Fishing in Wisconsin: 10 Secret Spots


Wisconsin is a state gifted with 42,000 miles of rivers and streams. There are also 15,000 inland lakes. With this, it is no longer surprising that Wisconsin is one of the favorite destinations for fishing in the Midwest. 

Looking for the perfect location for the best shore fishing in Wisconsin? Read on and we’ll let you know some of the secret spots that are worth checking out! Get your fishing lines ready for a fresh catch! 

10 Under-the-Radar Places for Fishing in Wisconsin 

Beat the crowd and head to the less discovered places. Below are some of the places that should be on your radar! 

1. Hidden Lake 

This 34-acre lake in Oconto County is known for its large population of panfish, bluegill, and largemouth bass. The deepest point of the lake is 40 feet. There’s no need to go to the middle of the lake to fill your fishing cooler with a fresh catch. Even from its edges, the success rate is high, making it a great destination for the best shore fishing in Wisconsin. 

This is also a good place to use the best trolling motors. Based on its regulations, motor trolling is permitted with a maximum of three hooks and baits per angler. However, even from the banks of the lake, you can fish! 

2. Chippewa and Flambeau Rivers 

Get your fishing canoe ready to access this spot! You can also start from one of the bridges at the intersection of the two rivers. 

Based on the experiences of those who explored this place for fishing in Wisconsin, you can expect a good haul that consists mainly of smallmouth bass, catfish, and walleye. 

As you traverse these rivers, you might be surprised by the high banks that are rising from both sides. This is a good place to enjoy birdwatching, not just fishing! 

3. Upper Dells 

Catching a big fish is just the icing on the cake if you decide to visit the Upper Dells. It is also known for its amazing scenery, which makes it a common stop for river tours in the Wisconsin Dells. The winding river and ancient stone formations are sure to amaze every angler! 

At Upper Dells, you will find smallmouth bass, catfish, and walleye, among other species. For the best experience, it is recommended that you fish from March to May and September to November. 

4. Altoona Lake 

If you are looking for the best shore fishing in Wisconsin where you can teach kids how to fish, Altoona is one that should be on your list. With a size of 720 acres, you can easily find your spot. 

For those who do not fancy fishing from the banks, there is also a boat access ramp. 

Some of the species that you will find at Altoona Lake include bluegill, muskie, smallmouth bass, and walleye. 

5. Kickapoo River 

This is one of the secret spots where you can put your fly fishing lines to the test. Fishing from the banks and with a stealthy approach will increase the chances that you will end up with a catch. 

Dubbed as the most crooked river in the world, it has cold-water springs and amazing cliffs, adding to its draw as another great hidden spot for fishing in Wisconsin. 

Brown trout, brook trout, and rainbow fish have an abundant population at Kickapoo River. 

6. Kettle Moraine State Forest 

Kettle Moraine is a state forest located in southeastern Wisconsin. While it is mostly known for its hilly terrains, this is also a good place to go fishing. Whitewater Lake is one of the best spots to check out, which is also where boats often launch. 

At Kettle Moraine, you will have more than a dozen destinations where you can fish. Long Lake, with a length of three miles, is one of the best spots. There are also small ponds that are scattered throughout the state forest. 

7. Delavan Lake 

Located in Walworth County, this is another underrated gem for fishing in Wisconsin. It’s more than the 1,900-acre body of water is home to northern pike, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, panfish, muskie, and walleye. 

In 1992, the lake has been treated for its high phosphorus levels. The result is that this is now a well-stocked lake. Bring your best fishing rods and reels and it is not uncommon that you will have a trophy catch! 

8. Coon Creek Fishing Area 

If you are looking for the best shore fishing in Wisconsin with a wheelchair-accessible area, it is hard to go wrong with Coon Creek Fishing Area. Its main tributary is known not only for fishing but also for paddling. 

Aside from good fishing, this area is also known for hunting. It is home to wild turkeys, squirrels, deer, and cottontail rabbits, among others. 

9. Fox Lake 

Located in Dodge County, it has a population of approximately 1,500 people. The lake, on the other hand, is 2,713 acres. There are plenty of spots where you can launch your line and expect a good catch. 

This is also one of the best places in Wisconsin where you can use the best ice fishing reels in the winter. Throughout the year, there is an abundant population of panfish, largemouth bass, muskie, and walleye, among other species. 

10. Lower Menominee River 

The Menominee River separates Wisconsin from Michigan. The lower part of the river is not only a good rafting location but another place worth checking out for under-rated places for fishing in Wisconsin.  

This river is also known for its abundant game fish population. If you want to go fishing for panfish, you will not end up disappointed! It also has a good reputation for its population of walleye, and muskie. 


Got questions about fishing in Wisconsin? We’ll answer some of them below. 


Q: Where is the best fishing in Wisconsin?


The best fishing spot in Wisconsin is at Lake Winnebago, which is one of the state’s grandest lakes. It has a great population of walleyes. Other top picks for the best fishing destinations in Wisconsin include Delavan Lake, Chequamegon Bay, and Petenwell Lake.

Q: When can you fish in Wisconsin?


If you plan to catch panfish and catfish, the fishing season in Wisconsin is open year-round. For largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, fish from June to March. On the other hand, for Northern pike, it is from May to March.

Q: Is fishing season open in Wisconsin?


The fishing season in Wisconsin is open year-round, but this depends on the fish you intend to catch. Regulations dictate restrictions on where to fish and what to catch. Refer to the state’s fishing calendar to know more.

Q: How much does a fishing license cost in Wisconsin?


A one-day fishing license in Wisconsin costs $8 for residents and $10 for non-residents. You can also apply for an annual fishing license in Wisconsin, which is $20 for residents and $50 for non-residents.

Q: What is the biggest fish in Wisconsin?


According to the records of the Department of Natural resources, the biggest fish caught in Wisconsin was an 18-pound walleye. The prized catch was in High Lake in Villas County.

Q:  Can you fish year-round in Wisconsin?


Yes, you can fish year-round in Wisconsin. However, take note of the fishing regulations in Wisconsin. You can fish some species year-round, such as panfish. There are only certain months when you can catch other species.

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With one of the country’s largest concentration of lakes, fishing in Wisconsin is sure to be fruitful! It is not uncommon to catch a trophy-size fish in one of its bodies of water. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there’s surely a place to enjoy a fishing trip! Pack your best tackle boxes and prepare to explore the hidden gems of Wisconsin! 

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