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One of the main reasons people adore hiking and spending time in nature lays in its ability to help anyone reach their inner peace and calmness. That alone is more than enough to get a person interested, mostly thanks to the way of life and the pace of everything around us.

Being surrounded by hundreds of different pieces of information daily can be exhausting, so finding something that can give you the chance to slow down and let your body refresh and regain is more than welcome, and in this article, we’ll show you all the tricks, tips and secrets of hiking meditation to reach the hiking mindfulness.

Begin Your Journey By Stopping

It may sound funny, but the best possible way is to start your hiking trip by simply – stopping. Just pause for a minute or two and simply relax and let your mind follow your body to a current location. You can also combine this with some of the workouts from our hiking guide. The key is to calm your body and mind and let them start to regenerate themselves by becoming part of your surroundings.

Let Your Senses Take Over

During your everyday life, most of the time you’ll let your mind guide the way. When on a hiking trip, do your best to let your senses take over and pay more attention to them. This way you’ll not only practice your body and your mind, but you’ll also let nature sink in and your primal instincts will take over. This will result in more space for your mind to rest while your other senses will get the chance to finally show their worth.

Use Your Eyes

By this, we don’t mean that you should stare at something, quite contrary. Open your eyes and let them give you information about what’s around you. Turn around slowly and inspect all the details. Follow by looking up to the sky to find any cloud that looks interesting enough. Do the same with the trees, ground, etc. Let your imagination run wild and try to simply enjoy the view, without putting too many thoughts into it. If you find something that inspires you, go to it and inspect it.

Use Your Ears

Probably the most important thing you’ll have to do when it comes to hiking mindfulness is to learn how to listen. This activity is not hard at all, but it will bring you some much-wanted peace in a blink of an eye.

Sit down, if you have something to lean on with your back, do it. Now you may close your eyes completely or halfway down, but it is important to get your sight out of the focus so your sense of hearing can take over. Just sit for a few minutes and try to hear nature’s voice. It may be a bit complicated at first, but after a few minutes, you’ll notice your body as it begins to relax and you’ll find a rhythm in everything around you.

The goal is to let the sound itself takes over without using your mind to make any decision about that sound. This will also lower your heartbeat, so you could do it even when you get back home and find yourself in a situation where it all becomes frantic again.

Don’t Be Afraid To Feel Or Touch

Once your body gets used to sight and sound sensations, the same will follow with the sense of touch. After a while, you’ll notice how the sun or the wind feels differently on your skin, or how different feels to touch something you find interesting and inspiring.

Nature’s Smell And Taste

This situation is the perfect one to feel the taste of your food, without any outside interference. As you sit down to eat, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let your senses take over as you shut down your mind.

The same thing should be done with the sense of smell. Remember those scenes from many movies and commercials, where someone smells something with their eyes closed? Do exactly that! Inhale as deep as possible and let that smell take over your full body. Eventually, you’ll manage to easily identify different things solely by their smell.

Mental Images, Not Photographs


Remember, this trip is not about the stories you’ll tell when you get back home, but about you using hiking meditations to achieve hiking mindfulness. In simple words, before you take out your camera, try to take a walk and memorize a few images as you move. If you find something interesting, inspect it, take a few mental images or videos and rewind it once you go away. Many moments we capture during our trips are looking at maybe a few times before you store them away and completely forget about their existence. However, this kind of memory will stick to you and can serve you as a way to relax when you get back home in the middle of a stressful day – simply play it over in your mind and you’ll be good to go.

Words Like Violence Break The Silence…

When you think about it, the lyrics of this Depeche Mode’s legendary song are probably the most perfect way to describe what you need. If you camp in a group, make sure to take some time to walk alone – or with someone who will respect your desire to stay silent. By walking in silence you’ll allow all those senses mentioned above to take over and not only see but also feel everything around you on a completely different level. This walk can last from 10 minutes to half an hour, or even more. Just don’t forget about your safety as you go and you’ll be alright.

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To achieve hiking mindfulness, all you have to do is to let nature take over. Once you learn how to use your senses, hiking meditation will become your favorite way to relax your body, which is, at the end of the day, probably the crucial thing when it comes to your mental health. This article will serve you as a great starting point. The rest is completely up to you.

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