Double Fisherman’s Knot – How To Tie A Double Fisherman’s


The double fisherman’s knot, also known as a grapevine knot, joins two ropes. There are two strangle knots that you will tie around the other standing end. This is a strong and solid knot, which is a good choice if you need the rope to support the weight. 

Keep on reading and learn more about how you can do the double fisherman’s knot. It is one of the most important climbing knots you must know

How to Tie a Double Fisherman’s Knot 

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how you can do the grapevine knot. 

Start by looping the end of the first cord twice to the end of the other cord. Once done, push the end to create a tighter loop.

Pull tightly until you secure the loop you have initially created. At this point, you will have a tail, which should be at least ten times the diameter of the cord. 

Now, work on the end of the other rope. Repeat the first step to do this. 

Pull the rope tightly. By now, the two knots should jam. One of the most important for the double fisherman’s knot is for it to be fastened tightly, so pull with enough force. 

Main Uses of a Double Fisherman’s Knot 

One of the main applications of the double fisherman’s is when you have to join two fishing lines. This will help in creating a stronger line to support the heavier weight. This will also come in handy when you have to combine two climbing ropes for added strength. It will also be used for making paracords, as well as for search and rescue operations. If you are going to make prusik loops, you have another good reason to learn this knot. 

Tips and Tricks 

A good trick when tying the double fisherman’s is to look at its shape from the back. The rearview should be asymmetrical structure, which is an indication that you did it right. Also, make sure that you pull tightly. This will make sure that the knot will come together. 


One of the best things about this type of knot is that it is easy to tie. It is also compact and strong, making it easier to support heavier weight compared to what a fisherman’s knot can handle. 


There are also some problems with double fisherman’s. It will look almost welded, which can make it prone to jamming. If you untie the knot, you will also most likely have a hard time doing so. 


One of the best alternatives you might want to consider is the Zeppelin bend, which has the benefit of being easier to untie. Figure 8 bend will also be a good alternative, although, some might not like the bulkiness of this knot. If you need to support a heavier weight, then the triple fisherman’s knot is better. 

Globo Surf Overview 

Whether it is for camping knots or fishing knots, the double fisherman’s is one of the most important that you need to learn. As noted above, it is pretty much simple. You have to make two double overhand knots with one part tied to the standing part of the other knot.

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