10 Health Benefits Of Snowboarding


The winter is an ideal time to improve your fitness and health. You do not have to stay indoors and hibernate just because the temperatures have dropped. With a sport like snowboarding, you should be able to quash inactivity, boredom, while enjoying a wide range of physical and mental benefits. In this article, you will learn the health benefits of snowboarding.

Snowboarding Health Benefits

1. Increased Flexibility and Balance

The moment you put on your snowboarding jacket and grab your all-mountain snowboard, you will need to keep changing direction, body position, and speed. This will improve your ability to get into varying positions and create different shapes and angles with your body.

If you have tried skateboarding in the past, you already know that balancing on a moving board is not easy. When you add ice and snow into the mix, things become even more difficult. With every snowboarding session on the slopes, your balance will improve.

2. Snowboarding Helps You Burn Calories

Snowboarding can help you burn calories and get rid of the extra pounds. The number of calories burned per session varies – it is highly dependent on proficiency and weight. However, an average snowboarder should be able to burn approximately 450 calories per hour.

Walking up the slope helps beginners burn more calories. For the advanced snowboarders, the number of calories burned increases as the steepness of the slope increases – your body will have to work harder to ensure that you stay balanced.

The cold weather also forces the body to burn more calories. This is because the body has to work hard to raise body temperature.

Note: You need to wear the right clothing when snowboarding. Do not force your body to work too hard to keep you warm. If your body reaches a point where it cannot generate enough heat to help you stay warm, you may end up dealing with hypothermia. Hypothermia will affect your health negatively and if ignored, it could cause death.

3. Muscle Training

This is actually one of the health benefits of snowboarding which makes a lot of people put on their snowboard boots and head to the slopes. Snowboarding works all the muscle groups in the body.

You will have to use your calves, hamstrings, and quads to ride your beginner snowboard. The muscles present on your feet and ankles will help you steer the snowboard when using different snowboarding techniques.

The muscles in your shoulders and arms help you maintain balance. You will also use these muscles to get up in the case of a fall.

Most people do engage in snowboarder’s workouts. This also helps boost both strength and fitness.

4. It Improves Your Mood

Feeling happy, elevating your mood, and reducing anxiety are some of the snowboarding health benefits that snowboarders enjoy. Similar to other forms of exercise, snowboarding releases endorphins and other neurochemicals associated with feelings of wellbeing and general happiness.

Exercising outdoors can help you reduce anxiety and elevate your mood. By putting on your snowboarding goggles, you should be able to boost your mental health.

3. Core Exercise


Keeping your body upright on your snowboard while weaving down a slippery slope is not easy. You will require some serious focus and balancing skills.

By having to stay balanced, you will be forcing the core muscles to work harder. This improves the muscle tone on your stomach and your overall core strength.

The core muscles are a vital part of the human body – they protect your inner organs. If they are healthy and strong, you will be taking care of more than just the muscles.

6. It Helps You Form New Relationships

Snowboarding is more of a group activity. In most instances, you will be exploring the slopes with other people. It is not very often that you will find yourself on the slopes alone.

You will spend a lot of time on the slopes surrounded by like-minded people who share at least one common interest with you – snowboarding. By engaging with these people, you will get to form new relationships.

We are social creatures. Being around other people is extremely important for our well-being. Socializing with family, strangers, and friends often help boost mental health.

Socializing when snowboarding can also help you form and strengthen bonds which could help you in your professional life. You could create work and business connections by simply being out in the snow during the winter season.

7. It Improves Your Self-Confidence

This is one of the most ignored snowboarding health benefits. Most people may even assume that this is not actually a health benefit. The truth is, improved self-confidence helps you boost your mental health. You also get better at forming relationships with other people.

Every time you put on your snowboard gloves and explore the slopes, you will be challenging yourself. You will be pushing yourself out of the comfort zone. Over time, as your skills continue to improve, you will get to understand that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. This will help boost your self-confidence.

8. Good Bones and Joints

Every time you get on the board, you will be putting a healthy amount of weight and tension on the feet, ankles, and knees. If you do this regularly, this should strengthen both your bones and the knees.

Stronger bones and joints are snowboarding health benefits you will get to enjoy even in old age. They will help you avoid both osteoporosis and knee damage later in your life.

9. Cardiovascular Conditioning

As we mentioned earlier, snowboarding gives the snowboarder’s body a healthy workout. When you are exercising your whole body, you also work out the heart.

Snowboarding will get the heart pumping. This is a good thing for your overall cardiovascular health. It helps make the heart stronger and also prevents blockages in both your arteries and veins.

Additionally, snowboarding helps exercise the lungs. This helps increase their effectiveness, making it much easier for you to breathe in everyday life, as well as when you are exercising.

10. It Enhances Your Ability to Concentrate

When you are snowboarding, a lot of things are usually going on – there is a lot you need to balance. You need to keep track of how fast you are going, the hill steepness, when you should turn, and much more.

All of this will be going on while you are still trying to stay balanced and upright on the snowboard. This gives you a good mental workout. Your concentration improves significantly.

Globo Surf Overview

If you haven’t been snowboarding, you have been missing out on a large number of health benefits. We have listed some of the health benefits of snowboarding in this article. Snowboarding offers both physical and mental health benefits.

It is worth noting that snowboarding can actually harm your health. If you go to the slopes unprepared, you will be increasing the chances of ending up with serious injuries.

Before heading to the slopes on your own, be sure to take some lessons. Also, invest in snow safety gear. Good training should help you avoid accidents while the safety equipment should minimize the chances of injuries.

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