10 Best Fishing Spots In Texas


One of the best pass times for many Texans is to go fishing. Boasting over 36 rivers and plenty more lakes and reservoirs, the lone star state is full of scenic and exciting places for fishing in Texas. Whether you are a pro angler or just learning how to use the rod and reel, Texas is certainly one of the best places in all of the US to go fishing.

There is plenty of game fish from crappie, to bass to catfish so remember to carry the best baits for catfish.  And it doesn’t end with the lakes and rivers of Texas. There are also miles upon miles of coastline in the Gulf of Mexico for you to explore. Enjoy the views as you find the perfect place to cast your bait.

With so many options, it could get a bit bewildering trying to pick the best fishing spots. This Texas fishing guide shows you the 10 best fishing spots in Texas.

1. Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is surrounded by Cypress trees, lily pads, and Spanish moss on the trees. 60 percent of the surface of the lake is also covered by water plants. Add in the spectacular ambiance brought by the sun’s rays and you have a perfect natural setting to reel in your next catch.

There is also plenty of fish here from largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, Whitemouth bass, and sunfish. Add in the fact that the lake is just 20 meters deep and you will have no problem hooking your next catch.

reservoir, this is a completely natural setting where you can also relax and take in the sights.

2. Lake Texoma

If you are in search of a great spot to fish for the largemouth as well as smallmouth bass in Texas, then look no further than Lake Texoma. Make sure you carry grubs, worms, and small crankbaits for bass, and be amazed at how rich the waters are with these fish.

Unlike most lakes that feature shorelines filled with moss or hydrilla flats, the shores are rocky. Just find a safe spot to stand and cast your bait and soon you will be reeling in bass after bass.

3. Lake Fork

This Texas fishing guide explores Lake Fork as a magnet for bass fishermen from all over Texas and the United States. You can locate it 65 miles to the east of Dallas. This 27,690-acre reservoir has seen some of the largest bass ever caught in the US which explains why fishermen flock to this location as they try to beat previous records.

So, bring your largemouth bass lures and be ready for an awesome time at the lake as you join many like-minded folks in the quest for big record-breaking fish.

4. Lake O’ the Pines

If you are in for a bit more diversity, then why not visit Lake O’ the Pines? You can find different varieties of catfish from the flathead, blue, and channel catfish. There are also plenty of delicious sunfish not to mention the smallmouth bass. Don’t forget to bring the best smallmouth bass lures.

You can locate Lake O’ the Pines to the Northeast of Texas. Spring and fall are the perfect time to visit the lake as the water is shallow and nature all around you sets a beautiful ambiance where you can soak up the scenery as you reel in your catch from shallow water.

5. Choke Canyon Reservoir


This is a popular fishing spot for many Texans and is often the venue for fishing tournaments. It doesn’t matter the time of year. From the cold of winter to the middle of summer, you will find plenty of success fishing for catfish, crappie, and bass.

Once you get to Choke Canyon reserve which is situated in the Frio River, you will immediately get sucked in by the natural atmosphere.  From hogs to turkeys, to the lush vegetation found around the

6. Cedar Creek Lake

It’s no secret that bass is a favorite game fish for many anglers across the United States and beyond. At Cedar Creek Lake, there are largemouth, smallmouth as well as ad hybrid bass varieties to choose from.

This is also a great fishing spot for people who do not want to travel too far into the interior of Texas to do some bass fishing as the lake is located near Fort Wall Dallas metroplex.

7. Falcon Lake

Falcon Lake, on the other hand, is for people who like spending time close to nature and is surrounded by a natural setting with scenic beauty.

It is also a great place to fish for flathead and channel catfish. You will also find largemouth and smallmouth bass here. Remember to carry the best hooks for catfish.

Sometimes stronger winds may make it a bit challenging to get to the lake but once there you will quickly learn that the trip was worth the effort as you reel in some sizeable fish that could be up to 6 pounds.

8. Lake Amistad

Yet another great spot to go bass fishing in Texas is Lake Amistad. It is a total of 64,900 acres of water fed by the Rio Grande river.  And the bass here gets big boasting some of the most impressive weigh-ins in Texas.

While this Texas fishing guide does not recommend going fishing here during summer or winter owing to the strong winds, you can have the most fun in spring and fall.

9. Guadalupe River

This river is surrounded by hill country with an absolutely stunning natural setting. The surroundings by themselves are enough to draw you to the Guadalupe River.

However, the main highlight of the river is the trout. You can find both rainbow trout and brown trout here. However, the main reason many anglers will visit the Guadalupe River is the rainbow trout.

Always carry the best trout lures to the Guadalupe River.

You can still fish for Guadalupe bass and the Rio Grande perch here and the great thing is that you can wade in the river as the bottom is shallow and is a mixture of cobble and limestone.

While in Lake Guadalupe, you can even combine fishing in Texas with time spent exploring nature; the environment around the river.

10. Colorado Bend State park

If you are an outdoor enthusiast then you are going to finds plenty of ways to enjoy your time at the Colorado bend state park. There is really not a reason to get bored while you are here as you can take part in hiking, biking, and of course fishing.

You have over 6 miles of river to explore and do some great bass fishing. Make sure you pack the best lures for bass when visiting the Colorado Bend State Park.

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Texas has some of the best fishing spots in the US most of which are surrounded by a rich ecosystem. As you wait to reel in your next best catch, enjoy and take in all the sights and natural beauty.

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