FlexSafe Portable & Packable Travel Vault Review


The FlexSafe portable travel vault by AquaVault is a lockable bag that is small enough to be carried in your luggage but big enough to fit most of your valuable items, such as passport, phone, keys, and spare change when you know you will have to spend some time away from them. The bag is 5 inches wide at the top, 3 at the bottom, and provides 7 inches of depth. The main compartment can be closed with a zipper and the lid is designed to be wrapped around a fixed object and then locked shut with a re-programmable three-digit combination lock.

The design of the FlexSafe portable travel vault is studied not only to prevent thieves from entering the bag but also to stop them from cutting through it or running away with it. The bag puts five layers of protection between your valuables and the outside world, with one being designed to resist slashes and cuts and another one which is RFID blocking material to protect your digital information. An EVA layer holds everything in place and the whole bag remains very lightweight at just under 10 ounces.

If you are not at the beach or in any other environment where you would leave your valuables unattended, the FlexSafe portable safe works nicely as a simple bag, with side mesh pockets and a belt loop on the back for you to carry it around every day and water protection to round it all off. The bag’s dimensions and softness make it easy to store it in a big suitcase when you’re traveling. Overall, the bag sports an impressive amount of features that make it a very well-thought-out product indeed, here is a list of the most notable ones. 

  • Five-layer design for extra protection
  • Resistant to cuts
  • RFID blocking material
  • Re-programmable 3-digit lock closes the lid
  • Tough zipper closes inside a pouch
  • Water-resistant
  • Fits nicely in a suitcase
  • Lightweight
  • Carrying handle and belt loop
  • Big enough storage for the most valuable items



Overall dimensions: 10 x 6 x 3 inches

Top opening width: 5 inches

Top opening depth: 3 inches

Bottom square width: 3 inches

Bottom square width: 2.5 inches

Inside pouch depth: 7 inches

Materials: Nylon, EVA

User Experience

User_ExperienceConstruction: The FlexSafe portable travel safe is premium built and gives you that feeling of confidence you normally associate with good quality products. The material is soft yet extremely tough and does effectively resist cuts and even slashes. Nothing feels cheap or out of place and the bag is easy to open, for those you want to, even once it is locked while staying impenetrable for unwanted hands. The lock is nicely made of metal and the upper flap is easy to wrap around any fixed bar you may come across.

Use Both as a simple travel bag and as a travel safe, the FlexSafe bag performs well and never left us wanting for more storage space. The internal zipper feels tough and is easy to operate and the lock is strong enough to sustain your full body weight. If you carry it in your luggage it can conveniently function as an inner compartment or just be compressed into a corner without taking up much space. Overall the bag is very versatile and a good all-around travel bag, and is worth considering even if you care less about the lock and safety features.

Safety: The area in which the FlexSafe is designed to excel is, not surprisingly, the one where it performs the best. The locking mechanism is tough and locks tightly in place, being impossible to even budge no matter how much force you apply. The material is sturdy and durable and proves impossible to cut or slice in such a way that the content inside becomes reachable. It is almost possible to reach the zipper even when the lock is closed but this requires such contortions that any robber is bound to be discouraged. If your main concern is that your most precious items stay safe, you have probably found the product for you.


  • Offers very good protection for your valuables
  • Material is extremely tough
  • Easy to pack in suitcases or carry around


  • Storage space might not be enough for some users

Overall Rating


Construction: 99% – For a product built to be tough and impenetrable, the FlexSafe portable travel vault lives up to the expectations. The feel is that of a highly specialized technical garment, one in which nothing is left to chance. The material is soft enough for the bag to be compressed inside a suitcase but is impossible to damage with a sharp blade thanks to its multi-layer design. The lock looks simple from the outside but once it is shut it becomes unmovable and impossible to pry open. A sturdy zipper rounds off the package, for a product that is indeed built like a safe the likes of which one could find in a bank.

Use: 97% – While the worry and anxiety over your precious personal belongings may prove impossible to completely erase, the FlexSafe portable travel vault goes to great lengths to minimize it as much as possible. The strength of the protection that it provides is enough to relax even the most fearsome of travelers and the quality feels it exudes does the rest. The versatility with which you can transition from having a protective vault to a simple travel bag is also worthy of notice and contributes to the high marks this item scores when its usability is concerned.

Safety: 98% – Protecting your valuable items often meant compromising your enjoyment, but with the FlexSafe portable vault by AquaSafe this no longer has to be the case. The bag is almost impenetrable and the ease with which it can be fastened to any fixed bar makes it an extremely versatile tool to protect your dearest belongings. The RFID blocking material protects your credit card and digital information, adding one more layer to all the ones already in place to defend you. We all know that thieves are very resourceful and always manage to think of something to deprive us of our belongings, but in this case, short of abducting you together with your bag, there is very little they can do.

Price: 97% – When it comes to protection and safety, every dollar is well spent, and it’s best to invest a little more to get something durable and resistant than having to regret it later on. In the case of the FlexSafe, you can get an excellent defensive ally without leaving your wallet without anything to defend inside it. The product is priced as you would expect for a technical item that is built to the highest quality standards, but considering what you may lose should you choose to go with a cheaper option, you’ll understand that every penny is worth it.

Overall: 97% – Combining portability, versatility with excellent protection, the FlexSafe portable travel vault becomes a very useful item to add to your travel equipment. It is one of those products that simply makes a lot of sense, and it is nice to see a company that can manufacture it without making it overly complex and transforms it into something that misses the mark.

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Peace of mind when traveling is priceless but some items can help you on the journey. The FlexSafe portable vault from AquaVault is one of those, and it has earned our praise and recommendation. We are sure that once you try one it will quickly become a permanent feature of your travel kit.

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FlexSafe Portable & Packable Travel Vault Review
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