FlipBelt Reflective PT Belt Review


The simple design of the FlipBelt is the main thing that makes it so great. But even though it’s simple, it’s also incredibly functional. The whole belt works as one large pocket that allows you to organize your things, while the outer surface is covered with 3M reflective material so you’re easy to see on your night runs. Take a look at everything this great running belt has to offer:

  • Continuous pocket goes through the whole belt
  • Four slit pocket openings for stashing items inside the belt
  • Highly visible 3M reflective material on the outer belt surface
  • Key clip in the front left pocket for securing your keys
  • Flatlock seams prevent skin irritation when wearing the belt
  • Fits a specially designed FlipBelt water bottle



Materials: 92% Micropoly, 8% Lycra

Sizes: XS (22-25” waist diameter) to XL (35-38”)

Colors: Black, Neon Yellow

Stitching: Flatlock

Reflective material: 3M ultra-reflective

Pockets: 4

Zippers: No

User Experience


Size: Customers say that this belt has a snug fit on the waist. Because of this, you need to pay close attention when shopping and buy the right size. These belts are not adjustable, so you won’t be able to tighten or loosen them if they don’t fit right. This is why you need to measure your waist first and have a look at the size chart before ordering.

FlipBelt sells the Reflective belt in five different sizes, ranging from extra-small to extra-large. The size chart we mentioned can be found on their website and it shows you which belt size is best for your waist diameter. Getting the proper size will prevent it from being too tight (if it’s too small), or from moving up and down (if it’s too large).

Materials: FlipBelt has made a good choice when it comes to materials used for this PT belt. It’s made of a combination of Micropoly and Lycra, which give it the softness and elasticity it needs to be comfortable for running. Micropoly is a polyester fabric with the ability to stretch, and it’s a very popular choice for making sportswear and sports accessories. Lycra is a material known for its elasticity, making it easy to put on the FlipBelt and to keep it in place. The 3M reflective material covers the whole outer surface of the belt, and users say that you’re easily visible from all sides.

Since running involves a lot of movement, you want to avoid running gear that chafes against your skin. Runners agree that the FlipBelt feels very soft and that it doesn’t irritate the skin (even on long runs). One additional reason for this, besides the materials, is that it comes with flatlock seams.

Another benefit of this material is that it wicks sweat and moisture, helping you stay dry and comfortable. The belt itself dries off incredibly fast and doesn’t retain an unpleasant smell. Users say that it’s perfectly safe for washing and drying in a machine, so you can throw it in with your other equipment.

Design: As we mentioned earlier, the FlipBelt has one continuous pocket that forms a tube throughout the whole belt. Customers claim that this is great since you’re free to pack the items inside the belt however you like. Furthermore, the four slit pocket openings are very handy for quickly grabbing anything you need from the belt.

Runners report that the belt is large enough to fit all the things you need – your mobile phone, money, credit cards, and your keys. One of the pockets even has a key clip inside for securing your home or car keys. Also, there is room inside the belt for fitting some snacks and even a smaller water bottle. About this, FlipBelt makes specially designed flat water bottles (6 and 11 ounces) that easily fit in the belt.

We also want to add that, unlike the regular FlipBelt, the Reflective PT belt doesn’t come with any zippers. However, customers say that the belt keeps all the contents very securely so you have nothing to worry about.

Use: Since there are no zippers or buckles on this belt, you need to slide it over your head or feet when putting it on. Runners say that the belt is very elastic making this pretty easy to do, as long as you get the size right. Wearing it over your clothing is necessary if you want to be visible during the night, but it also feels nice to wear it under your clothing on your day runs.

One of the great things about the FlipBelt Reflective PT belt is that it doesn’t limit itself to jogging only. It works equally well for cycling, trail running, gym, hiking, and even travel. It’s an excellent way to always have your valuables close to your body as well as to eliminate the chance of losing them along the way.


  • Makes you easily visible on night runs
  • Very lightweight, you won’t feel it on you
  • Plenty of room inside for several items
  • Can be used for many different activities
  • Safe for machine washing and drying


  • Would be nice if the reflective material was on both sides
  • Fit is not adjustable, be sure to get the size right

Overall Rating


  • Price: 90% – While the FlipBelt Reflective might seem a bit expensive, its design and construction quality quickly shows that it’s worth the money. It is tough enough to last for hundreds of outdoor runs, and the comfort and convenience you get on each run make it a great investment.
  • Material: 95% – The combination of Micropoly and Lycra works great for the FlipBelt Reflective PT belt because it gives it the strength and elasticity required. The materials are gentle on the skin, and we like that this belt won’t chafe you even if you wear it under the shirt. Besides, the 3M reflective material is very efficient in reflecting any light, and we are really impressed with how visible this belt is in any low-light condition.
  • Design: 90% – We like the design of the reflective FlipBelt because it brings something new to the market. The slit pockets are easily accessible, and the belt allows you to stuff a lot of things in it. As we’ve mentioned, the belt is made to sit comfortably around your waist without moving when you run.

The reflective material really improves your safety. However, it’s on the same side as the pocket openings. So, if you want to actually flip the belt and cover the pockets, the reflective material will also end up facing your body. This is not a dealbreaker in any way, just something we thought was worth mentioning.

  • Overall: 92% – All things considered, this is an amazing running accessory. If you don’t need additional hydration on your runs (a hydration pack), the FlipBelt Reflective PT is perhaps the best way to bring all your necessities out on a run. We like the space it offers, and its simple design makes it very user-friendly. We can recommend it to all runners who want to avoid using armbands or uncomfortable waist packs and want to try something better.

Globo Surf Overview

The FlipBelt Reflective PT belt will really improve your safety when you run – the reflective materials will make you easily visible to all the cars and motorcycles that pass you on the road. Also, this belt offers more than enough room for everything you want to take on a run and holds it very securely. It’s a well-made running belt that will definitely increase your comfort, and we’re sure it will quickly become one of your favorite running accessories.

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FlipBelt Reflective PT Belt Review
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