10 Essential Pieces For Freediving


Freediving is different from scuba diving in terms of the gears that you will use. It is a diving technique that involves holding your breath when underwater. You won’t need a scuba tank, dive regulator, scuba BCD, and other complicated breathing apparatus.

Ready to get started with freediving? Read on and we’ll let you know the must-haves for your freediving equipment. Before we start, brush up on your knowledge of what is freediving.

1. Freediving Masks

The best freediving masks help to improve visibility when you are underwater. It allows you to open your eyes fully when diving without fear that it will get irritated by saltwater. To prevent any problems when you are underwater, you should also know the reasons why your mask leaks.

Choose a mask that fits like a glove for your comfort and to avoid water from getting in. You can also choose from single or double pane lenses, but this should not be much of a concern since both will work just fine. To add, choose clear over colored lenses to have a better view.

2. Freediving Monofins

Using freediving fins makes it easy to propel your movement during your dive. There are different types of fins that you can use, and one of them is a monofin. It looks like the flipper of a dolphin. With a monofin, your left and right feet are strapped to a large blade, which means that they cannot separate when you are moving.

One of the most important considerations when choosing this freediving gear is the thickness of the blade. The thicker the blade is, the more water it displaces, which will make it harder to move.

These fins are available in a variety of materials, including carbon composite, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and plastic.

3. Freediving Bi-Fins

In contrast, bi-fins are two unattached and separate fins. This means that you will have one fin on your left foot and another fin on the right foot. This makes it easier to move underwater compared to wearing a monofin.

Pick one that is designed with a closed foot pocket, which will secure the fin in its position. Otherwise, it is easy to lose the fins when you are moving. Fins with a long blade are also better since they are capable of displacing more water.

4. Freediving Wetsuits

Take note that there is a difference between a wetsuit used for freediving and scuba diving. The ones used for scuba are often made of denser neoprene, which is meant to fight compression when you are deep in the water. They also make the diver warm, which isn’t ideal for free diving.

The wetsuits for free diving are similar to the spearfishing wetsuits. Neoprene is the most common material that is used. Stay away from those that are thin and soft as they can compromise durability.

5. Freediving Snorkel


A snorkel is an important freediving gear because it helps you to breathe properly. You do not need snorkel masks. Simplicity is the key, making sure that it fits in the mouth perfectly to guarantee your comfort during a dive.

Aside from the fit of the mouthpiece, the rigidity of the snorkel is also an important consideration, which has a direct impact on its durability. If possible, choose one that does not come with a purge valve to prevent water from entering your mouth.

6. Freediving Watch

Freediving watches are functional accessories that will be worth your money. This freediving equipment will help you to keep track of the time that you are underwater, making it important for your safety.

Go beyond style when evaluating the options for a freediving watch. It should be a combination of both form and function. Pick a watch with an audible alarm, clear display, and accurate ability to track the details of your dive, such as operational depth.

7. Freediving Nose Clip

The nose clips for swimming can also be used for freediving. In some cases, people prefer using nose plugs over masks because it allows them to save air. This is an important freediving gear as it will help you to breathe easily when you are underwater.

The fit of the nose clip is the most important consideration. Find a shape and size that is suitable for your nose to guarantee your comfort.

8. Diving Computer

Using dive computers make it easy to log the details of your dive and in monitoring your time underwater.

Looking for a freediving computer entails the need to consider function instead of form. One of the most important is a backlit display that is large enough for you to see regardless of the conditions when you are underwater. Also, when choosing this freediving equipment, pick one with a minimum limit of 35 meters since freediving often requires you to go deep.

9. Buoy

To have a safe experience, using the right buoy is an important freediving gear to have. It provides a place where you can rest in between your dives, which will allow you to save energy. It also marks your territory, which can warn boats of your presence.

As you evaluate the buoys that are available on the market, pick one that comes with a large surface area. The stability of the buoy is also important, making sure that it will stay in the place where you left it. Bright colors are also better because they are easy to see.

10. Dive Bag

Dive bags are important to provide you with a place to keep all of the gears that have been mentioned above. This means that you will be able to easily organize your stuff, preventing the possibility of misplacing them.

Waterproof duffel bags are great, but for some people, they can be too big. It all boils down to personal preferences. The most important is to make sure that the bag has enough space to keep the freediving essentials that you need to bring.

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Investing in freediving equipment is essential for a safe and comfortable experience when you are underwater. In most instances, the gears needed are exclusive for freediving and different from those that you will use when scuba diving or snorkeling.

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