Hobie Mirage Eclipse Stand Up Pedal Board Review


  • Advanced composite epoxy (ACX) board construction gives the Mirage Eclipse strength and durability to hold its own when traveling fast in the water and hold up well over the years.
  • The displacement hull design gives it stability. The sleek profile with a pointed nose and square tail is inspired by touring paddleboards and makes the Mirage Eclipse fast gliding. 
  • Pedal drive system whose mechanism is inspired by the way penguins propels themselves in the water.
  • The bicycle-style handlebars make the Eclipse the most stable board to ride on the water and also make steering it easy. The handlebar adjusts from 36 to 43 inches to suit the height of the pedaler.
  • The steering system mounted on the handlebar and operated using easy-press controls makes steering and maneuvering this board a breeze.
  • Kick-up rudder keeps the board upright and balanced in the water and acts as fins helping propel the board forward. It can also act as a skeg for tracking. It folds up as you approach the shore.
  • EVA deck pads offer a sure grip even with slippery hands and are cushioned for comfort on long pedaling excursions.
  • Transforms into a standup paddleboard easily. The handlebar and pedals detach easily and the rudder locks up leaving a very stable Hobie paddleboard.
  • Rear tie-downs and bungees offer options to attach paddleboard fishing accessories or the kind of gear you need to make the board suit your kind of fun and offer the functionality you want. 
  • It is customizable and you can purchase accessories like a cart for easier transportation, a protective SUP board bag, a crate for holding gear, a phone holder, and more. 
  • Two vibrant color options to choose from: solar yellow and lunar blue.


The Hobie Mirage Eclipse is available in two sizes: 10’6 and 12’0. Here are the specifications for both:

10’6 Specifications

Crew: 1

Length: 10′ 6″ / 3.2 m

Width: 33.5″ / 0.85 m

Weight Capacity: 225 lbs / 102 kg

Fitted Board Weight: 43.2 lbs / 19.6 kg

Fully Rigged Weight: 54 lbs / 24.5 kg

12’0 Specifications

Crew: 1

Length: 12′ / 3.66 m

Width: 35″ / 0.89 m

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs / 125 kg

Fitted Board Weight: 48 lbs / 21.7 kg

Fully Rigged Weight: 58.9 lbs / 26.7 kg

User Experience

Ease of Use: Assembling the Hobie Mirage Eclipse is easy and intuitive. It is also the easiest board to ride. Even beginners and kids can drive it with confidence. Just hop on, put your hands on the handlebar and pedal away.

Stepping on the pedals causes the fins to paddle in a criss-cross motion that propels the board forward. Steering and maneuvering it is intuitive, especially for bikers. The steering controls are very responsive and conveniently located on the handlebar. To veer right, squeeze the right handle trigger. To steer left, squeeze the left trigger. 

Speed and Stability: If you’re used to paddling a regular SUP, you will be surprised at how fast gliding this pedalboard is. It has a solid, steady, and natural feel and it can scoot through the water at top speeds. The sleek hull design with a pointed nose and square tail is inspired by touring paddleboards and it helps the Eclipse cut through the water easily.

With that kind of speed, stability is essential and this board has plenty of it. Holding on to the handlebar makes this the most stable board to ride on the water. The rudder keeps the board upright and balanced. The width and displacement hull offer additional stability. Falling off this board is very hard, even for beginners. 

Those who have had the chance to take the Hobie Mirage Eclipse on the water agree that it is a lot of fun. With the kind of stability it offers, beginners don’t have to worry about falling off. And the wild speed this pedalboard can achieve makes it interesting for advanced paddlers. The resistance the pedals provide gives your legs and core a great aerobic workout. It is like riding an elliptical machine on the water.

The Mirage Eclipse Pedalboard vs Paddle Board: As a pedalboard, it is easier to get the hang of it and the learning curve for beginners is shorter than as a paddleboard. It gives a solid leg workout and is capable of exceptional speeds that paddling a SUP can never reach. When you want to paddle it, simply lock the fin in place and remove the drive and handlebar to transform the Eclipse into a very stable SUP that you propel using a SUP paddle


  • Everything about it is well designed
  • Built to be robust and durable
  • Versatile as it transforms into a paddleboard
  • Incredible stability and lots of fun to ride
  • Retractable rudder that can also act as a tracking skeg
  • Easy to pedal and steer through the water
  • Adjustable handlebar to suit different heights
  • Gives a leg workout similar to working out on an elliptical machine
  • Assembles and disassembles easily


  • The Hobie Mirage Eclipse’s cost is on the high side
  • Accessories have to be purchased separately
  • Only has room for one rider and a furry companion
  • It is on the heavy side for a paddleboard
  • It is not equipped with wheels for easier transportation

Overall Rating

  • Design: 95% – Hobie gets watercraft designs and the Hobie Mirage Eclipse is no exception. Every aspect of this Hobie paddleboard/pedalboard from the board shape, the pedal drive system, the adjustable handlebar to the squeeze steering system is well thought out and designed. It transforms into a paddleboard easily, has attachment points for gear and the kick up rudder will fold up as you approach shallow waters.
  • Materials: 95% – A watersports board that can move as fast as the Hobie Mirage Eclipse should have really strong materials so that it can withstand impacts without breaking into pieces. The advanced composite epoxy (ACX) board construction is spot on.
  • Price: 90% – The Hobie Mirage Eclipse is reasonably priced given its quality level, features, versatility, and the fun and health benefits riding it offers. However, the cost is on the high side when compared to regular SUPs. You also have to purchase its accessories separately, which means additional expenses.
  • Overall: 93% – The Mirage Eclipse doesn’t come cheap but the quality, design, versatility, and stability it offers, how incredibly fun and beneficial to one’s fitness pedaling it is and that it is both a pedalboard and a paddleboard make it worth how much it costs.

Globo Surf Overview

Hobie is a trusted and reliable brand that makes innovative products. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse is designed for calmer waters but can hold its own in the wind, wake, and waves. That it is both a pedalboard and a paddleboard, made to last and offers a lot of fun and a legit elliptical workout makes it a worthy investment.

Go for it if you want to enjoy an elliptical workout on the water, want something faster than a SUP, or are a beginner and want an easy to learn, stable, and fun board. If you’re a traditional paddleboarding enthusiast, are on a budget, or don’t see yourself taking it on the water often, a regular stand up paddleboard might suit you better.

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Hobie Mirage Eclipse Stand Up Pedal Board Review
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