How To Setup GoPro Ski Mount


Want to create a video clip that entices your friends to come skiing with you on your next skiing trip? Get your GoPro ready!

GoPro is one of the most effective ways to document your skiing skills on the slopes. A good mount will allow you to shoot next level footage of yourself, other snow hobbyists, and the scenic landscapes. Here are our top GoPro ski tips to help you set up a classic mount. Ready?

Types Of GoPro Ski Mounts

1. Handheld

This one works just like the normal hiking camera. Just hold it close to your chest and start recording. It is recommended for people who prefer to record others. Make sure to hold it tight so it doesn’t fall off when you ski.

2. Helmet Mount

A helmet mount is the most preferred GoPro ski mount, as it produces different shots from the perspective of the rider. A skier can choose any of the following helmet mounting options.

Front Of The Helmet

If you are looking for a first-person view angle, the front of your ski helmet will do. Here, the GoPro is placed on the forehead with the neck and the body acting as shock absorbers so that your video does not shake a lot.

Top Of The Helmet

This is almost the same as doing the mount on the forehead. However, this one offers a better view as it is a little bit higher than the front of the helmet.

Side Of The Helmet

Not the best angle if you want to shoot where you are headed, but if you want to capture your friends skiing next to you then it is the most recommended.

3. Pole Mount

If you are looking for a versatile mount then a pole mount will be your best bet. It gives you two options to choose from; you can mount your GoPro on either your selfie stick or on the ski pole that you are using. This mount gives you the liberty to record yourself and others.

4. Chest Mount

Looking for a mount that captures your knees and arms? Try this one. However, it might have too many distractions if your arms or legs get in the way or block the camera.

A chest mount will also work if you want to capture terrain surfaces, the speed at which you are skiing, or the different kicks and turns you will be making on the trail. It is not recommended for someone looking to get different views of the slope.

5. Boot/Knee Mount

A boot or knee mount will produce some of the best shots since it’s closer to the snow. It can showcase the snow terrain and allow you to record a short clip before there is a buildup of snow on the lenses.

It is recommended for documenting trails, ski skills, background, and snow. Be careful, as it tends to shake a lot. Ski knee braces will keep your knees out of harm in case you fall off trying to keep the GoPro steady.

GoPro Angles


GoPro can be very helpful when you want to shoot your skiing journey. However, they come with diverse settings and accessories that can confuse you especially if you are a beginner.

It is important to choose the right amount, required frame rate, and resolution. To make your video entertaining to your audience, introduce multiple angles. A video short in just one angle can be boring to watch even for 5 minutes. Applying different angles will show your dynamism and creativity and will hook the audience from the beginning to the end. Here are GoPro ski tips for angle selection.

Environmental Shot

Consider mounting your GoPro ski mount on a tree, tripod, or rock to get an environmental shot. This will give you a stable shot of the terrain that will amaze your viewers.

Character Shot

A character shot can be achieved by mounting the GoPro to a pole or an extended arm. You will have good footage of the other snowboarders and can easily follow them down their skiing journey.

Avoid making skier mistakes like standing in the way of other skiers while at it, as it could be the end of your illustrious career as a photographer or skier. Use a handlebar mount to place your camera on a ski pole.

Medium Character Shot

For a medium character shot that displays the upper torso of the skier, use a ski pole setup. Most riders, however, use spinners to achieve this shot. Since spinners are mounted on top of the helmet, they can rotate around the skier to achieve the perfect shot.

Character’s Face

Try a chesty mount with the GoPro facing upwards if you desire to showcase a character’s face. It will display every expression of the rider, which would make the video more interesting. If you want a point of view from the skier or your subject, place the mount either on the top of a helmet or on the side.

Important Tip: You don’t need to learn all the GoPro ski mounts there is to achieve a great video. Work with what you have and be as creative as you can and adopt various angles. Consider improvising where possible and watch that you do not damage your mount or lose your gear as you try to set up the mounts at a slope or difficult terrain.

Globo Surf Overview

Documenting your skiing experience can be fun and interesting if you discover the best GoPro ski mount to go for and how to set it up. Remember that you can achieve different angles and perspectives if you identify the mount to use for each instance.

Learn everything you need to know about GoPro mounts and the most suitable for recording moments of yourself and others. Skiing can be an interesting story to narrate to your children and friends when you have videos and photos to back you up.

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