Ekster Key Holder Review


The Ekster keyholder is a smart and elegant way to keep your keys organized and always know where they are. The device keeps the keys neatly arranged, one next to the other, and is designed to be easy to operate with a single hand. The deeper you dig, the more innovative features arise, such as a small LED light to aim for the keyhole at night or a tracker that prevents you from ever losing them.

Few things in life make you look as much a fool as not finding your keys. Anxious pocket frisking and intense brainstorming then occur to figure out where they might have ended up, but by this point, your day is already likely to be completely ruined. An object so small can nevertheless have a profound impact on our stress levels and even on the image, we have of ourselves.

Thanks to the Ekster key holder, those days are well on their way to becoming a distant memory. Not only does the device let you keep track of your keys, wherever they may be, but it also keeps them nicely organized and compact, preventing you from hearing that annoying jingle coming from your pocket every time you move or feeling them dig into your skin as you sit down.


The design of the Ekster keyholder is simple and elegant but very effective. Two L-shaped parts overlap on the shorter side and have a small rod in the center that goes through the keyholes. The device will work with keyholes that are at least 4 mm in diameter, so smaller ones will require a little widening. The two parts are kept together by a magnetic screw that fastens onto a stainless steel slider bolt on the other side. The maximum distance between the two main parts is 19mm, which means you can squeeze up to 8 keys in there, without adding the tracker.

The simplest configuration of the Ekster key holder is very small and portable but still works well to keep your keys compact and well organized, avoiding having to deal with messy keychains. Also provided is a strong neodymium magnet and a quick release ring, which are very useful to quickly attach your set of keys to another one you might only need for a short period of time, like your car keys for example. You can also use it to swap keysets if you need to have more than one for different places.

Adding the tracker makes the Ekster key holder go up a notch in features, and is something we definitely recommend doing to use the device to its full potential. It is only 3.7 millimeters in width so it takes the space of one or two keys, but it includes an LED light to let you see where you are sticking your keys as well as a ringer that lets you literally call your keys to find them in case you don’t remember where they are. The tracker lets you geolocate your keys so even if you’ve left them at the office you can immediately know where they are, and can even be used to ring your phone if you have the opposite problem. You can receive a preemptive alert on your phone if you are getting too far from the keys and the tracker can even be used as a remote to take selfies. Here is a complete list of features of the Ekster smart key holder:


  • Simple but elegant build keeps keys well organized
  • Remains very compact even when loaded with keys
  • Fits all keyholes larger than 4 millimeters
  • It Fits 3-8 standard keys, 2-6 with tracker
  • Includes magnet and quick release ring to attach to other key rings
  • Very small and lightweight
  • Extra tracker features LED light to help during nighttime hours
  • The tracker can geolocate the Ekster key holder
  • Phone connectivity allows you to call the tracker and locate your keys
  • The tracker can be used as a remote control for selfies



Keyholder dimensions: 32.5 x 16 x 9.6 mm

Keyholder weight: 25 grams

Tracker dimensions: 19 x 64 x 3.7 mm

Tracker weight: 4 grams

Tracker connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

Tracker range: 200 feet / 60 meters

Tracker compatibility: iOS 11, Android 4.0, and above

Tracker battery: 3 Volt lithium

User Experience


Usability: From the outside, the Ekster key holder looks simple and smooth, and when you pick it up and try to use it the feeling is nicely confirmed. Each piece feels well made and reliable, and every key slides on with ease. Tightening the screw is very straightforward and the magnetic lock feels sturdy and strong. The tracker connects to your phone without hiccups and has a very intense LED light to show you the way, while the ringer is nice and loud and lets you locate the device right away.

Design: The Ekster key holder is the perfect little accessory to add to your smart, contemporary, urban outfit. It’s grey color blends in perfectly with anything and pulling it out of your pocket gives you that feeling of class and quality that we have grown to love. Every corner is precisely designed to make for a balanced and elegant shape that always remains very compact and pocket-sized, adding that little touch of style, combined with innovation and convenience, that will make your everyday commute more enjoyable and smooth.


  • Works great in keeping keys organized and neat
  • Sturdy and well-designed construction
  • Very reliable tracker connectivity


  • Only holds a limited number of keys

Overall Rating


Usability: 99% – Simple but very effective, the Ekster key holder is a great addition to your everyday kit, especially if you happen to be forgetful or you easily get distracted. Al the keys are very easy to slide onto it and can be rapidly selected and inserted into the lock with a single hand. The addition of the tracker is something we heartily recommend since it can very well save your day and just makes a lot of sense to have. It makes an already very useful device smarter and connected, opening up a whole range of features that it would be a pity you left aside.

Design: 98% – While it may not stand out as much as a super trendy accessory, the Ekster key holder can still give you the quality look you want. Keeping your keys properly stacked and ordered instead of walking around with a messy keychain might not seem like much, but can instead give out a nice feeling of tidiness and control that can even free up some space in your mind to think more clearly. It won’t be much with a simple key holder, but the effect is real and measurable.

Price: 93 % – The Ekster key holder may be a little pricey for some users, especially if you pair it with the tracker, but considering that this will be a one-time purchase then the expense is well worth thinking about. Furthermore, spending a little more to always know where your keys are will still cost you much less than having your whole lock replaced if you lose them for good and have start from zero with the whole system.

Overall: 96% – It’s always nice when a brand takes a simple and effective idea and manages to put it into practice by designing a product that is easy to use and innovative. The Ekster key holder may be a little expensive to acquire but can certainly make a small but noticeable difference in the way you go through your days. The tracker is an excellent and smartly designed addition that we warmly recommend because it transforms an already well thought out key holder into a smart device that can save you a great deal of time and worry. 

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The Ekster key holder may not look like much in the beginning, lacking the bells and whistles of many other fancier products on the market, but as you look closer you understand that this is just the way it was intended to be. Small and discreet, it does its job wonderfully and without hesitation, making your life easier and removing worries from your mind. It’s always refreshing to see a product do so much while being so little, and the Ekster key holder, especially with the tracker attached, manages to squeeze so many useful features in its little body that you will certainly be amazed. We warmly welcome this excellent addition to the already ample line of smart products the brand proposes, and we are curious and excited to see what might come next.

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Ekster Key Holder Review
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