Holley Knives: Your Personal Action & Adventure Pocket Knife Review


High quality and reliable pocket knife multi-tool is an everyday carry (EDC), adventure, and survival staple and the Holley Knives Personal Action & Adventure Pocket Knife fits the bill perfectly. It is one of the best multi-tools available and a solid alternative to the cult brand for multi-tools and pocket knives. Although it is referred to as a pocket knife, it has plenty of tools packed in.

The MOD13A model has all the basic, handy tools we reach for daily and more: a bottle opener, a pair of scissors A, both a large and a small blade, a flathead screwdriver, a toothpick, a can opener, a pin, and tweezers. It also features a corkscrew, a reamer, wood saw A, A. chisel, and a hook tool A. No gimmicky fluff you don’t need! The best thing is that you have the option to custom build your multifunction pocket knife with the functions and look that suit your own version of action and adventure.

The 13 tools fold into an attractive housing so small and so lightweight (about 0.4lb.)that it easily fits in a pocket or on a keychain. This is the perfect EDC tool one can easily and comfortably carry everywhere from the office to the wild backcountry.

There is nothing to complain about when it comes to quality. All the tools are well organized, feel very sturdy, and work as they should. The blades are sharp and build to stand up to the rigors of frequent carry and use. The company offers an unconditional warranty against manufacturing flaws – not many multitool manufacturers offer this.

This pocket knife multi-tool by Holley Knives is perfect for everyday carry, hiking, camping, climbing, fishing, home/garage, crafts, woodworking, and survival. If you’re a collector, this is one pocket knife you will want to add to your collection. Further down this review, we take a deeper look at the Holley Knives Personal Action & Adventure Pocket Knife to find out whether it is worth getting.


Founded way back in 1844, Holley was America’s first pocket knife company. The pocket knives they made then are highly prized collectibles today. Customer needs and technology have changed since then and the new Holly Knives is a 21st-century company utilizing the latest technologies to deliver a completely modern pocket knife multi-tool for modern-day customers while maintaining the high standards of excellence laid down by the original Holly.

Instead of a brick and mortar store stocked with one pocket knife fit all tool, you visit an eCommerce site from the comfort of your home, choose from a selection of pre-configured models or build your own personal multitool by selecting the functions/tools you need and want, the scales material, design, texture, and color you prefer and enter the text you want to be printed on the side. Here is what you get:

  • A multifunction pocket knife outfitted with the tools you need most and best suited to your personal daily, action, and adventure lifestyle.
  • Attractively finished scales that suit your personal style and if you customized the text, have a personal touch too.
  • High quality and durable multi-tool with highly tolerant components that can withstand the rigors of frequent carry and use.
  • Blades forged from carbon stainless steel with a high polish finish and heat-treated to 55+ HRC for strength, durability and to ensure they hold their sharp edges for a long time.
  • A compact and easy to carry a pocket knife and multitool kit that weighs less than half a pound. Super convenient to take with you wherever you go.



Dimensions: 3.5 in long x 1 in high x 1 in wide

Weight: 6.1 ounces

Blades Material: Carbon Stainless Steel

Scales Material Options: Plastic, wood, and metal

User Experience



All the 13 tools fold down into a package so small and so lightweight (less than half a pound) that it easily fits in a pocket or on a key ring or belt loop and isn’t a bother to carry everywhere and enjoy the convenience of having just the right tool at hand when you need it mort. The size perfect is for daily carry and outdoor expeditions.


The Holley Knives Personal Action & Adventure Pocket Knife has a great selection of handy tools that we use daily at home, at work, and even in the great outdoors. The MOD13A model features a large blade, a small blade, can opener, bottle opener w/flathead screwdriver, corkscrew, reamer, pin, tweezers, toothpick, scissors A, wood saw A, and hook tool A. and A. chisel. There are other configurations and you can custom build your own multi-tool with exactly the tools you need and want.

This Holley knife is a handy multi-tool to have whether you are at work, in the kitchen, working in your garage shed, at a campsite, or by the water fishing. You can do so much with it from cutting boxes open, opening bottles, driving screws, cutting wires, tightening nuts, uncorking wine bottles, repairing household items, fixing electronics, to cleaning fish. With it in your pocket or on your belt, you are good for just about anything you may encounter.

No matter how impressive the plethora of tools a multi-tool has is, it is totally useless if it isn’t easy to use and does not perform the tasks it is designed to perform. This is not the case with the Holley Knives Personal Action & Adventure Pocket Knife. All the tools are well organized and function. They open easily, hold firmly in place, and fold smoothly as they are supposed to. The handle is sturdy and provides a good grip. The blades are sharp and cut through things easily.


Quality is top-notch. This is a very sturdy and durable multi-tool. All the tools feel solid, open and fold smoothly, are highly tolerant, and can withstand everyday carry and use. The blades are solidly made of carbon stainless steel and then heat-treated to 55+ HRC. This process makes the blades strong and durable and preserves their sharp edges for a long time. Besides, Holly has unconditionally warranted this pocket knife against manufacturing flaws and other imperfections.


  • 13 handy functions on a pocket knife
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere
  • Option to custom-built a personal multi-tool
  • Great quality and design and reliable multi-tool
  • Practical and versatile
  • Heat-treated blades for durability and long-lasting sharpness
  • Guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship


  • The blades and sharp points aren’t TSA friendly – you can’t fly with this multi-tool
  • Doesn’t come with a protective pouch

Overall Rating


Based on our assessment, here are our ratings of the Holley Knives Personal Action & Adventure Pocket Knife:

Price: 95% – It is reasonably and competitively priced and with all the tools included and expected durability a great value too. It is not the cheapest pocket knife multi-tool but it is well worth the money.

Material: 100% – The blade material is heavy-duty, rust, and corrosion-resistant. The blades can withstand frequent use and exposure to outdoor elements. The plastic, wood, and metal scale options are high quality and attractive.

Design: 95% – 13 tools that fold into an ultra-compact package, this pocket tool is an amazing design feat. It has the core principles of EDC: utility, versatility, and portability. The tools included are well thought out, well organized, and easy to use. And the scales look good.

Overall: 96% – The Holley Knives Personal Action & Adventure Pocket Knife is a sturdy and durable pocket knife multitool! It is easy to carry and comes in handy in many situations. It is an excellent pocket knife and multitool for EDC, camping, outdoor expeditions, and self-rescue.

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With the Holley Knives Personal Action & Adventure Pocket Knife, the modern Holly Knives has lived up to the top-notch quality standards and forward-thinking the original Holly was known for. It is a high-quality pocket knife and a great kit that has everything needed and no fluff that you will seldom use!

If you’re looking for a pocket knife and multi tool for EDC and outdoor use or want to try a different brand other than the cult brand, you cannot go wrong with it! It is a handy tool to keep in your pocket, on your belt loop, in your backpacking backpack, your toolbox, glove compartment, or survival kit. It is bound to become your go-to utility tool and prized possession.

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Holley Knives: Your Personal Action & Adventure Pocket Knife Review
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