GOMI – Portable Chargers That Clean The Planet Review


The Gomi portable charger is a unique and creative product that gives you a way of contributing to the health of the planet while delivering all the convenience and features you need. The company is based in Brighton, England, and has created the power bank using only materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Both the internal batteries and the outer plastic shell are made with stuff that was on its way to being thrown out and has instead had access to a second life.

Protecting the environment is the biggest challenge of our times. We have grown so accustomed to images of polluting factories or people hunting through mountains of waste that we have become numb, and these images do not push us to action anymore. The world needs innovative and unique ideas to make us realize the beauty and utility of taking action, to be active participants in the bettering of our world.

The Gomi portable charger is the result of one of these powerful ideas. It is something that can inspire and set people in motion to better understand the effect our current economic model is having on the environment, showing how creativity and innovation can lead to new ways of managing our limited resources, instead of further digging just to find new ones. Recycling and reusing are the pillars on which this new philosophy should be based, and items such as the Gomi portable chargers are brilliant examples of where this could take us.


The Gomi portable charger looks like a normal power bank from the outside, albeit with a slightly more colorful and imaginative design, but it’s the process of making it that is the most precious part. The regular plastic bags we see every day are normally not recycled, and just end up being burnt or taken to a landfill. The same goes for most single-use batteries, which are difficult to take care of because of the chemicals they contain, and that also, more often than not, head straight for the dump. Gomi has decided to intervene in this destructive circle to reuse those materials and transform them into something useful both for the consumer and the planet.

Plastic is locally sourced and blended, without the use of any additives, and different colors are incorporated by hand, but because of the randomness of the process, every single Gomi charger shell ends up being different than the one before. This means that your portable charger will look like no other, and will be your unique copy of a bigger project. You still have some choice, however, when it comes to the main colors that you want to be used for the design, with available hues of reds, blues, or greys. The batteries used are taken from companies that cannot use them because of irregularities, saving them from being disposed of. The power stored in this small portable charger is enough to charge your smartphone several times, and the device has two USB ports so two phones can be connected at the same time. 

The actual amount of times you can recharge your phone will also depend on which model you have, since some drain batteries faster than others, so you’ll be getting anywhere from 3 to 6 full recharges. Four light spots indicate the level of the charge remaining, and the overall size of the charger makes it small enough for you to conveniently have it with you at all times. Taken together, plastic and battery waste make up a significant portion of all the waste going to landfill every day, and the company has ambitious goals of helping to reduce it by also pushing for the use of electric car batteries as a source of power. All the parts of the Gomi portable charger are easy to take apart to make them further reusable for more and more products. Here is a rundown of the most remarkable features of what is already a very remarkable product.


  • Entirely made of reused plastic and batteries
  • Each model is unique because of the random combination of plastic
  • Small and portable, perfect to be carried around
  • Double USB ports allow for two devices to be charged simultaneously
  • Enough battery power for several recharges
  • Easy to take apart so parts can be further reused
  • Uses locally sourced plastic to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Four light indicates remaining power



Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 2.5 cm

Weight: 280 gram

Battery capacity: 12.000 mAh

User Experience


Usability: The Gomi portable charger handles just like you would expect a regular power bank to do, with the added and unique bonus of knowing that you are contributing to helping the environment instead of using another product that will, sooner or later, end in the trash. The battery capacity is more than enough to sustain regular use, and connections never falter. Recharging the Gomi portable charger is also done as you would expect, with reasonable speed, and the four LED lights that sit next to the power button give you a clear and precise indication of how much charge is left inside the recycled plastic case.

Portability: With a compact build and lightweight, the Gomi portable charger is perfect to slide in your pocket or your everyday backpack to have it quickly at hand whenever you may need it. The design is slim and the device takes the same space as a smartphone, adding convenience to the benefits of its environmentally-friendly build. 

Design: Swirling and colorful color patterns make the Gomi portable chargers stand out from any other power bank you may have used. These are obtained by blending the recycled plastic, and the colors reflect the ones of the plastic bags involved. The fact that every mix is unique makes you feel like you are holding something truly special in your pocket and adds to the satisfaction of knowing the positive impact you are having on the planet’s wellbeing


  • Helps the environment and delivers solid performance
  • Large battery capacity
  • Cool and unique design


  • Some smartphone models might drain the charger faster

Overall Rating


Usability: 98% – The Gomi portable charger provides reliable performance, on par with the best power banks on the market, with more than enough charge to sustain several days of use. The use of two USB ports is extremely convenient and the outer plastic case feels stiff and durable, making you feel comfortable and confident to carry it around without fearing it might get damaged. The power button feels nice to the touch and construction-wise there is nothing to complain about.

Portability: 98% – Small and compact, not much thicker than an average smartphone, the Gomi portable charger fits nicely in pockets or backpacks to always be by your side whenever you might need it. The compromise between battery size and weight strikes a well-balanced middle point, and the feeling of carrying the Gomi charger around will not be unlike the one of bringing a small book with you.

Design: 99% – Thanks to the use of many different kinds of plastic, part of the appeal of the Gomi portable charger is also that you are never completely sure about what you are going to get. The construction method also entails that your model will always be unique, different from all others, and we believe that this concept, together with the environmentally-conscious idea of the product, really makes it stand out among any other technological gadget on the market.

Price: 98% – One might have been worried that the Gomi portable charger would have come with a very hefty price tag, given the bold and unique choices the company has made. Unlike other brands that often force you to pay substantially more money for something made out of “natural” materials, however, the Gomi portable charger is priced perfectly in line with what you would expect for a power bank. Making such an innovative product so accessible is a perfect recipe to make sure the message it brings spreads loud and clear.

Overall: 99% – The Gomi portable charger stands out as one of those products that can translate an excellent idea into practice, and make it accessible to the masses. The concept of using only recycled materials is future-proof, and doesn’t at all affect performance, as is sometimes the unfortunate case. Gomi has found the right way to spread a positive message, and in our opinion, their portable charger deserves nothing but praise.

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The Gomi portable charger is an excellent and innovative example of what can be done with recycled products, providing a healthy way to spend your money, knowing that you are helping to clean the planet. We hope to see many more products like this in the future, that push boundaries even further because we are in desperate need of intelligent ideas that help us live in better harmony with the planet that hosts us.

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GOMI – Portable Chargers That Clean The Planet Review
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