10 Best Places To Fish For Golden Trout In The USA


Granted, the golden trout is absolutely beautiful and is considered by many anglers as the most beautiful type of fish you can catch in the US.

It is easy to see why considering its flanks that are golden with lateral lines that are covered with horizontal bands. Add in the oval masks and the fish looks absolutely brilliant. So put on your fishing gear in your fishing backpack and let’s head out!

These are the 10 best places on where to catch golden trout.

1. Cotton Wood Lakes California

Located out in Lone pine California, Cotton Wood lakes is your number one destination when looking to catch golden trout.

Due to the snow, however, you are only allowed to fish here from 1st July. If you love reeling in golden trout then the waters are open the whole of July and you can have a great time pulling in your favorite fish. Make sure you use the best trout lures for the job.

However, you will need to be willing to do some back-country trekking as the lakes that contain the golden trout are quite a distance in the backcountry.

2. South Fork Kern River California

Yet another excellent place to fish for the golden trout is the Kern River. It seems like the golden trout just loves to give anglers a challenge as the section of the river where they are found is quite difficult to get to.  You will need to be a dedicated outdoorsman to reach here.

Most anglers will get here by horseback. If you want to catch the golden trout earlier on in the year then south fork Kern river is a great place to start as you can fish here from the end of April all through to November.

The best fishing rod and reel will help you catch a nice golden trout.

3. Volcano Creek

Volcano creek is known all over the US as a great place to fish for golden trout. It is mainly made of cinder cones and lava flows and you can locate volcano creek in the Toowa Toowa valley in the Sierra Nevada.

The trout here are believed to be the purest strain and you can fish for it almost any time of year.

4. Golden Trout Creek

Yet another location that is the native home of the golden trout is the Golden Trout Creek. It is also in the Sierra Nevada mountains and is actually a tributary that flows into the kern river that is situated in Tulare country California.

Here you may want to try a bit of fly fishing in which case you will need the best fly fishing reels.

Due to the high volcanic falls that are situated right around the mouth of the Golden Trout Creek means that other golden trout species are not able to mix with the golden trout found here. Many people believe that this is also a pure strain of the golden trout.

5. Cook Lake


In Minnesota in St. Louis county, you will find Cook’s Lake. This is also home to the elusive golden trout.  The lake got its name from one of the early pioneer settlers and is a great place to enjoy the natural sights and scenery. There is also plenty of other fish that can be found here including sunfish as well as catfish. Keep in mind that the golden trout are not native to Cook’s Lake and have been introduced here.

The best tackle box will help you keep your fishing equipment well packed.

6. Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave flows through Arizona and Nevada so if you are situated here then this is among the best places on where to catch golden trout.

Together with golden trout fishing, other fishes that can be found in lake Mohave are channel catfish, largemouth bass, striped bass, bluegill, and of course the golden trout.

Like in Cook’s lake, they were introduced here by conservationists trying to increase their numbers.

Make sure you have the best fishing line for spinning reels to draw in your catch.

7. McCloud River

When you are in California’s Shasta County, a great place to fish for the golden trout is the McCloud River. This is a tributary of the Sacramento River and is 77.1 miles long. It offers plenty of places to cast type bait and reel in these beautiful fish.

The McCloud River is situated east of the Sacramento River and flows parallel to it.

8. Pitt River

Still in California is yet another great place to find the golden trout. Pitt river is one of the major rivers in California and it flows into the Central Valley.

Like the McCloud river, this is also another tributary of the Sacramento River and it happens to be the largest tributary being 207 miles or 333 kilometers.

This is one of the best places in California to do some golden trout fishing. You may prefer to use a baitcasting rod for some great fishing.

9. Golden Lake

Golden trout can be found in the wind river range mountains all over Wyoming. The lakes here are full of nutrients which allows the golden trout to grow large.

As is in other areas across the US, the golden trout here were introduced and have thrived in these lakes.

Getting here however is not an easy task and you will have to prepare yourself psychologically for some back-country trekking and hiking. Once you get here, however, the surrounding sights are absolutely marvelous as you get ready to cast your first bait.

Based on the weather, you may require rain gear for fishing.

10. Wall Lake

Still in Wyoming is wall lake which is another excellent place on where to catch golden trout.  This lake is remote so get your hiking shoes and get ready for a long walk.

The trout here have also been introduced pretty much the same as in the Golden lake and grow quite large here as well.

Make sure you carry the right bait and fishing rod and reel for golden trout fishing. You will be surprised at how easy it is to reel in a good-sized golden trout. A fishing jacket could prove useful in certain types of weather.

Since the lake is so rural, there is no overfishing which allows the fish to attain maximum size.

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Golden trout may be one of the most beautiful types of fish in the rivers and lakes of the US but this beauty comes at a price. It is not at all easy to reach them in most of the rivers and lakes where they thrive. So do some exercise if you are not fit and get accustomed to long walks as you will do a lot of these to get to your golden trout.

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