Wise Owl DoubleOwl Hammock Review


Wise Owl Outfitters offer high-quality products at affordable price points. Their hammocks are top favorites among many outdoor enthusiasts. They are designed to offer the most comfortable and relaxing sleep under the stars. Their fabric, stitching, straps, and carabiners are rugged enough to support heavy loads without breaking. A camping hammock for two, the DoubleOwl is designed to withstand a weight limit of 500 pounds without a squeak. Here is a summary of its features:

  • A heavy-duty yet soft 210T parachute nylon hammock fabric
  • High-strength triple interlocking stitching
  • Nine feet long tree straps with 5 separate loops for adjusting the height
  • Extra-long and wide design to accommodate all shapes and sizes
  • Stuff sack attached to the hammock
  • Wide range of attractive color options



Size: Double Hammock for Two

Dimensions: 10 ft. (long) x 6 1/2 ft. (wide)

Packed Dimensions: 8 in (tall) x 5 in (diameter)

Weight: 30 Ounces

Max. Weight Load: 500 lbs.

Material: 210T Parachute Nylon

Included Accessories: Tree straps & carabiners

Warranty: 100% Guarantee

User Experience


Portability: One of the advantages of hammock camping systems have an oversleeping pad and sleeping bag setups are packability and portability. The Wise Owl DoubleOwl won’t take up valuable space in your pack or add pounds on your back if you’re backpacking or hiking.

It only weighs 30 ounces and packs down into an 8 inches tall by 5 inches diameter package (the size of eggplant) and it has a stuff sack conveniently attached to the center of the hammock. It is easy to stow in a pocket or attach to the outside of your backpacking or hiking backpack using a carabiner.

Set-Up: After a long day trekking or hiking, the DoubleOwl hammock won’t frustrate you with a complicated and time-consuming setup process. It comes with the straps and carabiners you need to put it up and you don’t have to tie any knots. All you need are two sturdy attachment points such as trees, poles, or anchored walls to strap the hammock to.

If this is your first hammock, they provide easy to follow setup instructions. The takedown is just as easy and quick. Just unstrap the hammock, roll it up, stuff it into the stuff sack, cinch it closed and stow away.

Comfort: The Wide Owl DoubleOwl is a top-rated camping hammock for its comfort. It is large enough for two sleepers or one tall and built sleeper to snuggle in or spread out without feeling cramped. The parachute nylon fabric is soft and breathable and provides a relaxing and comfortable surface to sleep on.

You also won’t find yourself dragging the ground. The tree straps are 9 feet long and have 5 separate loops, so you can adjust the height to your desired comfort level. Be sure to purchase the rain tarp and bug net so you’re set up for a relaxing night’s sleep under the stars no matter what nature might have in store for you.

Sturdiness and Safety: This hammock is strong enough to handle its 500 pounds weight limit. The heavy-duty build quality and included accessories offer the required safety and ensure this is a hammock you can expect to use outdoors for many years to come.

The 210T parachute nylon is super strong. It bounces nicely under the weight and doesn’t rip or fray easily. The stitching isn’t a weak point either. Triple interlocking stitching is very strong and not susceptible to fraying or popping. The included carabiners are heavy-duty and can withstand heavy loads and the straps are also triple stitched.


  • High-quality double hammock at an affordable price
  • Large and spacious enough for two or one tall and big person
  • Maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Strong yet soft and breathable fabric
  • Strong triple locking stitching
  • Comes with heady-duty tree straps and carabiners for set up
  • Easy to assemble and takedown
  • Lightweight and compact for travel
  • Great customer service


  • Steel carabiners are a little heavy

Overall Rating


Quality: 95% – Wise Owl Outfitters is an American company based in Nashville, Tennessee, and their quality control and customer service are top-notch. Even with the inexpensive pricing, Wise Owl didn’t cut corners when constructing this hammock. The quality is on par with that of the very best camping hammocks on the market.

Design: 95% – When it comes to design as a hammock for two, there is nothing to complain about. It is spacious, sturdy, comfortable and assembly is quick and easy. The wide range of attractive color options is also a nice bonus.

Comfort: 95% – There is adequate space for two to snuggle up or one large person to fit in comfortably. The parachute nylon is luxuriously soft and breathable and you can adjust the height to your comfort level.

Price: 100% – The price is excellent and this hammock for two offers incredible value for money. Given its quality, capacity, sturdiness, and comfort, it is a pleasant surprise to discover that you don’t have to pay a premium! The bonus is that even the carabiners and tree straps you need to set it up are included in the package. For the price, you would be hard-pressed to find another hammock that offers the level of quality and comfort the DoubleOwl offers.

Overall: 96% – The Wise Owl DoubleOwl Hammock is spacious, strong, and comfortable. It is perfect for two or one large people. Pretty much everything about it is great! We love the quality, attention to detail, included accessories, ease of assembly, and overall look and feel! The price is also unbeatable.

Globo Surf Overview

Sleeping in a hammock helps you fall asleep faster, enjoy quality sleep, and even helps with back problems. Falling asleep while gazing at the stars is also one of the best camping experiences. The Wise Owl DoubleOwl is an excellent hammock for hammock camping trips, backpacking, travel, and relaxing outside when the weather is pleasant. The thousands of reviews it has garnered attest to this.

Assembling it up is a breeze, it is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of two people, gets glowing reviews for its quality and comfort and the best thing is that it has an accessible price tag. If you’re looking for a comfortable and durable yet affordable camping hammock with extra room to accommodate two sleepers, a couple of kids, or one large person, the DoubleOwl should definitely be on your list.

With its compact and lightweight size, it is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures and a great gift idea for outdoor lovers. Quality, comfort, and performance are just as good as those of popular hammocks offered by premium brands and the price point is amazing. If you get this hammock and find it doesn’t live up to your expectations, Wise Owl has excellent customer service and you can return the hammock for a refund or exchange.

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Wise Owl DoubleOwl Hammock Review
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