Healthy Human Travel Cup Review


Healthy Human thought about everything when designing and manufacturing the Cruiser tumblers: cold/heat retention, ease of use and care, durability, sustainability, and even aesthetics. They have superior hot and cold retention that is double that of most other insulated travel mugs and disposable cups. A sweat-free design and splash-free lid design makes them easy and pleasant to use.

This brand also cares about people’s health and the tumblers and straws are made using food-safe materials so they don’t interfere with the quality or taste of beverages. The cups are also heavy-duty and hold up well to the rigors of daily use. It is sustainably packed and comes with a reusable stainless steel straw to further reduce the impact on the environment. The Healthy Human travel cup features the following:

  • Premium-quality and food-grade 18/8 stainless steel construction
  • Double-walled vacuum insulation
  • Clear insulated lid with an opening for sipping or inserting a straw
  • Splash-proof sealing design
  • Sweat-free design
  • Base fits well in most cup holders
  • Rounded corners for ease of cleaning
  • Polished finishes in a wide range of colors



Capacities: 12 Ounces, 20 Ounces, 32 Ounces

Materials: 18/8 Stainless Steel Tumblers, Plastic Lid, 304 Stainless Steel Straw,

In the Package: Cruiser Tumbler, Insulated Lid, Reusable Stainless Steel Straw, Straw Cleaner Brush, Woven Gift Bag and Sticker, and a hydro guide

User Experience


Sizes and Capacities: Healthy Cruiser travel cups are available in three different capacities: 12 ounces, 20 ounces, and 32 ounces. Whether you only need a small amount of concentrated coffee to start the day on a good note, need to refuel constantly throughout the day, or need a large hydration companion, there’s a perfect size for your needs.

Ease of Use: We’ve all had to deal with a stained shirt, a socked bag, a ruined document or laptop, and puddles in the car cup holder or desk. Healthy Human has designed the Cruiser Cups to ensure these frustrating issues are a thing of the past. These tumblers feature a sweat-free design so the exterior remains dry.

As an insulated cup, it is easy to fill it with drinks and ice cubes. The lid has an opening for sipping or inserting a straw. The lid fits very nicely on the cup and seals securely to keep beverages from spilling when held upright or placed in a cup holder. At the end of the day, cleanup is easy thanks to the rounded design and the included straw cleaner.

Hot and Cold Retention: The insulation on the Cruisers is amazing. Healthy Human’s Temp-Max double-walled vacuum insulation delivers superior hot or cold retention – two times longer than disposable cups and most travel mugs. Whether it is your morning beverage you want to enjoy piping hot, an afternoon smoothie, or a post-workout drink you want to be kept perfectly chilled and fresh, these travel cups will maintain your drink at just the right temperature.

They can keep cold beverages icy cold for 24 hours while hot beverages stay piping hot for 6 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. If you have to leave your morning coffee on the desk to attend to a client or join a meeting for an hour or two, you will still find the coffee pleasantly hot and enjoyable to drink. Iced drinks placed in the morning are still cold at the end of the day.

Healthy and Safety: You definitely want a beverage travel cup that is made of food-safe materials. One that doesn’t alter the smell, taste, or health of your drinks or retain smells and favors. The Cruiser tumblers meet this requirement. The tumblers are made of food-grade stainless steel. They’ve also been tested by third-parties and found to comply with FDA and European safety guidelines.

This kind of construction ensures that you enjoy the original smell and flavor of your beverages and can rest assured your drink is pure, healthy, and free from contamination. The lid is made of BPA-free plastic and the included straw food-safe stainless steel.

Quality and Durability: The quality and durability of the Cruiser tumblers are top-notch. Whether you want a travel cup for daily use or will be taking it into the great outdoors to use as a camping mug, the Human Health travel cups are rugged enough for the job. The cups are constructed of premium 18/8 stainless steel, which can withstand impacts and resist rust and corrosion well.

These cups have amazing reviews for their ability to hold up to being dropped and bumped constantly. All the other components are heavy-duty too. The lid is double-walled and made of heavy-duty plastic while the straw is sturdy and rust-resistant stainless steel.


  • Keeps beverages cold/hot for a very long time
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Safe construction using food-grade and BPA-free materials
  • Sweat-free and splash-proof closure
  • Comes with a reusable straw and straw cleaner
  • Attractive finishes and colors


  • The heavy-duty construction and premium insulation means that the cups are a bit heavy
  • A bit pricey but worth every penny, as it is of premium quality with exceptional heat/cold retention

Overall Rating


Hot/Cold Retention: 100% – Thanks to the innovative double-walled vacuum insulation, these cups really keep drinks cold or hot longer than disposable paper cups and most regular travel mugs. They have amazing reviews for their cold/heat retention properties.

Materials: 95% – Premium quality and food-grade stainless steel construction is on point. It makes the cups safe to use and also durable. The lid is a sturdy plastic that doesn’t shatter easily and is BPA-free.

Price: 90% – As can be expected from the premium insulation and construction, these are expensive travel cups. We can confidently state that they are worth the price as they offer a pleasant and hassle-free daily experience, retain heat/cold well, last a long time, and look amazing.

Design: 95% – The first thing you notice about these travel cups is that they look amazing. The polished finishes and attractive color options are absolutely wonderful. The rounded design is also easy to clean and the base fits in most cup holders. The design is also sweat-free and the lids splash-proof.

Overall: 95% – The Healthy Human Cruiser tumblers are five-star travel cups for so many reasons – ability to keep drinks cold or hot for a long time, ease of use, ability to hold up to the rigors of daily use, and their stylish looks. These are thoughtfully-designed travel cups that have everything you want in a daily beverage companion and more. They are also well constructed and should last a really long time.

Globo Surf Overview

The Healthy Human Travel Cup is excellent. It keeps drinks cold or warm for hours, is easy to use, and is tough enough for daily use. It is way better than regular travel mugs – superior cold/heat retention, healthy and safe to use, good looking and it is good for the environment too. What more could you want in a travel mug!

You will find the Healthy Human cruiser tumbler a wonderful upgrade to the traditional mugs or disposable coffee cups you’ve been using. It will definitely make daily life easier and much more pleasant. Useful, high-quality, and attractive, it also makes the perfect gift and comes packaged in a gift box.

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Healthy Human Travel Cup Review
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