Figure 8 Knot – How To Tie A Figure 8 Knot


Figure 8 knot, also called a Flemish knot, is one of the easiest and most important climbing knots that you need to learn. When done correctly, this type of knot will create a small loop for locking on another loop. You will use this knot when you tie a rope in your harness. 

Beyond climbing, there are many other applications where figure-of-eight knots can come in handy, such as when you are fishing or camping. 

Interested in learning how to do the figure-eight knot correctly? Read on and learn from the tips we’ll share. 

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Tie a Figure 8 Knot

There are different ways of tying this knot depending on the intended application. 

Tying in a Rope 

This is the simplest variation of the Flemish knot. 

  1. Use your one hand to grab one end of your rope. Make a loop similar to number 8. 
  2. Pass the end of the rope going through the loop you have first created. 
  3. Pull both ends of the rope depending on how tight you want the knot to be. 

Tying a Figure 8 Loop Knot 

If you want to create an interconnecting loop, which will be used when tying a rig into different types of fishing line, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Create a loop by doubling your line, which should ideally have a length of six to eight inches. 
  2. Bring the initial loop under the standing line, which will make you create another loop. 
  3. Wrap your initial loop around the standing lines until you bring it to the second loop. 
  4. Pull both ends of the loop to make the knot tighter as you deem necessary. 

Tying to a Clip 

If you need a knot to be tied to a carabiner, here’s how you can do this. 

  1. Start by creating a bend out of your rope. 
  2. Pass the bend under itself, and from here, you will have two loops.
  3. Wrap the rope over, then under and over. 
  4. Tighten the loop, and you will now have an open-loop where you can connect a carabiner

Applications and Uses 

One of the reasons for the popularity of the figure-eight knot is its diverse applications. Regardless if you are climbing, camping, or fishing, among other activities, it is a handy knot. This will also be useful for rescuing and boating. If you are into arts and crafts, such as making decorative napkin rings or jewelry, then you will benefit from learning how to make the figure 8 knot. You can also use this when making paracord bracelets, which is one of the best outdoor survival accessories you can have. 


One of the best things about the figure-eight knot is that it is easy to tie and untie. This makes it perfect even for beginners. It is also easy to inspect, so you can check whether it is tight enough, or you need to pull more from both ends. When done properly, it is not easily prone to failure, although, make sure to check it often to prevent problems. 


Despite the good things about the figure-of-eight knot, there are some issues that you should be aware of. For instance, its reliability can be questionable. It can be easily undone, especially under heavy loads. Check the knot frequently and adjust as needed. This knot can also be bulky, especially if you are using a large rope. It is best to use this knot only for light applications.

Alternatives and Variations 

One of the most common alternatives is the overhand knot. One thing that makes it better is that it is a smaller knot, which is perfect if you don’t want the knot to be bulky. It is also less likely to suffer from jamming. Other alternatives include the less popular but equally useful types of stopper knots, such as the Ashley stopper knot and the Stevedore stopper knot. They are more stable than a figure-of-eight knot, which will make them better choices if you need to carry a heavier load and you are looking for better reliability. 

If you are looking for a variation, on the other hand, one of the best is the Figure 8 follow-through. It is a common knot if you would like to tie a climbing harness. The main difference is that it comes with two double loops, which will also make this a stronger type of knot. 

Globo Surf Overview 

The figure-of-eight knot is one of the most important climbing, fishing, and camping knots. It is a quick and convenient knot to make, even if you are a beginner. Nonetheless, it can be unstable and unreliable when there is a heavyweight it needs to hold, but there are variations worth considering, such as doubling the initial loop. 

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