10 Best Ways To Find Climbing Partner


While you can go climbing solo, it is best if you do it with a partner. It is not only two times the fun, but you will also have someone to look over you. This is important for safety, making sure that someone will be immediately available to rescue you in times of need. 

If you want to find a climbing partner but clueless about how to do it, keep on reading and learn from the tips we’ll share. 

The Best Ways to Find Rock Climbing Partner 

Clueless about how to find a climbing partner? If you don’t know what to do, take note of our suggestions below. 

  • Ask Around from Family and Friends 

While climbing is fun, it can be risky. It is not enough that you have advanced equipment, such as climbing ropes. You also need to go with someone you trust to give you clear instructions and extend a hand when you need help. Ask people you know, such as family and friends, to go climb with you. Because you know them, you can be more confident that they will help you. 

  • Hit the Gym 

Don’t just go to any gym. Instead, find a gym where there is indoor climbing or bouldering. Aside from having a facility where you can practice your climbing skills, you can also meet like-minded individuals. Whether it is your coach or a random stranger in your class, you can easily find a rock climbing partner. 

  • Use Your Social Media Accounts 

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the most popular social media accounts you can utilize to look for a potential climbing partner. All that you need to do is to have a quick post informing your interest to climb and how you are looking for people to join. You might end up being surprised how quickly you can build a group of climbers. 

  • Join Online Discussions 

Whether it is Facebook groups or online community forums, look at platforms where there are discussions about climbing. From topics about climbing diet to the best climbing warmup exercises, there are many things that you can learn from these groups. In the same way, you can find people who might be interested to go climbing with you. 

  • Get Involved in the Community 

Go beyond the online community when it comes to being involved. Be proactive in searching for weekly meetups or community sessions. This is an opportunity to be with like-minded individuals who can go with you on your next climb. This can also be an opportunity to hone your climbing skills and learn valuable tips and tricks from expert climbers. 

  • Lend a Gear 

From climbing harnesses to climbing slings, climbers need many things. Most people do not have the budget to buy brand new. If there is something that you can lend, offer it to someone. This can be a good way to find a climbing partner. Offer what you can, and in turn, you will gain a friend. 

  • Be a Teacher 

If you are an experienced climber and you are looking for a climbing partner, it is best to put your knowledge to good use. Be a mentor to those who are just starting. Teach them basic techniques, and from here, you will eventually have a climbing partner. If you have the time and energy, be generous enough to share what you know with other people. You will be doing good for other people while also finding a climbing partner. 

  • Visit a Local Gear Shop 

Going to your favorite gear shop in the neighborhood is another effective way to reach out to other climbers. You don’t need to be creepy and stalk other people. You can leave your name and contact details to the person manning the store. Ask him or her to give it to anyone who might be interested in going for a climb. 

  • Use a Bulletin Board 

There are some climbing locations where there are community boards. You can also find this in local climbing shops. If you are traveling and staying in a hostel, there can also be a common board where you can leave a paper or sign informing others that you are looking for a climbing partner. 

  • Go Out and Climb 

If you do not find a rock climbing partner, go out and climb by yourself. Whether you do it indoors or outdoors, chances are, you will meet someone. This person can instantly become your climbing buddy! This can be the start of a good relationship and a lot of climbs!


Before we conclude this brief guide, allow us to answer a few questions many of you might have.


Q: How do you climb without a partner?


To climb without a partner, you can start with bouldering, which is a lot easier. It has a shorter route and there are bouldering crash pads to minimize the likelihood of an injury. The use of an auto-belay device will also help so you can climb without the need for another climber to belay you.

Q: Can you rock climb by yourself?


Yes, you can rock climb by yourself. There are many ways to do this, and one of the most popular is with the use of auto-belay equipment. You can also do solo climbing, which is the practice of climbing without belay assistance.

Q: Do you need a partner to rock climb?


Yes, you will need a partner to rock climb, but this will depend on the type of climbing you will do. Sport climbing, for instance, requires the need for a belay partner. Bouldering, on the other hand, which is a type of indoor climbing, does not require a partner.

Q: Can you self-belay with a grigri?


Technically, you can self-belay with a grigri. This is a common practice among climbers who use grigri as a belay device when climbing. However, experts do not recommend self-belaying with a grigri. You will not be holding the brake side of the rope, which will increase your risks. 

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From asking people you know to become a mentor, there are many ways to find a climbing partner. Find someone you trust. After all, the point of having a partner is not only to make the activity more fun but to also have someone who can extend a helping hand when needed.

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