10 Best Fly Fishing Wyoming Hot Spots


Freshwater fly anglers always look for crystal-clear trout streams and fishable wild rivers. Fly fishing Wyoming destinations have more than 27,000 miles of these, along with trout lakes sparkling surrounded by high mountain meadows and soaring peaks. Places like the Green River, the North Platte, and the Snake are legendary among fly anglers. 

Wyoming fly fishing destinations are known for their beautiful settings and big fish. More than 20 species of fish swim in the waters of this state, but trout is definitely the most famous. You can fish for rainbow, lake, brown, brook, and cutthroat trout at almost any Wyoming river. In this article, we will talk about spots you need to visit if you want to experience the otherworldly fly fishing time! 

Fly Fishing Wyoming Destinations 

1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one of the greatest wilderness areas in the world. It is legendary for its steaming geysers, steep canyons, inspiring setting of sprawling meadows, but most importantly for us, fantastic fly fishing. This is one of the fly fishing Wyoming destinations that will offer you a great combination of high concentrations of public streams and lakes. Prime fishing opportunities are provided due to the geothermal activity in the park – naturally raising the streams’ alkalinity, resulting in healthy trout populations. The park is populated by 7 game fish species and those are rainbow, lake, brook, brown, and cutthroat trout as well as grayling and mountain whitefish. Still, only cutthroat and the last two are native to the park. 

The park is one of the Wyoming fly fishing destinations where you can fish for the whole year. The best fishing spots are determined by seasonal fluctuations. Firehole River is really popular in the spring when anglers keen on nymph fishing. May is the most popular month for Firehole River fishermen. Yellowstone Lake and Gibbon and Madison Rivers are places to visit in early June. July and August are the months when you can use your rod since the park waters are fishable and clear and there’s no rain. The best time to fish in the lakes is in August. 

2. Jackson Hole

You can have one of the most diverse fly fishing experiences in Jackson Hole. One of the most popular fly fishing Wyoming rivers slithers through the valley – the Snake River! It offers fantastic fishing opportunities with populations of cutthroat and brown trout (cutthroat is predominant). The river is the heart of the watershed and it is famous for its large dry fly fishing. You have access to wading and it is also ideal for fast-paced float fishing. It is best to visit the river early in the spring and during summer until the fall. 

If you go two miles north of the town of Jackson you will get to the National Elk Refuge. This is where you can find Wyoming fly fishing only stream – at the Flat Creek! Fishing here is a very pleasant experience since the water is calm and clear, but it can also be quite a challenge due to the size of the cutthroat in this river. There’s no vegetation along the river so you can also use your cast net

3. Pinedale

Pinedale is a little ranching town at the foot of the beautiful Wind River Mountains. The New Fork and Green River are some of the most hallowed fishing grounds in Wyoming, and Pinedale provides access to them. You can have excellent drift boat wading and fishing at both rivers, and you can also cast from the bank. The Green River is the larger one and it has pools, runs, riffles, and pocket water. The river starts at the Wind River Range(in the northern part) and ends at the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Most of the river passes through private land outside the mentioned area, so you need to check whether you can access it first. North of Daniel is the Warren Bridge on Highway 187, this is where you can find public access in the 8-mile stretch. 

The New Fork river goes from the New Fork Lakes all the way to the Green River. Anglers with more experience will have a good time here, but it is not well suited for beginners. Pinedale area has many fish species such as golden, lake, brook, and rainbow trout, as well as mountain whitefish. Usually, the season here starts in mid-June. 

4. The Wind River Range

The Wind River Range is located in Western Wyoming and it has countless wild rivers, beautiful streams, and high-elevation lakes. It has a set of timeless beauty and offers a rewarding fly fishing adventure. Abundant wildlife and high mountain peaks make fishing at this remote location even more enjoyable. This Wyoming fly fishing destination is also great to visit if you are backpacking. You can find notoriously big golden trout at the location, as well as cutthroat, rainbow, and brook trout. In 1948 the giant golden trout was hooked at this location and it weighed 11 pounds. This species can still be found on the west side of the range, but they haven’t been stocked here since the 90s. 

The east side stretches from Lander to Dubois and is rarely fished. Usually, people access this location via Wind River Indian Reservation. Within the reservation, you will have to acquire a tribal license and find a tribal guide that will lead you throughout the reservation. The biggest goldens can be accessed over the reservation if you go to the Fitzpatrick Wilderness Area. Even though the weather is not reliable, spring and fall are the best times to visit this region. 

5. North Platte River, The Gray Reef, and Miracle Mile

Fly anglers know how legendary the Gray Reef and the Miracle Mile on the North Platte River are. You can fish at any time of the year here since the North Platte River is a tailwater fishery. However, you have to be sure not to disturb the eggs when you’re visiting these waters since fish spawn here. The brown trout spawn during the fall and the rainbow trout spawn during the spring. To catch it, you should get a trout lure

The Miracle Mile is an easily accessible section located about 60 miles from Casper, in Central Wyoming. It extends for about 8 miles and is well known for the trophy trout. The cold water, plenty of food, and low fishing pressure are the reason why fish thrive in these waters. Cutthroat, brown, and rainbow trout are dominant species. You can find large boulders, runs, riffles, and pocket water, making it an ideal playground for an experienced fisher. Make sure you check the conditions of the water before you head out since river flows can vary dramatically. 

The Gray Reef is located near Alcova town and is known for its huge cutthroats, browns, and rainbows. Usually, fish weigh about 8-12 pounds here. Stream fishing, dry fly fishing, and nymph fishing all yield success. 

6. Grand Teton National Park

About 10 minutes from the town of Jackson has located the Grand Teton National park, crowned by the Teton Mountain Range peaks. It offers one of the most spectacular fly fishing Wyoming settings. The well-known Snake River flows through the park and offers a unique drift boat experience as well as plenty of banks and bends for shore fishing. Jenny Lake is also located within the park and it offers gorgeous scenery you can catch with your fishing GoPro. There’s a hiking trail that rings the lake and you can fish for lake trout and cutthroat from the banks of it. If you have a boat, there’s a ramp on the south side of the lake from where you can launch it. Mid May is usually the most popular time to visit the location since that’s when the ice is melted. 

Visit Jackson Lake when the spring comes if you’re interested in some mackinaw and lake trout. The fish swim in the shallow water during this period since the water is not warm enough yet, so fishing from shore can be successful at this time. To protect spawning mackinaws, the lake is closed during October. 

7. Bighorn Mountains, Tongue River

The Tongue River is a tributary of the Yellowstone River and is located in north-central Wyoming high in the Bighorn Mountains. This river is usually overlooked by fishermen even though it has fantastic potential for fishing in beautiful surroundings. The Tongue River starts in the national forest of Bighorn. The Bighorn Scenic Byway is the most popular when it comes to accessing different fishing spots. Most small fishes like the latter, brook, brown, and rainbow trout can be found in the South Tongue. Less experienced angles might love this place since there are a lot of pools, runs, and pocket water. 

Much bigger fish such as rainbow, brook, and brown trout, as well as cutthroats, can be found in the North Tongue waters. However, it is much harder to catch these due to their size. You are obligated to catch and release all of the mentioned except brook trout. If you’re interested in exploring the canyon you can go deeper into it and find some nooks that are rarely-fished surrounded by beautiful nature and peace. Early July and early fall are the best times to fish the Tongue River. 

8. The Big and Little Laramie

The Big Laramie River is located in southeastern Wyoming and is known for its rainbow and brown trout fishing. Still, this fly fishing Wyoming destination has other fish species too. The Jelm Access is accessible to the public and is probably the most beautiful part of the Big Laramie River. Its location is south on Wyoming State Highway 10. A small canyon houses this part of the river and it has pocket water, overhanging banks, and fast water. The best time to fish here is mid-May until July and the best way to fish these waters is by wading. 

Trophy trout can be found in the Little Laramie River. But, you should know that catching trophy trout will be one of the harder Wyoming fly fishing experiences you will have. You will have to stalk the fish at this part of the stretch. Private land is surrounding the stretches so it can be a bit difficult to access the location. Either hire a private guide or request permission from landowners to avoid getting into trouble for fishing on private property. 

9. Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Flaming Gorge Reservoir is located south of the town of Green River. One section of the reservoir is making a border between Utah and Wyoming. It offers many different fish species and you can find really big fish here. These waters are fed by the Green River and they flow through a canyon with red walls. Smallmouth bass, burbot, carp, salmon, Kokanee, channel catfish, and tiger, rainbow, and mackinaw trout can be found inside these waters. In the 70s and 80s, the world record German brown trout were caught at this location. Some lucky anglers are still able to hook 20-pound trout today. The best time to fish for salmon and trout species is in early spring. Once the water gets warmer during summer you can try fishing for bass. In June you can go to shallow waters and try to sight cast for carp. To access the reservoir you will have to go either to the Rock Springs town on highway 191 or through the Green River. Shore fishing and boat fishing are possible here. 

10. Teton Wilderness, Two Ocean Creek

Teton Wilderness is located at the south end of the Yellowstone National Park. The park is home to a lot of different fish species and has more than a half-million acres of space. The interesting thing about Two Ocean Creek is that it forks and goes into two completely different oceans: the Pacific and Atlantic. This is a phenomenon that can’t be found anywhere else in the United States. The Pacific Creek connects with the Snake River, while Atlantic Creek flows into the Yellowstone River. Sprawling meadows and lodgepole forests are crowning the beautiful plateau and fantastic fishing areas for more than 450 miles that trails lead. The location is known for cutthroat trout. They spawn in the Teton Wilderness after migrating from Yellowstone Lake to the Yellowstone River. If you visit this fly fishing Wyoming location makes sure you have a bear spray with you and keep an eye out for grizzlies. 



Q: What flies to use in Wyoming?

A: You can use many different flies if you go Wyoming fly fishing. But, the most used ones are Crystal Stimulator, Parachute Adams, Mohair Leech, Tellico Nymph, Black Foam Cricket, and Black Foam Beatle. The fly you use will depend on the waters you want to fish in.

Q: Where can I fly fish in Jackson Hole?


There are many different fly fishing Wyoming destinations with streams, creeks, and lakes where you can fly fish. The most popular locations are the Buffalo River, Granite Creek, Flat Creek, Grey’s River, and Green River. Make sure that the location you’re fishing at is not in private property.

Q: What kind of fish can you catch in Wyoming?


There are more than 22 fish species you can fish for in Wyoming’s plethora of water, even though they may not seem like a hot spot for fishing. Some of the most popular species of fish include salmon, yellow perch, sunfish, bass, catfish, walleye, and of course, trout.

Q: How do you get to the Miracle Mile in Wyoming?


The Miracle Mile section is situated in Central Wyoming. It will take you about 50 miles from Rawlins (1hr 30mins) and 60 miles from Casper (1hr 20mins) to get to this section of the North Platte River. If you’re going there by airplane, the closes airport is located in Casper.

Q: Where is the best fly fishing in Wyoming?


Fly fishing in Wyoming is able at almost any river. But, some of the most popular Wyoming fly fishing locations are Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole, The Gray Reef, The Wind River Range, and the Miracle Mile. All of these locations have plenty of fish and access to both the waters and nearby shops where you can get flies.

Globo Surf Overview

Wyoming is a state full of wild rivers, crystal clear trout waters, beautiful sceneries, and large canyons. The waters that flow through here are home to many different species of fish and other aquatic animals. Still, the Wyoming rivers are best known for trout, salmon, bass, and catfish. Some fish that were caught here hold records and that’s what brings back many anglers every year. Early spring and summer are the best times for you to visit any of the locations. 

Most of the rivers are accessible by boat, so if you have one make sure to take it with you. No matter if you’re an experienced angler or just a beginner, you will definitely find a post where you can unfold your fishing chair and use your rod! 

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