Do You Have To Wear A Helmet Skiing?


Wearing a helmet is critical in skiing, just as fastening your seat belt when you get into a car.  Some people, however, overlook this simple safety precaution and will just go out without one.

A helmet is one of the most effective ways to protect your head from injuries while skiing. In fact, research shows that 35% of ski injuries recorded in the US alone are caused by failure to wear this protective gear.

So yes, you do need to have a helmet on when skiing. Here are the reasons why:

1. Keeps You Warm

Skiing steeps and rough terrain can get you pretty cold when you don’t have anything covering your head. Moreover, learning how to ski in different skiing conditions can only work if every part of your body is warm; including your head. You risk exposing yourself to hypothermia if you do not protect yourself from the cold.

2. Lowers Severity Of Head Injuries

If you fall while skiing, you may injure your head badly. Wearing a helmet will reduce the severity of the injury.

A head injury can result in serious consequences such as concussion and death. Have some safety tips too in your back pocket, as wearing a helmet alone cannot save you from all ski injuries.

3. Good Example

People are more likely to engage in a habit if they see others doing it. You can be an example to beginners if you make showing up with a helmet a habit. It is a precaution that can save your life and that of your children if they decide to ski with you.

4. Keeps Goggles In Place

A helmet can help to secure the goggles in place especially when one engages in extreme maneuvers. When your attention is moved from worrying about your ski goggles falling off and exposing your peepers to the harmful UV rays and glare, you can comfortably focus on enjoying your skiing.

5. Highlights Your Taste And Personality

Still wondering, “Should I wear a helmet skiing?” Well, maybe you haven’t heard that a helmet allows you to display your interests and hobbies too.

You can actually have a sticker with your favorite quote or celebrity to highlight what you believe in. You can also choose the color of your choice to highlight your personality. You really don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. Just let your personalized helmet speak for you.

Choosing The Right Helmet


Now that we have answered your “Should I wear a helmet skiing?” question, let’s show you how to choose one. Ready?

A Good Fit

Helmets come in different designs that you can be spoilt for choice. The trick is to choose the one that firmly sits on your head and does not tilt from one side to the other once it has been fastened.

You can try to shake your head to see if the helmet will move. Alternatively, you can try to push the helmet from outside and see if it moves on its own. If it easily moves from side to side, it is too big.

Head Size And Shape

Every person should know the shape of their head, as it is a critical element when buying a ski helmet. Know if you are an intermediate oval, round oval, or long oval.

Always wear a helmet that fits well and does not put pressure on the wrong points. A good helmet should easily come out of the head and not pull your hair as you struggle to get it off.

Helmet Style

Ski helmets come in two styles namely; full shell and half shell. Full shell helmets are mostly worn by ski racers and usually have shell protection around the ear. Half shell helmets are the most popular among skiers, as they offer both comfort and safety.

Helmet Vents

Helmets are supposed to have some level of venting to let excess moisture and heat out.

Some manufacturers have even gone a notch higher and introduced “adjustable vents”, a feature that gives you the power to control the amount of air passing through the helmet.

Good temperature control can really put you at ease especially when you decide to ski on the ice where the temperatures are a little low.

Ski Helmet Sizing

Always get a helmet that is a good fit if you hope to be comfortable all day. If it doesn’t cover your forehead, keep looking.

You can measure the circumference of your head using a tape measure or a string by wrapping it around your head. Fine-tune your helmet by adjusting the chin strap to ensure it fits snuggly.

Buy Or Rent Ski Helmet?

Do you have to wear a helmet skiing? Definitely! You must also be able to decide whether you want to rent or buy one.

It is always best to purchase your own helmet if you can spare some cash. But if you are struggling to decide, think about hygiene – the number of people who have used the same helmet, sweating profusely into it. That should be enough motivation to push you into buying your own.

However, if you feel like it is cheaper for you to rent, check the condition of the helmet and ensure that it is not damaged in any way so that it can serve you better.

Globo Surf Overview

Despite the alarming numbers of ski injuries caused by skiers not wearing a helmet, some people still do not recognize the importance of this gear, which is a worrying thing.

If you are a serious skier, you should not even tire your brain with a million “do you have to wear a helmet skiing?” questions. Whether or not to wear one should not even be a topic of discussion in this century. You should always have a helmet when you ski. Period.

Helmets come in different styles, colors, and designs that can assist you to highlight your personality. Get the one that fits you comfortably and provides the warmth you need on the slopes.

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