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One of the main characteristics of spending lots of time outdoors, whether you love camping, mountain hiking on different trails, kayaking, or cross-country skiing, is the fact that you’ll eventually be caught by the bad weather or something else that can seriously damage your equipment. That’s why it is important to learn how to maintain it. One of the essential parts of the equipment is a flashlight. It provides you light in the dark, can be a lifesaver in dangerous situations, so learning a few tips and tricks about flashlight care will keep it in a good condition for a long period.

Flashlight Maintenance Steps

To keep it working, there are four basic flashlight maintenance steps – cleaning, replacing, protecting, and lubricating. With the help of this flashlight care guide, you’ll learn how to perform these four flashlight maintenance steps and be able to enjoy your flashlight until its LED light dies.

How Often Should You Do It?

If you don’t spend too much time in the area where you constantly get dirty from your feet to your eyes, then performing these flashlight care steps should be done once or twice per year. However, if you do spend a lot of time in the areas covered with oil, sand, water, mud, or any form of dirt, then you should do this at least once per month.

1. Cleaning The Flashlight From The Outside

The first thing you should do when it comes to flashlight maintenance is cleaning the flashlight. Start by using an alcohol pad or something similar to clean the outside of the flashlight. Remove any dirt from the outside, and if there is a part of your flashlight you can’t reach, take a small brush or a toothbrush. Once you remove all the dirt and make sure the outside is clean, it is time to wipe the lenses. Wiping the lenses should be something you do regularly, no matter how dirty your flashlight is.

2. Cleaning The Inside Of The Flashlight

For this, you may need Q-tips or cotton swabs. Follow the same procedure as with the outside of the flashlight as you separate your flashlight part by part. The goal is to remove all the dirt, oil, grease, or anything similar out of the flashlight. Wipe the threads, and make sure all the dirt has been removed.

3. Inspection

You could do it after step 2, or even as you clean. Pay attention to all the connections, threads, etc, and make sure they are not only clean but that there are no signs of corrosion or any other unwanted thing in development. If you spot corrosion, visit the local tool shop or the one where you’ve purchased your flashlight and ask them about corrosion remover.

4. Replacing What Needs To Be Replaced


There are a few things you’ll have to check out to make sure they work well. If there is a need to change them, do it.


O-rings are used to keep all the dirt, water, etc. away from the core of your flashlight and they make your flashlight waterproof. When they break, which is a real possibility because they are quite fragile, you’ll lose those advantages. If you see they have even the smallest cracks, or even if you simply don’t feel certain they do their job, it is time to change them. You could check the manufacturer’s website or any tool or gear shop to see if they have the one you need.

5. Protection

This is the only step you actually can skip if you want to, but it is recommended to do it just to ensure your flashlight stays in the best possible shape for a longer time. You could check out the manufacturer’s website and see if they offer flashlight protection products that will help you not only clean it, but they’ll also bring up the performance of our flashlight to a higher level while keeping it healthy. Not to mention the fact that using a flashlight protector on your flashlight contacts, threads, and springs will make the flashlight care way easier, especially when the time comes for the next cleaning.

6. Lubricating The Flashlight

It may sound silly, but lubricating the flashlight is one of the main things when it comes to flashlight maintenance. By lubing your flashlight screws and O-rings you’ll make the unscrewing process easier, and you’ll also do probably the best thing possible for O-rings by keeping them fresh and nice. Once bought, one tube should be enough for at least a dozen uses, maybe even more, so this should be on the top of the list of your priorities when it comes to flashlight care equipment.

How To Lube A Flashlight

The process of lubricating the flashlight should always start from the O-rings. If you know how to take the O-ring out, simply cover it with the lubricant. However, if you’re not sure enough and don’t trust your skills enough to perform such a delicate task because you’re afraid that you’ll damage the O-ring, then simply put the lube on the bottom side of the O-ring, and follow by placing lube on the outside of the O-ring. After O-rings, it is time to lube the threads, and you’ll do it by adding a layer as thin as possible to all the areas the threads cover. Once you’re certain you’ve got it all covered with a thin layer of lube, put the parts back on and move them back and forward so the lube is properly spread.

7. Wipe And Test

After you’ve lubed the flashlight and placed all the parts back to their place, wipe away any possible remains of the grease with a wet cloth, and then dry the area with a dry cloth. Finish up by testing your flashlight to make sure everything works just fine.

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Flashlight maintenance should be regarded as one of the most important activities when it comes to outdoor activities due to its role in overall safety. With this article, flashlight care will become one of the easiest yet essential tasks you won’t ever forget to do.

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