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The NiteRider Focus+ 110 is a compact and powerful flashlight, perfectly sized to take anywhere. A reliable flashlight will always find its use at home, around the car, or on an overnight outdoor trip. Focus+ 110 is a great choice for any of these scenarios because it packs plenty of power in a very convenient package.

With an output of 110 lumens, this flashlight shines a strong light on the objects around you. It also makes you easily visible in the dark, if you’re trying to catch someone’s attention. It comes with three different light levels and a slider ring that allows you to choose between a spot or a flood beam. About this, it has a maximum range of about 115 feet, which is more than enough for everyday use.

One of the things that separate the Focus+ 110 from the competition is its excellent battery. NiteRider equips it with a rechargeable 320mAh Li-Ion battery that can deliver up to 16 hours of use (on low) and up to 2 hours on max power. This is an integrated battery that charges via USB, so it’s very easy to charge it almost anywhere.

NiteRider has been making high-quality technical lights for a long time, and they continue improving the materials and technology with every model. The Focus+ 110 is made of strong aluminum that makes it resistant to drops, and it’s IP66 certified (resists dust and high-pressure water). If you like it so far and want to learn more, be sure to read the rest of our review down below.


NiteRider equips the Focus+ 110 with features that not only make it a great tool in the dark but also make it very easy to use. Unlike most standard flashlights, this model comes with a pocket clip on the side and a magnet on the bottom. These features allow you to easily secure the light to a clothing piece or any metal surface. Furthermore, the strong LED light and the powerful rechargeable battery are the key features behind its efficiency. Take a look at everything it has to offer:

  • Strong LED delivers up to 110 lumens
  • Adjustable slider for choosing between flood and spot beam
  • A switch allows you to select one of the three modes of operation
  • IP66 waterproof rating for safe use in wet or dusty environments
  • Clothing clip for easily attaching the flashlight to a pocket
  • Magnet on the bottom for attaching it to a metal surface
  • Micro USB port for quick and easy recharging
  • Charging indicators show when the battery is full



Length: 5 inches

Diameter: 0.7 inches

Weight: 1.8 ounces (with battery)

Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum

Bulb type: 3W Gen 2 LG White LED

Modes: High, Medium, Low, Off

Lumen output: 110lm (high), 55lm (medium), 10lm (low)

Range: 115ft (high), 72ft (medium), 33ft (low)

Battery: Li-Ion 3.7V 320mAh, rechargeable

Operation time: 2 hours (high), 5 hours (medium), 16 hours (low)

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Drop protection: 2 meters

Waterproof rating: IP66

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty on mechanical components and LEDs

Included accessories: Micro USB cable

User Experience


Materials and Construction: The Focus+ 110 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which gives it impressive strength. Customers say that it easily withstands outdoor use, and that dropping it or getting it wet won’t cause any harm. As we’ve pointed out in the specs, the casing will protect it from drops from up to 2 meters. It comes with an IP66 rating, meaning that it’s resistant to dust particles, as well as high-pressure water.

NiteRider also equips this waterproof flashlight with a tough lens that has the required strength to tackle all the challenges. All of this makes the Focus+ flashlight suitable for any activity ranging from everyday use, work around the car, to even hiking at night. On top of this, the manufacturer gives you a limited lifetime warranty, and their great customer service will help you if you encounter any problems.

Battery: The battery life on the Focus+ 110 is top-level, and can easily compete with any other rechargeable flashlight that you come across. Users say that it can easily deliver the specified 16 hours of runtime if you use it on low, which is a pretty admirable result.

It charges through a micro USB port, and the charging cable is included in the package. People agree that this is very convenient since it allows you to charge it on your PC, through an outlet, and even in your car. NiteRider equips all of its models with circuit protection to prevent overcharging battery damage, and there is a small LED indicator that lights up green when the flashlight is ready to use again.

Performance: This model is equipped with a 3W white LED that can deliver 110 lumens. Even though it’s not the strongest when compared to some other LED flashlights, users say that the light is very intense, especially for a smaller flashlight. When you set it to spot beam mode, it has the ability to cast the light up to 115 feet.

However, don’t forget that the battery drains much faster when the flashlight works on high, as this can be important if you don’t have any place nearby to charge it.

Operation: Everyone who has tried the Focus+ 110 says that it’s really easy to use. It has a 3-mode switch that allows you to choose between low, medium, and high levels. Furthermore, the slider ring that switches between spot and flood beam is very easy to move, even with only one hand. As we’ve pointed out earlier, NiteRider equips this model with a pen clip and a magnet for securing it. Users really like these features and say that they give the Focus+ even more versatility in use.

Size and Weight: People who use the Focus+ 110 regularly say that the size and weight are just right and that it sits comfortably in your hand. With a length of only 5 inches, it’s similarly sized as many pocket flashlights, so it’s convenient to carry in your pocket.

For those of you who are always outdoors, backpackers and hikers say that they don’t even notice it in their hiking backpacks. This model weighs less than 2 ounces, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who are trying to keep gear weight as low as possible.


  • Water- and dustproof body
  • Great battery life and fast charging time
  • Attaches to clothes or objects
  • Easily adjustable beam
  • Compact and lightweight to carry


  • Lower lumen output and range

Overall Rating


  • Price: 90% – Even though the Focus+ 110 costs slightly more compared to most flashlights, we feel that it easily justifies the cost. You can be sure you’re getting a tough and well-made product that is going to last for many years. Besides, the fact that it comes with a rechargeable battery makes it more cost-effective too, since you won’t have to spend money on disposable batteries.
  • Material: 100% – The aircraft aluminum used for the Focus+ series really stands up to the task. The flashlight is light, but at the same time very strong and resistant to damage. We really like that it can handle drops because these things always happen, especially if you’re using it when camping for example. As we mentioned earlier, the Focus+ 110 comes with an IP66 rating, which guarantees that it can easily handle some dirt or water.
  • Design: 100% – In addition to being beautiful, this flashlight is designed to be highly functional too. The power button and the slider are convenient for single-handed use, which is certainly a plus in situations where you have your hands full. Thanks to the pocket clip and the magnet base, you can even attach the light to an object or a metal surface next to you, giving your hands all the freedom they need.
  • Overall: 97% – The Focus+ 110 leaves a pretty good impression, and we have plenty of nice things to say about it. Most of all, we were pleasantly surprised by the solid light output that this small flashlight creates. We can recommend it to anyone who needs a compact and reliable light source, anytime and anywhere.

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All things considered, the NiteRider Focus+ 110 is a great value for your money. It’s a high-quality flashlight that can withstand some abuse, and you can rely on it to give you a light for hours at a time. And thanks to the USB rechargeable battery, you don’t have to worry about spare batteries anymore.

Because of its size, it’s excellent to keep in your backpack, glove compartment, or drawer at home. Besides, most outdoor enthusiasts choose to put a flashlight on their camping lists when going on overnight trips, as it can be very useful here too. Regardless of the situation, we’re sure that the Focus+ 110 won’t disappoint.

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Focus+ 110 Handheld Flashlight Review
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