Grim Workshop Pocket Sized Plastic Bottle Rope Maker Review


The Plastic Bottle Rope Maker by Grim Workshop is a pocket-sized tool that allows you to turn a regular plastic bottle into several feet of reliable rope. This is achieved by locking the edge of the bottle into the tool and then spinning it, so the blades inside can cut off a little edge and deliver a long, tough strip of plastic string. This takes full advantage of the longitudinal strength of plastic fibers, delivering a surprising amount of strength that can be put to use in multiple applications.

The rising number of plastic bottles in our landfills is one of the chief environmental concerns of our day and age, and their disposal is a monumental challenge given the number of new ones that are added to the pile every day. There are many creative solutions whose goal is to make useful objects from the waste, giving it new life and putting it back into society, and the Rope Makes from Grim Workshop is one of the most practical to have been announced.

Small enough to go almost unnoticed as you prepare your kit for the outdoors, the tool can nevertheless be a life-saver if you find yourself in need of rope and you have none around. Despite what you might think, the strength of plastic wire is surprising, and can even be enough to lift a full-sized concrete block several inches above the ground. The Grim Workshop Plastic Bottle Rope Maker is available in several different form factors so you can choose the one you prefer to take around, and will soon become an integral part of the kit of any serious outdoorsman.


At first glance, the Grim Workshop Plastic Bottle Rope Maker looks almost identical to a standard credit card, only with a small extra part screwed in the middle, but what it does makes it infinitely more valuable than just having a credit card in the woods. The central section is shaped to accommodate the edge of a plastic bottle, after you have cut the top or the bottom off, and guide it between the blades that are hidden under it. As the blades grip the plastic they start cutting, and turning the bottle or pulling the strip that comes out on the other side lets you rapidly transform a whole bottle into a very convenient plastic rope.

The Plastic Bottle Rope Maker, in its credit card form, features a wide opening on one side meant to slide a carabiner in, while also having four small holes on each corner in case you want to secure to a stable surface. For those looking for the ultimate portability, however, two other options will be better suited, since the Plastic Bottle Rope Maker also comes shaped like a dog tag or as small as a AAA battery. All three options can be purchased together in a kit if you are looking to be covered wherever you go or you need to give some as a gift, but the two smaller ones are built to be readily available and even easier to bring along than their “credit card” bigger brother.

Every one of the tools is made of stainless steel, which ensures excellent durability and long life, and the blades can be replaced if they start to wear out, ensuring that you only have to purchase a Grim Workshop Rope Maker once. When you manage to get your plastic rope, there are innumerable ways to use it, from building up your campsite or even lacing a lot of it together and end up with a segment that is strong enough to tow a tractor. You don’t even need to know how to tie knots since once you’ve woven the string around the things you want to tie you can also simply apply heat and the shrinking plastic will lock itself around the objects. Here is a complete rundown of the features of the Grim Workshop series of Plastic Bottle Rope Makers:

  • Extremely easy to use
  • A whole bottle can become rope very rapidly
  • Contributes to reducing plastic waste
  • Available in credit card, dog tag, and micro options
  • Stainless-steel build ensures long life
  • Replaceable blades
  • Made in the USA
  • A rope can be strong enough to lift a cement block



Material: Stainless-steel

User Experience


Usability: Well-designed and intuitive, the Grim Workshop Plastic Bottle Rope Maker is as easy to use as an ordinary lighter. The tool feels nice and solid in the hand and provides a reliable grip, even if you are using one of the smaller, more portable versions. Once you feel the blades starting to sink into the plastic, you can then move quickly and smoothly by pulling on the strip that has started to be formed, twisting the whole bottle on the tool. The whole process only takes a few minutes and gets even faster as you practice. The only inconvenience is that the bottle needs to be cut before you start, removing either the top or the bottom, to give the Rope Maker a clean edge to latch on to.

Portability: No larger than a credit card and with an only slightly heavier weight, the Grim Workshop Plastic Bottle Rope Maker is an ideal little tool to have on your outdoor excursions since it can add a lot of tricks to your book without ever weighing you down. The other options, dog tag, and micro are so small and light that you even risk losing them if you’re heading out full of stuff and you happen to miss them. Combining convenience and innovation with a reduced size and quality build, the Grim Workshop Plastic Bottle Rope Maker has very few weak spots indeed.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Very easy and intuitive to use
  • Helps recycle plastic


  • Plastic bottles need to be cut for the tool to work

Overall Rating


Usability: 99% – Any camper or hiker will tell you how much they dread having to pass their time trying to understand how to work a particular tool, especially if they are out in the woods somewhere and have already spent the better part of the day on their feet. The Grim Workshop Plastic Bottle Rope Making Tool does away with all that by providing a simple, straightforward platform that will have you shredding plastic in no time. Having the possibility of producing rope on the fly when you are outdoors making this tool an extremely valuable addition to any hiking or camping kit.

Portability: 98% – The portability grade of the Grim Workshop Plastic Bottle Rope Making Tool is another feature that makes it stand out, but it can even be taken to such extremes that losing the tool becomes a real concern. In any case, for such a small addition to your kit, the value you get out of it is many times higher, and this combined with a little care in how you organize your gear makes the Rope Maker a superb little item you won’t want to be without.

Price: 99% – Unlike many specialized pieces of gear that hikers and campers like to salivate on, the Grim Workshop Plastic Bottle Rope Making Tool is cheap. This, however, doesn’t mean it is not well built or doesn’t do its job well since it performs admirably in both categories. Simply put, the Rope Making tool is excellent value for the money since you will only have to purchase it once and you can then replace the blades if they happen to get used up.

Overall: 98% – It is a quite incredible thing to acknowledge the number of applications that can stem from having plastic rope readily available, so a tool that can produce a large amount of it in little time deserves all our praise and admiration. At first glance, it might not look like anything much, but when you start exploring what you can do with it, then the Grim Workshop Plastic Bottle Rope Making Tool become the perfect example of a smart idea that has been well put into practice thanks to intelligent design and excellent built quality. Overall we have nothing but praise for this product, and we are sure to be seeing it showing up in a wide variety of situations, put to always new and creative uses. 

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The Grim Workshop Plastic Bottle Rope Making Tool is the perfect proof that a long list of features is not enough to make something a good tool unless there is a clear vision of what is the tool’s intent in the first place. Fitting comfortably in your pocket by paving the way to endless possible uses, the Rope Making tool combines this with the love of the environment and promotes reusing disposable plastic, making it a truly perfect fit for the modern outdoor explorer.

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Grim Workshop Pocket Sized Plastic Bottle Rope Maker Review
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