Fishing Trip Checklist: Don’t Forget Your Equipment


So you have all your buddies informed about this fishing trip to Hawaii and are all excited and got your tickets ready! But, Wait. Have you gathered all the equipment you need for the getaway?

This trip will be made of splendid memories only if you don’t forget the most important things. Imagine leaving behind your fishing hooks or sunscreen thinking you tacked them in one of the baggies. Frustrating, right? Sometimes, the smallest and often ignored things are the most important.

How about you spare some time and prepare a fishing trip checklist to ensure that not even your fishing gloves are left behind? Actually, this is not a hard thing to do and will only take you a few minutes.  Below is a quick guide on what you should include in your fishing equipment list.

1. Fishing license

Before you even start admiring your ticket to your favorite deep fishing or fly fishing destination obtained a fishing license – not just a paper, but a stamped and valid document. The last thing you want is being stopped by the authorities expected to produce the document and all you have to offer is an “I don’t have” expression.

2. Appropriate Fishing Equipment

We are sure that this is not the first time you are going out and if it is, you definitely have taken fishing classes and so, fishing equipment is no vocabulary to you!

Have your fishing rod and reels stand by for packing; they are actually the “masters of the show.”

Ensure you got your tackle box too. It doesn’t have to look fancy. Just get something that will hold all the lures, baits, and other items snuggly.

Knives and not a knife are needed! You will need varieties for different purposes.

3. Weighing scale

If you have been to these fishing classes, you will realize that not all species of fish are supposed to be taken home. You will need a fish scale to determine the weight of your fish to find out if you will be taking it home or not. If the weight is less than what is allowed in the region, you will need to set your catch-free.

4. For Direction Purposes

You don’t want to get lost in some foreign land, right? Then there are a few things you need to add to your list. Don’t take chances; have a plan A, B, and a backup for all of them!


You will need a map for the area or your fishing spot. You can get this from the authorities or the locals.


A GPS tool, and a functioning one for that matter, must not be exempted from your fishing trip checklist. Your map may get soaked and this is probably what may save the day.


This will also guarantee you a smooth trip where you are sure you will go and come back without being frustrated or having to spend the better part of the journey tracing your way back.

5. Appropriate Fishing Wear

Out there in the wild, things can be very unpredictable. The weather can be pretty bad so you need to dress for it. Some fish species bite hard too so you may need to have your hands covered when catching or holding them. To have an enjoyable fishing experience, make sure to bring the following:

Foot Wear

Regardless of how cold or hot the weather is, you need to keep your feet dry and warm. Pack the appropriate fishing boots for the trip. Don’t forget to tuck some socks too, it’s always better!

Life jacket

This is not an option! You must not only have it but also have it on whether it is all sunny or just dull and gloomy. Don’t carry a life jacket to use as a cushion.


Fishing means a lot of encounters with wild, cold, or even frozen water. So going out there with only a pair of beach shorts and a vest will be a wrong move! Investing in a dry suit will be the best thing to do.

Something For Your Hands

Your hands will do the paddling if you are fishing on a boat. You can’t paddle even half a kilometer with frozen hands so you will need some fishing gloves for the trip. These also come in handy when holding the fish.

6. Protection For Yourself


Since you will be spending most of your vacation outdoors, you may want to protect yourself from the cruel UV rays from the sun. Get the following:


Wear some sunscreen especially if you are fishing during the day. And it doesn’t have to be sunny. Your skin is prone to UV rays even when the weather is cloudy so bring so get that sunscreen into your bag. This will prevent you from sunburns and even long-term effects like skin cancer.


Black sunglasses matching your drysuit? Pretty cool, isn’t it? You don’t have to get a new pair; just bring the one you bought last summer when you went for a beach tour!

Insect Repellant

Getting yourself some will just save you from so much worry about what might bite you and what may be the consequences. Trust us, there are really dangerous insects out there, be woke!

Globo Surf Overview

Planning a fishing trip is not easy, as you need to make sure you got all the gear required for successful angling. This fishing trip checklist is all you need when packing for your next fishing getaway.

Don’t forget to pack some snacks. They say “A hungry man is an angry and ugly man”, something you don’t want to be while out there as it could render you inactive. Apart from food, keep yourself hydrated. You will consume a lot of energy during the adventure and a bottle of water may be just what you will need to keep that energy coming.

It’s now time. Call your friends. Get your fishing equipment in the car and hit the road.

Happy fishing!

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