8 Pennsylvania Fishing Spots


Fishing in Pennsylvania is among the most popular fishing locations in the US. It can offer you a wide variety of benefits, such as fish species diversity, gorgeous views, and a great fishing community. It is safe to say that it deserves a high rank in every fishing category.

If you decide to visit Pennsylvania, you will get a chance to come across some of the most impressive fish, such as steelhead, smallmouth, brook, rainbow, and brown trout. In this article, we will present you with the best Pennsylvania fishing spots you need to check out. 

Best Fishing in Pennsylvania Spots

1. Penns Creek

Penns Creek is considered one of the best fishing spots in Pennsylvania, especially if you’re into catching trout. It has many rocks and boulders that form pockets as well as deep runs that are a perfect environment for trout. 

However, this means that trout don’t find flies particularly interesting since there is a lot more choice in the water. That is why you should always come equipped with some of the best trout lures to have a successful fishing trip. 

If you are interested in fly fishing, get an adequate fly fishing rod, and head to Coburn. The waters in the area are perfect for getting an impressive catch. There’s a significant part where you can only catch and release, so there is much large fish. 

2. Spruce Creek

Spruce Creek is a small limestone creek that is home to many large brown trout species. It is very narrow and small, with many bushes and trees along the edges. But, there is indeed a lot to see and experience in this small area. 

The surrounding area is very picturesque, so you will enjoy sitting in your fishing chair and waiting for a big catch. The water stays cold throughout the year so you can come across a variety of species no matter when you decide to take this fishing in Pennsylvania trip.

However, one downside to this gorgeous area is the fact that the river is mostly privately owned so access to the public space is limited. Most of them are in the half-mile long area that belongs to Penn State University. 

3. Lake Erie

Lake Erie is considered one of the best Pennsylvania fishing spots because it is home to not only rainbow and brown trout, but also steelhead and smallmouth bass. Make sure you get the best smallmouth lure because there’s a high chance you will catch 5-7 pound bass! If you decide to visit Lake Erie, you will get an amazing fishing experience. 

When catching trout using your fly fishing reel, you need to pay attention to how deep the fish are in the water. Bear in mind that you cannot always trick the fish into catching the flies in the topwater area.

The best period for catching the fish with the fly fishing technique is spring. This is because the fish leave the deep waters during this time so you can easily catch them with your lures. The typical depth where the fish reside is around 15 feet. 

4. Elk Creek

Elk Creek is the largest, as well as most popular steelhead Pennsylvania fishing place. The river flows through different areas, as well as under various bridges, roads, and next to several roads. This area is packed with steelhead and brown trout, with an average weight of around 7 pounds. 

The whole area is blessed with large fish species, but fish found in Elk Creek are among the largest ones. The fish enter the creek at the beginning of the fall. Fishermen typically go for the fish that is located around the river’s mouth. 

5. Kettle Creek

Kettle Creek is among the most exciting trout Pennsylvania fishing trips. The stream begins modestly in the upper reaches, but it gradually becomes very large toward the end. There is a variety of rainbow, brook, and brown trout in the water. 

The brown and the brook trout are typically stocked and wild fish species, but some brook trout are actually native fish species. You will get the best fishing experience in the fly fishing only area that is located below the SR144 Bridge, as well as 2 miles upriver. 

6. The Allegheny River

The Allegheny River is home to the most impressive monster trout species. Kinzua Dam provides a year-round flow, which makes it perfect for any fisherman. It has many great fishing spots, but the best location is the Trophy Section, which is actually 9 miles long. 

The fish in this river are not wild but are typically holdovers that survived from the previous stockings. If you decide to visit this place, don’t be surprised when you find many brown trout that are longer than 18 inches. 

There is plenty of space to place your fishing cooler below the dam. Bear in mind that you need to pay attention to the water level to have a successful Pennsylvania fishing trip in this area. Low water levels will slow the fish, while high water levels make it too unstable for you to move through it. 

7. Yellow Breeches Creek

Yellow Breeches Creek is a great place to catch large trout species. However, most of them die off every summer. Fishermen typically gather around Boiling Springs where catch and release are practiced. On the other hand, there are many other fishing locations available.

Fish in this area are mostly stocked, which means that you will not have problems getting a good catch even if you are a beginner in fly fishing. The only thing you need to have is good equipment, such as a fishing vest and a fly fishing line. Bear in mind that you should focus on the areas around the streams because that’s where the trout are the most active.

8. Little Lehigh Creek

Little Lehigh Creek is almost 20 miles long and is one of the Lehigh River tributaries. It is a limestone spring one, which means the temperature stays low enough to provide good conditions for trout during the summer. 

The area is great for dry fly fishing, so you can expect to come across some truly impressive fish species. Put on your fly fishing sling pack and head to the area between the T-508 and T-510 bridge. This location is specifically designed for fly fishing purposes. 



Q: Where Can I Go Fishing in PA?


Some of the best fishing spots are located along the 40-mile shoreline, but you can also rent a boat for even more choice. For example, you can go to the Penns Creek, Spruce Creek, Lake Erie, Elk Creek, or Kettle Creek, among other fishing spots.

Q: Do You Need a Fishing License in Pennsylvania?


Yes, you need to acquire a fishing license in order to fish in Pennsylvania if you are aged 16 or over. The license has to be signed in ink as well as displayed. You need to get a license for any type of fish, as well as to take baitfish.

Q: Is Fishing with Corn Illegal in Pennsylvania?


Fishing with corn is legal in Pennsylvania, as well as in most states. You are allowed to use corn to bait the fish at specific locations where using bait is allowed. In particular, canned corn is typically used as bait since it attracts many different fish species.

Q: Can You Fish All Year Round in PA?


In short, it is possible to fish all year round in PA. However, you will not come across all species at any given time. That is why you need to take a closer look at special water regulations. You can typically catch bass and walleye, and you can even catch trout, pike, and pickerel during the winter, for example.

Q: How Much is Fishing License in PA?


A one-day fishing license in PA costs $11.90 if you’re a Pennsylvania resident. On the other hand, non-residents will need to pay $26.90. There are various add-ons you can pay, such as Lake Erie permit or trout-salmon stamp. You can get them for $9.90 each, or for $15.90 if combined.

Q: Where is the Best Trout Fishing in Pennsylvania?


In order to have the best trout fishing experience, you should go to Penns Creek, Lake Erie, Spruce Creek, Elk Creek, Big Fishing Creek, and Letort Spring Run among other places. Pennsylvania offers some of the best trout fishing conditions.

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If you are looking for a great fishing place with a wide variety of species, fishing in Pennsylvania could be the right choice for you. It offers great scenery, impressive fish, as well as a wonderful fishing community. In short, it has everything to fulfill any fisherman’s dreams. 

Some of the best fishing spots in Pennsylvania are Penns Creek, Spruce Creek, Lake Erie, Kettle Creek, etc. Just make sure you bring adequate fishing equipment so you can enjoy catching trout, steelhead, or even smallmouth.

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