be life-threatening especially if you have a serious illness or are on medication. It is therefore important to find out what your doctor has to say if you are not sure whether the water will potentially affect you.

Pregnant women and people with health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, should consider lowering their hot tub temperature before climbing in.

Hot Tub Physical Activities

If you are going to exercise in your spa, you will need to reduce the temperature. 35˚C or lower will be just perfect! Physical activities like stretching and yoga will get your body generating internal heat, which will compensate for the lowered temperature.

The Ideal Winter And Summer Temperatures

When the weather is too cold, you may set your spa at a temperature higher than your normal preference. Most owners will keep theirs 1 or 2 degrees higher. Water loses heat faster in cold weather than in a warmer setting.

On warmer days, you can use your spa too to cool yourself down. Just set the temperature lower than your normal body temperature and you will feel the cool kicking in. If you are looking to have a more refreshing soak, just lower the heat all the way to 29˚C and you will have transformed your hot tub into a cool above the ground pool.

Globo Surf Overview

So, how hot should your hot tub temperature be? Honestly, whatever gets your body feeling comfortable. But consider the 37˚C – 40˚C a general guideline.

However, there are some things you should think about when setting the temperature of your soaking spot. Things like weather, health conditions, age of bathers, and how frequently you use your tub will help you decide the best temperature for your spa.

Setting the right temperature for your spa makes your soaking more enjoyable and helps you reap the maximum benefits of your expensive system. Just make sure you have a separate thermometer to compare the readings before you jump in.

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