GoBQ Grill Review


When it’s all packed and folded, the GoBQ grill looks like a normal, small duffel bag you can just swing around your shoulders and take everywhere with you. It comes with a long, padded strap made exactly for that purpose that is easy to attach and detach from the side handles. On the top, you will find a handle, which then doubles as the handle of the lid once the whole grill is mounted, and the whole bag is kept securely shut thanks to two buckles. 

The entirety of the grill is made up of a heat-resistant foldable fabric, coated with silicone, that is capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures without melting or getting damaged. Once you unpack the GoBQ grill, you will have a collapsable base that rests on scissoring aluminum legs and grippy feet, both of which never get hot while you cook. The main compartment has bottom air vents and side handles of molded glass-reinforced nylon which makes it easy to move the grill around even while it is cooking. 

The grilling grate itself is plated steel and can be conveniently rolled up when you are done cooking. It is big enough to hold six burgers, no less than 24 hot dogs, and even a whole chicken. Right underneath it, you will find the charcoal basket, which looks like a medieval coat of mail and is made of interconnected plated steel tiles. This is connected to the corners of the base so it will automatically open as you set up the grill. Under the charcoal basket lies the ember guard, which is simply an extra layer of heat-resistant fabric to catch the ash and grease that will be falling from above. 

The top lid unfolds and provides 8 inches of clearance above your food, featuring top air vents for consistent heat control as well as an ergonomic top handle. Once you’re done you can fold it back down and clip it to the base with the two included buckles. Thanks to the use of heat-resistant fabric instead of metal, the GoBQ grill also stands out because it cools significantly faster than a traditional grill, further adding to the portability of the whole setup. Here is a complete list of features of the GoBQ portable grill:

  • Resembles a small duffel bag when folded
  • Heat-resistant material is flexible and cool much faster than metal
  • Setup is very simple and quick
  • Lightweight makes it perfect to carry
  • The base opens easily and rests on sturdy aluminum feet
  • The grill grate rolls up and is large enough for 24 hot dogs
  • The charcoal basket is light and tough and is already connected to the grill base
  • The top lid has 8-inch clearance and the top handle
  • Top and bottom air vents ensure perfect heat control



Weight: 9 pounds

Grilling surface: 14 x 14 inches

Folded dimensions: 14 x 6 x 8 inches

User Experience


Usability: The GoBQ portable grill is surprisingly simple and straightforward to use given the number of features it puts at your disposal. The total setup time you need to get it up and running in under half a minute since most parts simply need to be rolled open and are good to go. The top and side handles are very well placed and extremely well built to keep you in control of the grill even if when the temperature starts to rise. 

Despite its compact size, the GoBQ grill can cook more than enough food for several people so it can be enough to feed your own family. Once you’re done, the material cools down extremely fast and the grill is easy to clean up and fold back down again, so you can swiftly continue on your way.

Portability: Ease of transport is truly what sets the GoBQ grill apart from any other so-called portable grill. Its size lets you fit everything you need for a barbecue, including the coal and the meat, inside a regular backpack. Weight is also very well contained and makes carrying the grill on your back free of issues. 

By neatly folding all of the single parts and stuffing them in the foldable top lid, the compactness you can achieve is truly outstanding. The GoBQ grill is ideal to take out with your friends on a weekend trip or even bring as a companion on longer journeys, where a good meal can make a huge difference in your mood.


  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • The foldable design is easy to operate
  • Heat-resistant material instead of metal is extremely practical


  • The cooking surface may not be large enough for big groups of people

Overall Rating


Usability: 99% – Thanks to its beautiful and intuitive design, the GoBQ grill deserves high marks on the usability scale. As soon as you open up the bag you will immediately understand what goes where and you’ll be able to start cooking as soon as you’ve got your fire going. With nothing having to be pieced together and everything simply waiting to be expanded and put to use, the GoBQ grill is a wonder to use on long hikes, when you want to get to biting into a burger rapidly instead of having to worry about piecing everything together. Once you’re finished, putting it back together is equally smooth, so you can be back on your way in no time.

Portability: 99% – Lightweight and ease of movement are two other features that make the GoBQ grill stand one step higher than the rest since no other grill on the market has managed to achieve quite such a level of portability and still maintain the wealth of features that the GoBQ provides. The genius design that lets you use the lid to keep everything wrapped inside and closed with two simple buckles is elegant is its simplicity and yet devilishly effective. For campers, hikers, beachgoers, or tailgaters, the GoBQ portable grill is without a doubt the way to go.

Price: 98% – The GoBQ grill is also remarkable because it avoids falling into the trap into which many innovative products fall by pricing themselves too high, thinking that the excitement for their idea will drive their sales. Instead, you can get your hands on a GoBQ grill for a price that is very comparable to what you find on the market for other grills of the same size, although none of them quite matches the GoBQ for features and innovation when you look in the “portable” category. Because of this, we believe the GoBQ grill is well worth the money, since it costs more or less the same as the competition but delivers so much more.

Overall: 98% – The GoBQ grill proves that it is possible to innovate in a field that hasn’t seen much movement over the years, and does so by combining the use of innovative materials with smart design to make a product that truly stands out and lets you enjoy the outdoors as you have never done before. Priced very affordably, it provides all the features you would expect from a full-sized backyard barbecue but it can fit in your backpack with ease and we wouldn’t be surprised if it quickly becomes a favorite of hikers and weekend outdoor-goers worldwide.

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In the end, there is really almost nothing to complain about regarding the GoBQ grill, because of how easy it is to operate and how well it cooks your meals, so we can only bestow upon it our praise and approval and head over to the website to purchase one ourselves.

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