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If you do own a surfboard or you are planning on investing in one and getting started with surfing, one thing we can agree on is that the activity is enjoyable. The question you may not have an answer to right now is, “does the activity have health benefits?”.

Surfing does not just have physical health benefits; it also has mental health benefits. The activity combines strength and anaerobic training with a mental health workout that helps relieve stress. If you are currently not familiar with the health benefits of surfing, this article should change that. By the time you reach the end of this article, you will be thinking about preparing for a surf trip.

Top Surfing Health Benefits

1. Cardiovascular, Heart, Systolic & Diastolic Health

Paddling against the waves is not easy. Consistent paddling gets your cardiovascular muscles pumping hard whilst you are focusing on using your back, shoulder, buttock, and arm muscles.

This workout will contribute to the lowering of your blood pressure. Over time, you should be able to achieve a resting heart rate. This, in turn, reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other health complications. Surfing is essentially an ideal way of introducing a healthy dose of cardio into anyone’s life.

2. Calorie Burner

On average, if a 180-pound individual surfs for approximately 30 to 60 minutes, he or she will end up burning between 130 to 160 calories. This, however, depends on the intensity of the surf session.

As you have probably already guessed, battling through the dumpy sets will burn more calories when compared to paddling out at ease while catching smooth, green waves. Irrespective of the number of calories you end up burning, however, wearing your surf bikini and grabbing your beginner surfboard is much better when compared to just relaxing on a couch at home.

3. Improved Strength

Leg strength is one of the many health benefits of surfing. Think of a 60-minute session on your best surfing spot is equivalent to a session of squat jumps/burpees. You will be changing levels constantly. This contributes to leg strengthening exercises which can match any leg day you would have at your favorite gym.

Your abdominal muscles are used to stabilize your body in your standing, lying, and sitting positions on your surfboard. Your balance will be originating from the core. This part of the body will be worked out during your surf session.

Surfing does force you to use your shoulder and back muscles. The unavoidable repetitive movement of these muscles usually contributes to the overall strength and tone of your pectoral, rotator cuff, and deltoid.

When lying face down on the surfboard, the supine position you use will engage the lumbar muscles. This helps strengthen your whole back. Having a strong back is extremely important. It improves your flexibility, endurance, and stability. All these qualities are not just essential when you are surfing. They are essential for the day to day activities.

4. The Cool Waters Are Good for the Body

Regular cold water submergence has a wide range of benefits. Coldwater pressure is anti-inflammatory and has the ability to ease pain, headaches, and tension. This is why doctors recommend bathing injuries in ice.

When surfing in cold waters, your body will be forced to heat up at a faster rate than normal. This increases the metabolic rate which helps you burn more calories.

5. Vitamin D Dose


The vitamin D you get from the sun is extremely important. It regulates the amount of phosphorous and calcium in your body, hence, boosting the bone strength.

Vitamin D deficiency is known to cause a low mood, fatigue, and low energy. Being out in the natural sunlight and fresh air will not just contribute to the absorption of Vitamin D. It will also control the circadian rhythm and also help with the releasing of the happy hormones. This will boost your overall mood.

Note: Too much sunlight can hurt your health. Therefore, taking measures to ensure that you are safe in the sun is always a good idea. Before heading out to the ocean, be sure to put on surfing and watersport sunscreen.

6. Better Quality of Sleep

When you wear your surfing wetsuit and head outside, you will increase the melatonin levels. This, combined with the circadian rhythm is capable of helping you maintain a better sleep pattern. You will end falling asleep much faster.

It will also promote a night of more restful sleep, for longer, and gets the body in deeper sleep as your system works to repair the muscles you had worked out during the surf session. Being outside, being colder than you are used to, and being tumbled by the waves generally requires a lot of energy. This means that when you land on your bed, your body will be more willing to sleep to recharge.

7. Mental Health

Physical exercise, especially when it is as fun as surfing the largest waves, helps offset the negative mental effects of stress. This is actually one of the most overlooked surfing health benefits. When not controlled, stress often causes anxiety, low mood, and depression. If you spend a couple of hours on any type of surfboard every week, you should have the ability to avoid all these negative effects.

On top of offsetting the effects of stress, putting on your surf watch and heading out with your surfboard can help you boost cognitive function. For your surf session to be perfect, you will have to learn how to read the ocean. Knowledge of currents, rips, and tides will be necessary. This opens your mind to new information and facts.

8. Increased Flexibility and Balance

For you to be safe when surfing, flexibility is a requirement. With better levels of flexibility, you should have the ability to enjoy more fluid surfing and also avoid injuries, both on and off the surfboard.

In the majority of the instances, you will be probably in the straddle position, this eventually transposes into what the majority of surfers would call the frog pose. This will open the hip ball and socket, increasing freedom and movement around your joint.

The motion used by your shoulders helps lubricate your shoulder joint. It also increases your range of motion when practiced over time. All this, when combined, makes whole-body flexibility one of the health benefits of surfing.

One of the main surfing health benefits is increased overall body balance. If you do not have both agility and balance, remaining in a standing position on your surfboard will not be possible. Enhanced balance is essential for everyday activities, including activities like bike riding and even standing up straight.

9. Improved Confidence

When you watch people maneuver their surfboards on the waves, on video, or live when you are standing on the shore, it might appear as if the whole activity is easy. However, once you wear your surf earplugs and join the experienced surfers, you will realize that surfing is not that easy.

To progress to the point where you will consider surfing easy enough for you, perseverance and commitment will be necessary. Once you overcome the initial barriers, you will be able to prove to yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to. This will boost your self-confidence.

10. Emotional Health

Surfing does not just boost your cardiovascular and overall physical health, it also improves your emotional health. When you get started with surfing, you will be joining a community of like-minded people. This gives you access to people you can to about things that matter to you. Therefore, taking me

One of the health benefits of surfing that a large number of people ignore is the activity being a source of meaning and purpose. Surfing gives a large number of people a reason to wake up every morning. Just putting on a clean lifejacket makes life for the majority of the surfers much better.

When you are out on the waters, on your surfboard, you will be away from your daily modern life activities, which often contribute to increased stress levels. You will be away from your money, work, home, politics, and relationship problems.

Surfing allows you to forget all your problems, become un-choked, liberated from the social shackles. You won’t have anything else to think about, apart from your leash, your board, and the approaching waves. All this boosts your emotional health.

Globo Surf Overview

Surfing is not just a fun pastime activity. The activity features a wide range of benefits, the majority of which can help you stay healthy.

In this article, we have looked at the top health benefits of surfing. It is worth noting that this article did not cover all the surfing health benefits. Surfing, as you have probably guessed, will offer you more than just 10 health benefits of surfing.

When surfing, you need to take precautions to be safe. If you neglect your safety, you won’t just miss the health benefits of surfing, you will probably end up with injuries too.

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