The Backcountry Baselayer For Skiing & Snowboarding Review


The FLOA Backcountry Baselayer for skiing and snowboarding is aimed at those who need their gear to perform in the harshest environments. By combining several different materials into one composite fabric, the Backcountry Baselayer manages to bring together in one single product all of the features you need to take on the challenges that lay off-piste. Warmth, breathability, comfort, flexibility, and toughness are all included in an extremely well-rounded package.

Athletes who are passionate about heading off the beaten track and into the wild will know how crucial it is to be able to rely on their equipment since they are likely to face some of the most brutal conditions imaginable. The Backcountry Baseliner is designed precisely for high-level skiers or snowboarders that need to perform while battling cold and snowy obstacles. This piece of equipment keeps body temperature right where it needs to be all the while providing excellent ventilation and moisture-wicking.

By using cutting edge materials and manufacturing techniques, the Backcountry Baseliner by FLOA is a top of the notch technical garment, prepared to satisfy even the most demanding riders. The founder of the company can boast competitive skiing experience and has taken part in the training of numerous instructors. He has poured all of his knowledge of the field into the design of this item to provide skiers and snowboarders with a gem that is likely to feel just like the second layer of skin.


  • Blended Merino wool, polyester, nylon, and elastane fabric provides compression to arms and legs for optimal blood flow
  • Seamless knit construction to avoid bulk and skin irritation
  • Cooling channels across the chest and lower back
  • Extra padding on shoulders for support if wearing a rucksack
  • Funnel collar to warm neck
  • Closed hole mesh texture for ventilation
  • Four-way stretch fabric for comfort
  • Curved side seams adapt to body shape
  • Heavy knitting on elbows for extra protection

The Backcountry Baselayer from FLOA is a highly technical garment made out of a combination of four different materials. It is 15% nylon, 5% elastane so it can stretch and fit your body perfectly, 40% Merino wool for warmth and breathability, and 40% for advanced moisture-wicking. This unique combination allows the garment to deliver targeted ventilation, allow for body temperature management, control humidity, and provide compression along your arms and legs. This last feature is particularly useful since it helps increase blood circulation to your extremities, which are the first ones affected in a cold environment. This, in turn, will help alleviate muscle fatigue and keep you active on the slopes.

At the same time, the cooling channels on the chest and lower back and the closed-hole mesh under the arms and on the upper and lower back help trap air and work to create a targeted, self-ventilating microclimate. This works wonders to keep your body temperature nice and warm without stifling you, so you can still be free to move around unimpeded. One might think that the only job of a base layer is to keep you warm, but as experienced skiers will tell you there is such a thing as too warm, which is precisely what the closed-hole mesh is built to avoid.

The natural warmth of Merino wool provides insulation and coziness and the whole outfit is fabricated using the latest seamless manufacturing techniques. This allows for the base layer not to be bulky and also provides a soft feel on the skin, preventing chafing and annoying irritations. Elbows and knees or any other parts that experience more action are nevertheless reinforced to withstand it, without adding weight or taking up too much room.

Overall, the main aim of the product is well described by the company’s name. The word FLOA is derived from the Old Norse words used to describe a river, or something that flows, and the manufacturer has chosen it to represent their goal to make a product that helps you get in a state of flow. It is a state of heightened consciousness, where you feel connected with your body and your surroundings and can perform at your absolute best. The FLOA Backcountry Baselayer employs the latest technologies and materials so you can forget you have it on and concentrate on reaching the flow state, where everything clicks and works in tune.



Material: 15% Nylon, 5% Elastane, 40% Merino, 40% Polyester

Color: Silver

User Experience


Usability: The FLOA Backcountry Baselayer is nice and light when you take it out of the bag, exuding a feeling of comfort as soon as you touch it. It is very easy to slide on and the elastane makes it adhere perfectly to your body, stretching comfortably over your arms and legs. The garment is also knit in such a way that makes it very difficult for the shirt to roll up and expose your waist. While moving around the base layer stays true to all the advertised features, clinging on to your joints even during very intense movements and providing a soft layer of warmth all around you. Once you’re done with it, the garment is machine washable, adding to its ease of use and versatility. It is recommended, however, to avoid tumble dryers.

Features: The features that stand out the most in the FLOA Backcountry Baselayer are its warmth, its temperature regulation technologies, and the compression it exerts on your extremities. The longer you wear it, the more you will realize just how useful that small amount of pressure is to keep your arms and legs alert, sensible, and ready to act. The Merino wool works wonders in making you feel as if you’ve just put on the second layer of soft and warm skin, while the closed mesh knit allows for your body temperature to stay right where it needs to be while you slide down the slopes. When you wear this baselayer you also perceive a distinct feeling of quality, knowing that you can put it through some hardships and will not tear but instead keep its place close to your skin.

Quality: Quality is excellent on the FLOA Backcountry Baselayer. The team behind it has gone to great lengths to incorporate the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, and it shows. From the moment you take it in your hands you feel that you are handling a premium product that is built to satisfy the most demanding users, and after extensive testing, we can confirm that it does just that. The fabric is tough and flexible and adheres perfectly to your skin, without leaving any small opening where cold air could slide in. Softness and comfort combine beautifully with innovation, making the FLOA Backcountry Baselayer a superb product which not only delivers the goods but makes you feel great while you wear it and provides you with the confidence you need to take on the hardest slopes.

Overall Rating


Price: 97% – As with any good piece of gear designed for the snow, the FLOA Backcountry Baselayer is not the cheapest item you may find, but it is one that is worth every penny. Actually, if you think of all the technology, ingenuity, and pure hard work that has been poured into its production, the price is definitely well contained for an item of this quality. In any case, this is a garment that will last you for several seasons before it wears out or becomes too damaged to use, so your investment will pay dividends over a long period of time. In our opinion, the FLOA Backcountry Baselayer is an item we can wholeheartedly recommend for adventurous skiers and backpackers. For most people in this category, buying an item such as this is a no brainer.

Design: 99% – With so much effort put into the design of the FLOA Backcountry Baselayer, our grade could not have been far from near perfect. Combining warmth, flexibility, durability, and targeted compression, this piece of clothing packs so many features that it is almost hard to believe. The base layer fits neatly and tightly and can resist a great deal of wear and tear. Extreme backcountry skiers and snowboarders will greatly appreciate the moisture-wicking and ventilation it provides, all the while remaining thin and lightweight. It is very hard indeed to find a fault in the FLOA Backcountry Baselayer, it just seems to do everything right.

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Backcountry skiers and snowboarders know that their life depends not only on their skill but also on the gear they have with them. The more extreme the conditions they encounter, the better their equipment needs to be. The FLOA Backcountry Baselayer sits right up there with the most effective technical garments on the market. It is rare to encounter a product that packs so much into a seemingly simple package, but when you put one on you will immediately feel the difference it makes. For anyone planning to put themselves to the test and face the challenge of backcountry skiing or snowboarding, we could not recommend a better piece of gear.

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The Backcountry Baselayer For Skiing & Snowboarding Review
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