Elk Mountain Tents Yukon Bell Tent Review


Built to take on the great outdoors in style, the Yukon Bell Tent from Elk Mountain Tents is a lightweight, durable and high-quality canvas tent that can keep you warm and protected all year round. The material is of the highest quality, naturally waterproof and built to withstand tears and mold much better than traditional cotton canvas, and the Yukon Bell Tent even has space to accommodate a full stove for those frigid winter nights.

When you have to spend nights outdoors, your tent quickly becomes as comfortable and reassuring as the nice, warm home you left behind. If you add a stove, in winter it quickly becomes a cozy fireplace you can gather round after a long day in the cold. In summer, a tent delivers much-needed shade and protection from sudden showers, and again becomes a haven that you can bring around with you.

The Yukon Bell tent from Elk Mountain Tents puts a strong, solid barrier between you and the outside elements while being tall enough to allow you to stand tall inside it. The deluxe canvas is unique in the way it resists tears and does not absorb water, proving significantly tougher than regular cotton canvas and able to resist. Available in two different sizes, the Yukon Bell is one of those tents that makes you comfortable to head out even on the coldest of days.


The Yukon Bell tent from Elk Mountain tents is a canvas wall tent that closely resembles the traditional models we are used to seeing in books and historical illustrations but brings with it a significant amount of modern improvements to make it more than an effective barrier against the outside elements. The standout feature, which makes it so efficient, is the canvas that it is made out of it since this has much better qualities than the usual cotton canvas. First of all, it is much tougher and resistant to tears, with a breaking strength of 449 pounds in the warp direction and 382 pounds in the fill direction.

Furthermore, despite being stronger than cotton canvas the material is also lighter and will provide improved resistance to the formation of mold or mildew. The canvas does not shrink or absorb water as regular canvas does, and is much more resistant to ultraviolet radiation. The tent comes complete with a center peak pole and A-frame poles for the door and features four screened windows and four screened peak air vents for breathability. The walls are three feet tall and the tent is available with two different diameters, 13 feet, and 16 feet, with the maximum central height stretching to 8 or 10 feet, more than enough for a regular person to stand tall without issues.

A polyester groundsheet is also available to be used as a floor and keep out water, and all the contents fit inside a zippered bag, large enough to hold the canvas, the galvanized steel poles, as well as the provided stakes and guy ropes. The whole setup ends up weighing 48.5 pounds for the 13 feet tent and 68 pounds for the larger 16 feet version. The Yukon Bell tent also features an uncut stove jack pipe should you decide to add a heating device to your kit and are ready to take into consideration the added weight. The internal walls remain breathable and do not gather condensation. Here follows a rundown of the most important features of the Yukon Bell tent.

  • Made of high-quality canvas
  • More resistant to breaks and tears than cotton canvas
  • Naturally waterproof
  • More resistant to mold than cotton canvas
  • Lighter than cotton canvas
  • Absorbs less water than cotton canvas
  • Zipped in floor
  • Four screened windows and peak air vents
  • 3 feet tall sidewalls
  • Poles, ropes, and stakes included
  • Tent bag included
  • Stove jack pipe



13 feet diameter tent

  • Central pole height: 8 feet
  • Doorway height: 5 feet
  • Wall height: 3 feet
  • Stakes: 24
  • Guy ropes: 11 and 1 extra long for the door
  • Weight: 48.5 pounds

16 feet diameter tent

  • Central pole height: 10 feet
  • Doorway height: 5 feet
  • Wall height: 3 feet
  • Stakes: 28
  • Guy ropes: 13 and 1 extra long for the door
  • Weight: 68 pounds

User Experience


Usability: The Yukon Bell tent is nice and easy to set up, and once you’re inside it quickly becomes a warm cocoon that you’ll have a hard time getting out of. One person alone can get it standing and after a little practice, the process becomes smooth and rapid. All the seams and openings feel made out of the highest quality and are extremely tough, just as you would expect from a product designed to live in contact with nature. Depending on the amount of gear you are bringing with you and the personal space you want to have, the tent can easily fit from four to twelve people for the night. The Yukon Bell tent gives you the confidence you need to head out the door all year round, especially if the temperature drops lower than a certain level.

Protection: The deluxe canvas that makes up the entirety of the Yukon Bell tent is a premium material that holds up beautifully against the outside elements. It makes you feel safe and protected as soon as you step inside the cone and perfectly shields you from wind and water. If you attach the polyester ground layer, then you will effectively find yourself in a bubble of warmth in which you can move around freely given the ample space available. The breathability of the tent openings provides just the right amount of ventilation and you can easily control how it affects the internal temperature by zipping the windows up or rolling them down.


  • Excellent protection from outside elements
  • Easy to set up, even by a single person
  • Ample space to move around


  • It May prove too big and heavy for some users

Overall Rating


Usability: 98% – The Yukon Bell tent from Elk Mountain Tents comes nicely packed in a bag that includes everything you need to get it set up. No need to carry extra bags just for poles or stakes, everything is in a single place and this makes it a very convenient, albeit slightly heavy, item to bring around. The process of setting it up is relatively straightforward and accessible by everyone after a few tries. Taking it down is also simple, we just recommend to let it dry if you have the chance, or to open it again at home to do so. Overall, the tent is very nicely made and easy to use, and deserves praise.

Protection: 99% – Protection from the elements is the main reason one buys a tent, and the Yukon Bell doesn’t disappoint. The premium canvas that surrounds you does an excellent job of keeping the cold out and the warmth in, especially if you decide to add a stove. Water just slides off the walls and the whole tent gives you that feeling of quality that is nice and reassuring when you are out and far away from the nearest warm bed. If you’re looking for a bell tent that will take good care of you, as long as you take good care of her, then the Yukon Bell tent from Elk Mountain tents is an excellent choice.

Price: 98% – Price is another area in which the Yukon Bell tent shines, because the company that makes it, Elk Mountain Tents, doesn’t maintain a storefront and has very few, passionate, employees. This means that their overhead does not have to be as large as some other competitors on the market, and they can offer excellent products such as the Yukon Bell tent for a very competitive price without going bankrupt.

Overall: 98% – The Yukon Bell tent from Elk Mountain Tents takes a classic design like the one of a bell tent and pushes it forward in terms of performance and comfort. The tent is extremely well built, easy to set up and take down, delivers excellent protection from the cold, and on top of everything won’t break the bank. For serious outdoor-goers that need the best performance and want something that will make them feel confident of heading out the door even in risky conditions, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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Bell tents have been around for centuries, but it’s always inspiring and refreshing to see a company innovate by taking an old design and adapting it to modern times. We feel that the Yukon Bell tent from Elk Mountain tents does this beautifully, and makes for an excellent product that can accompany your adventures for years and years to come.

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Elk Mountain Tents Yukon Bell Tent Review
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