10 Hatchet Uses For Beginners


Hatchets have been around since the beginning of mankind’s existence. It is an extremely simple tool featuring a hammerhead on one side and a sharp blade on the other, attached to a wooden (sometimes metal) handle. Unlike large axes, camping hatchets are portable – you can easily carry them alongside your backpacking backpack.

If you are new to hatchets, you may not be familiar with hatchet uses. In this guide, we will focus on showing you how to use a hatchet. After going through this article, you will probably find a good reason to carry a hatchet the next time you decide to go backpacking or hiking.

1. Processing Wild Game

When camping in areas where hunting is allowed, most campers prefer to harvest and process wild game instead of carrying pre-prepared backpacking food. When it comes to processing the wild game, you will appreciate the assistance a hatchet can offer.

The hatchet becomes extremely useful when you have to open up the rib cage on larger wild game such as whitetail deer. Compared to a normal field knife, the hatchet will make the whole process more manageable.

2. Fire Starting

This is not one of the best hatchets uses considering that you could mess up the hatchet. However, if you happen to forget your box of matches, the hatchet can act as a backup plan.

The idea is to strike the sharp edge of the hatchet against an ideal rock – this should create sparks. While this may sound easy, it is generally not. You may want to practice it using a cheap hatchet beforehand.

3. Chop Down Small Trees

This list of hatchet uses wouldn’t be complete if we did not show you how to use a hatchet to chop down smaller trees. To bring down a small tree, you will need to chop into it from both a downward and upward angle to make a wedge before you can switch to the opposite side. You may need to do this while kneeling.

4. Ice and Snow Tool

As you gain elevation while mountain hiking, water sources tend to freeze over. If you need to break through a layer of ice to access water, your hatchet can help you with this. Compared to the camp knife, the hatchet should offer you more braking power.

5. Build a Shelter


When camping outside, you may want to gather materials to build a temporary shelter. Compared to gathering fallen/dead material, a hatchet can speed up the process of collecting all the materials you need.

6. Cleanup Limbs

When collecting materials for building a temporary shelter, you will probably have to collect several fresh tree limbs. Before cleaning the limbs up, using them won’t be possible. Armed with your hatchet, cleaning up the tree limbs and turning them into a frame should be easy. When cleaning up limbs, you must be mindful of the shorter handle to avoid injuries.

7. Carving

This is one of the hatchet uses which can help you improve your artistic skills. If you have been camping for a while now, you are probably familiar with those times when you have nothing to do – in between the parts of the day which lack activity tends to be the longest and most boring periods.

Instead of twiddling your fingers with nothing to do, you can always grab your hatchet and start carving. To learn how to use a hatchet to carve properly, you may need some practice. You can, however, start with small projects such as arrows and spears and then work your way up to bowls and spoons.

8. Driving Tent Stakes

The backside of any camping hatchet is shaped like a hammer. By simply learning how to use a hatchet as a hammer for the camping tent stakes, your work, when setting up a tent, should be much easier.

Using the backside of the hatchet will eliminate the need to go into the woods to get a huge rock to drive the stakes into the ground. If you are car camping, having a hatchet eliminates the need to pack extra tools for driving in the stakes.

Note: When using your hatchet to drive the tent stakes, you need to be careful considering that the sharp edge will be facing your body. If you do have a leather mask, use it to cover the edge of the blade to reduce the chances of getting injured. Even if you may have a first aid kit, you must do everything in your power to avoid using it.

9. Splitting Kindling

Kindling is an extremely important component when it comes to starting a fire. If you carry your hatchet when heading out into the woods, splitting kindling should be extremely easy, especially if you know what you are doing.

To reduce chances of injury and to get the job done quickly, consider contact splitting the wood. Contact splitting involves swinging the wood and the hatchet together until the wood contacts the solid surface. Next, the hatchet is then driven into the piece of wood creating the needed split.

10. Creating Tinder

While this is one of the simplest hatchet uses, it can come in handy when camping out in the woods. All you will need to do is hold a piece of kindling in a vertical position and then use your hatchet in a shaving motion to produce thin wood splinters.

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Hatchets are known for their more traditional uses, including creating tinder and splitting kindling. If, however, you are familiar with how to use a hatchet, one thing you will realize is that the handy tool can be used for a wide range of activities.

In this article, we have listed some of the most common uses of the hatchet. It is worth noting that this guide does not exhaust all the uses of hatchets. You are allowed to get as creative as possible with your hatchet.

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