Hammock Bliss Triple Review


We feel that the simplicity of the Triple Bliss hammock is one of the main things that gives it its charm. It isn’t loaded with features but has everything you’d expect from a good camping hammock. The materials and suspension system are excellent, and the design guarantees that you’ll feel great in it throughout the day. Take a look at everything it has to offer:

  • Larger hammock dimensions for multi-person lounging
  • Ripstop nylon makes the hammock extra-durable
  • Sewn-in carry pouch for compact packing
  • Comes with nylon ropes for quick and easy setup
  • Compatible with many Hammock Bliss Accessories



Length: 118 inches

Width: 98 inches

Capacity: 350 pounds

Weight: 26 ounces

Material: Ripstop nylon

Suspension: 6mm nylon rope (100 inches long)

Packed size: 8.3 x 5.9 inches

Warranty: 1-year warranty, 10-day money-back guarantee

Compatible accessories (sold separately): Deluxe Cinching Tree straps, No-See-Um Mosquito Net, Extra-large Rain Fly, Sun Shield, Carabiners

User Experience


Design: The Triple is advertised as the most spacious hammock on Earth, and it just might be. Users say that you will never feel cramped in this hammock. It has enough room so you can sleep in it in every direction, and even tall campers won’t think that it’s too short.

People also add that the combination of colors makes the hammock look very nice too. But the Triple is more than just its good looks – the nylon construction makes this hammock tough and ready to tackle any challenge.

Parachute ripstop nylon is known for its strength, and users agree it holds remarkably well even after many uses. Also, it feels really nice to lay on, and its great breathability allows quick drying if it gets wet.

Use: A neat thing about this hammock is that you have several options when using it, which customers like to point out. Considering that it’s an extra-large hammock, it can be used by a single person, couples, as well as families with kids. Truth be told, it is perhaps a bit too large to use on your own, because you’ll get covered by the hammock sides.

As you can see in the specs, this model is wide and tall enough to allow you to lay in any direction you want and still be comfortable. Finding the perfect spot is incredibly easy, and there will be plenty of room inside the hammock in any combination. All this makes it an excellent choice for summer camping with friends and family (but keep the weight limit in mind).

Setup: Campers say that the included ropes are high-quality and pretty reliable when setting up the hammock. Each end has 100 inches of 6mm nylon rope, which is more than enough to tie a secure hammock knot and keep the hammock off the ground.

While it’s fairly easy to hang the hammock without any additional suspension system, some people still choose to replace the default ropes with a different setup. This is possible by pulling the rope out of the sewn channels at the ends, and then threading a new one or attaching a carabiner. This way you can also customize the hammock if you feel you need something different.

Accessories: If you want to make your camping more convenient and get some protection, you can upgrade the Triple hammock with several accessories from Hammock Bliss. Customers say that these are very easy to set up and that they make the experience even better.

The first addition we want to mention is the Deluxe cinch straps, which allow you to suspend the hammock quickly and securely on any anchor point. The straps are pretty long, which is a plus if the distance between anchor points is larger.

Another addition that people like is the mosquito net because it easily attaches at the ends, wraps around the hammock, has a wide zippered opening, and keeps you completely bug-free. Finally, if you keep your hammock outside (in the yard), you should consider getting a Sun Shield sleeve to protect it from rain and harmful UV rays, so it lasts longer.

Portability: The Triple comes packed in its own stuff sack which is compact enough to put in any backpack. The sack is sewn to the hammock, so you will always have it close at hand when you need to go. And when the hammock is in use, the sack doubles as a handy side pocket.

When the day is over and you need to go, the hammock easily rolls and fits into its sack without any trouble. It’s extremely lightweight for such a large hammock meaning it doesn’t add much weight to your gear. This is also the biggest advantage when comparing hammocks and tents because a multi-person family tent is usually much heavier to carry.

Maintenance and Durability: Users agree that cleaning is incredibly simple with this one since it’s perfectly safe to throw it in a washer and a dryer. The manufacturer suggests that you tie the suspension ropes before you throw them in the machine because they might get pulled out.

When using it, avoid putting anything sharp on it or having sharp objects in your pockets. Also, don’t leave the hammock exposed to the sun for a long time (without the Sun Shield sleeve) because this will weaken the nylon. If you take care of it and hammock responsibly, you can count on the Triple to last for many years.


  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Easy to hang with attached ropes
  • Excellent for two people
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Machine washable


  • Too big for a single person

Overall Rating


  • Price: 90% – The price of this hammock is very competitive if you consider what you get for your money. Users say that it lasts for years if you take proper care of it, so your investment pays off in the long run. Still, it is somewhat more expensive than other similar products, but we feel that it’s a good value if you’re looking for reliability.
  • Material: 100% – We think that nylon is a great choice for making the Triple hammock because it gives it the strength it needs. It’s tough enough to tolerate washing and drying in a machine, a dries off fast if you get caught in the rain while camping.
  • Design: 90% – The general idea of this hammock is great – it’s one of the largest hammocks you’ll come across. However, as we pointed out earlier, it can be a little weird to use by a single person because you’ll be wrapped in it. Also, be careful not to exceed the weight limit and overload the hammock, as this will easily damage it.
  • Overall: 93% – This is a really nice model that offers something new to couples and families who enjoy camping. We recommend it not just for the extra space, but also for the great construction quality that allows you to use it for many camping trips.

Globo Surf Overview

The Hammock Bliss Triple was designed to give campers top-level comfort, and it seems like it succeeded. The extra width and length allow you and your companion to lay in any position you want and also make it a fantastic choice for camping with kids because the little ones will enjoy playing and relaxing in it.

Triple’s lightweight and convenient package make it easy to take pretty much anywhere, and the included suspension system enables you to quickly set it up in the forest or at home. All things considered, it’s an excellent choice if you require a larger hammock.

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Hammock Bliss Triple Review
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