20 Spots For Fishing In Australia


Australia offers some of the most fantastic fishing spots in the world. With thousands of miles of coastline, this continent easily surpasses the competition when it comes to the variety of fish. Fishing in Australia is a wonderful experience because one in four fish species is unique to this area.

With all those spectacular locations, it may be a bit tough to pick just one perfect spot. That’s why we will present you with the best Australian fishing locations. Keep reading to find out where your next fishing adventure will set off. 

Fishing in Australia Guide

1. Cairns, Queensland

If you love game fishing, then Cairns is a perfect place for you. You can come across a wide variety of impressive trophy fish species there. If catching 1000-pound black marlin is too much, you can always wait for Spanish mackerel, barracuda, wahoo, sailfish, and trevally in your fishing chair.

To catch mahi-mahi, tuna, trevally, and barracuda, you should head to Cairns in the period between September and December. On the other hand, if you’d like to tackle Spanish mackerel, queenfish, and blue marlin, you should take your fishing rod and reel and visit this place in September and October, or from February to March. 

2. Exmouth, Western Australia

Australian fishing experience is at its best in Exmouth because of its incredibly diverse and rich marine life. The waters in this area are also very healthy. Besides, you will be able to reach the great depths shortly after leaving the coast. 

Even though there are only around 2500 inhabitants, Exmouth can compare to much larger tourist gems. If you decide to visit this place, you will not only be stunned by gorgeous nature but also fill your fishing cooler with many different fish species. You will get a chance to catch striped, black, and blue marlin, short-billed spearfish, sailfish, and swordfish. 

3. Darwin, Northern Territory

If catching barramundi is your thing, then Darwin is the perfect spot for you. Darwin has a truly remarkable cultural flavor and a lot of Australian fishing options. Also, you may come across a wide variety of species depending on the season. 

During the wet season (December to February), the area is humid with storms. The weather is unpredictable but it can lead to a lot of fishing success. The run-off season (February to May), is the perfect period for barramundi fishing. The dry season, which lasts from May to September, has a lot of suns which is perfect for catching coral trout, jewfish, longtail tuna, or golden snapper.

4. Port Lincoln, South Australia

In case you’d like incredible variety, Port Lincoln is the perfect place for you. It is also known as the Australian Seafood Capital. The most popular type of fish is bluefin tuna, which contributes to the fact that this place has the largest number of millionaires per capita in Australia.

If you decide to visit it during summer, you can come across kingfish and bronze whaler sharks. Gummy sharks, nannygai, yellowfin whiting, garfish, and snapper are present all year round. Remember to always be aware of fishing regulations. If you’d like to tackle lobsters and crabs, you should visit Port Lincoln in the early fall and during the summer. 

5. Lakes Entrance, Victoria

Fishing in Australia is at its best in the town of Lakes Entrance. The area will offer you a unique fishing experience, with a chance to catch snapper, makos, gummy sharks, swordfish, and tuna. Most of these fish can be caught all year round. But, bear in mind that some can be targeted during a short period. 

For example, catching gummy sharks is possible in both March and April, while you can catch tuna in the period from late February to June. If you’d like to tackle swordfish, you should visit this area in April and July. Lastly, you should visit Lakes Entrance from January to April if you’d like to come across snapper. 

6. Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Catching saratoga and barramundi is best at Kakadu National Park. Make sure you prepare your fishing GoPro so you can capture the endless beauty of this area. You will also have a lot of fun because this Australian fishing place is home to 46 fish species! 

To catch a barra, you should visit this place during the run-off period and the wet season. Besides, you can fish for other species during other times. Bear in mind you should always follow the fishing regulations. According to the rules, you can only keep three 35-inch barramundis. 

7. Noosa, Queensland

In case you’d like to experience truly wonderful fishing conditions, go to Noosa. The weather is amazing, there are various fish species, and the fishing community is advanced. If you decide to visit this place, you will get a chance to try many different fishing techniques. The waters provide a home to bream, tarpon, whiting, and flathead, so make sure you bring your fly fishing rod

You can also find Australian bass in the upper areas of the river, so getting adequate bass lures is essential. If you’re into surf fishing, get your surf fishing rod because this area’s unique location provides amazing surf fishing conditions as well.

8. Merimbula, New South Wales

Fishing in Australia can be a truly remarkable experience if you decide to visit Merimbula. It is a very scenic place with sandy beaches. Some of the best fishing spots are very close to each other so you can easily change your location.

You can come across anything from flathead, bream, whiting, gummy shark, and tailor. If you enjoy bottom fishing, you can catch impressive morwong, pearl perch, Tasmanian trumpeter, and snapper. To catch bluefin tuna, get your tuna rod and visit the area in June and July. 

9. Queenscliff, Victoria

Australian fishing conditions are amazing in Queenscliff. It is home to perch, snapper, King George whiting, salmon, flathead, garfish, calamari, and various other species. However, bear in mind that the waters are very strong. 

That is why you should be experienced to pick the right time and place for fishing. You can come across morwong, bluefin tuna, mako shark, nannygai, gummy shark, as well as impressive swordfish. Most of these species are in season from December to February. However, if you want to tackle swordfish, you should visit Queenscliff in April and May. 

10. The Gold Coast, Queensland

If you love surf fishing, you should visit the Gold Coast. You will get a chance to tackle a black and blue marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo, and Spanish mackerel, among other species. 

Make sure you invest in a quality rod holder because there will be a lot of fishing action. If you’d like to catch kingfish, cobia, amberjack, and snapper, you should visit the area from April to November. If surf fishing is your thing, you can tackle flathead, whiting, trevally, bream, and dart. 

11. The Top End, Northern Territory

Barramundi fishing conditions are great at the Top End Territory. To achieve the best results, you should visit the area from October to December, which is when the barra build-up starts. Additionally, you can have a lot of success from February to May, which is called the barra run-off period. 

The best fishing spots include the Mary River, the Daly River, as well as the Adelaide River. Yellow Water Billabong and Corroboree can offer you great fishing conditions as well. You can enjoy reef fishing from May to November. The Top End is a nice deep sea fishing spot whenever the waters are calm. 

12. Cape York, Queensland

The ultimate Australian fishing experience can be achieved in Cape York. There are many uninhabited islands as well as estuaries, rivers, and lagoons with various fish species. Cobia, barramundi, trevally, mackerel, mangrove jack, king salmon, queenfish, tuna, and cod are quite impressive in this region.

You can enjoy catching coral trout or fishing for baby barramundi. Besides, you can finish your adventure by preparing your catch on an open fire using a pan for cooking fish. If you run out of ideas, you can always take a look at a fish cookbook

13. Central Highlands, Tasmania

Trout fishing in Australia is amazing at Central Highlands. You can use flies for trout to catch the fish. However, you should bear in mind that rainbow and brown trout can be a big challenge even for experienced fishermen.

Arthurs Lake and Great Lake are favorites among anglers who focus on catching brown trout. To have a successful Australian fishing trip, you should visit the area from August to May. If you are interested in wet fly fishing, you should come during spring. 

14. Broome, Western Australia

Diverse fishing is best in Broome because you can come across barramundi in the rivers, creeks, and bays. On the other hand, you can fish for cod, black-spotted croaker, threadfin salmon, and jacks. 

Cable Beach is perfect for catching blue-spotted trevally. You can also find northern bluefin tuna and threadfin salmon here. If you feel like catching queenfish in addition to trevally, you should head to Gantheaume Point. Offshore fishing brings even more possibilities. You can catch cobia, black marlin, Spanish mackerel, and mahi-mahi.  

15. Sydney, Australia

Scenic, as well as diverse fishing adventures, are impressive in Sydney. Fishing in Australia would not be the same without them. You can get a chance to catch tailor, Australian salmon, kingfish, and flathead among many other species. 

You can choose from many different fishing spots, such as Palm, Coogee, and Bondi Beach. Rock fishing is popular among anglers, but you should be careful and pay attention to rogue swells. Parramatta River is a great fishing spot, offering flathead, blackfish, luderick, and tailor. 

16. Lake Jindabyne, New South Wales

If you love catching trout, Lake Jindabyne is one of the best Australian fishing spots for you. You can come across rainbow, brown, and brook trout here. Also, the lake offers you a chance to catch Atlantic salmon. You are allowed to use any fishing technique, which can lead to a very fun adventure.

Make sure you fish early or late in the day to achieve the best results. Also, it is important to find accommodation in advance if you’re visiting this place from June to October. 

17. Gippsland, Victoria

In case you’re looking for a place with an amazingly diverse habitat, Gippsland is the right place for you. You can fish for rainbow and brown trout in clear mountain streams. Or, you can try fishing for Australian bass, carp, redfin, and eel at some of the lakes and rivers. Lastly, you could wait for bream, King George whiting, Australian salmon, snapper, trevally, and gummy sharks in the coastal waters.

The best fishing spots in this region include the Avon River, Blue Rock Lake, Tamboon, Mallacoota, and Corinella. The weather conditions are great for fishing all year round, so pack your fishing backpack and embark on this wonderful journey. 

18. Port Stephens, New South Wales

You can come across a lot of excitement at Port Stephens. In February and March, there’s a big fishing tournament, which is the largest game fishing event in the Southern Hemisphere. You can have a great fly fishing experience in this region. Also, you can wade or use a kayak or a boat.

The best time to fish is during the falling or the rising tide. The most popular fish species include sand whiting, bream, luderick, kingfish, snapper, tailor, and dusky flathead. 

19. Hervey Bay, Queensland

Hervey Bay can offer you some of the best fishing conditions in Australia. You can come across different species of gamefish, as well as enjoy crystal clear waters. Due to its location, the water is typically calm, even during the windy season. 

If you decide to visit this area, you will get rewarded with giant trevally, various tuna species, sailfish, cobia, and marlin. In case you’re interested in catching a delicious meal, the waters will bless you with snapper, tuna, tailor, whiting, and flathead. 

20. Canberra, Australia

In case fishing is your hobby, Canberra is the perfect place for you. You can come across redfin, golden perch, and cod if you decide to embark on this journey. If you are feeling courageous, you can go deeper into the area and get a chance to catch salmon and trout. 

You won’t have to obtain a fishing license if fishing is your hobby. However, there are certain rules you should follow to avoid possible incidents and complications. If you want more variety, you can go to Lake Burley Griffin. Besides, you could try your luck at local angling. Lake Tuggeranong and Lake Ginninderra are perfect places for such an activity. 



Q: Do You Need a License to Fish in Australia?


Whether you need a license to fish in Australia depends from state to state. You don’t need a fishing license in South Australia, Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory. For every other state, you need to obtain a fishing license to fish in the entire state or selected areas. It is important to be up to date with fishing information.

Q: Where is the Best Fishing in Australia?


There are many different places to fish in Australia, such as Cairns, Exmouth, Darwin, Port Lincoln, Lakes Entrance, Noosa, and Cape York, to name a few. You should choose the perfect fishing spot according to your own needs and interests, as well as fishing regulations.

Q: What is the Most Common Fish in Australia?


The most common freshwater fish in Australia are Australian bass and Murray cod. In addition, you may come across various other species, such as Australian grayling, Australian smelt, common galaxias, climbing galaxias, eel-tailed catfish, eastern freshwater cod, and estuary perch, among other fish species. 

Q: What is the Best Fish to Eat in Australia?


There are many healthy and delicious fish species to eat in Australia, such as mahi mahi, bluefin tuna, King George whiting, snapper, and salmon, among others. Fish consumption in Australia is increasing, but it is still behind the consumption of poultry and meat. 

Q: How Much is a Fishing License in NSW?


A fishing license in New South Wales costs $7 for a three-day period, $14 for a one-month period, and $35 for a one-year period. You can obtain your fishing license online, at Kmart, by phone, or from a fishing agent.

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Fishing in Australia is considered one of the best fishing experiences in the world. Due to its unique location, Australia is home to five thousand fish species, making it true fishing heaven. There are numerous fishing spots you can visit and enjoy.

Cairns, Lakes Entrance, Exmouth, Port Lincoln, Darwin, and Noosa, among other places, will provide you with astounding fishing conditions. You will get a chance to come across a truly impressive catch, such as gummy sharks, mahi-mahi, queenfish, blue marlin, etc. 

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