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When it comes to relaxation, most people around the world love to go to the sauna to relax for a while and gather the energy for the rest of their day, and that’s been the case since ancient Rome. In the modern era, with modern technology came infrared sauna and it is becoming more and more popular compared to a traditional sauna.

In this article, we’ll go through everything you should know about them and give you the answer to the question do infrared saunas work, and what does the science say about this topic?

Definition Of Infrared Sauna

The definition of the infrared sauna is rather simple – it is a type of sauna that uses infrared light to create heat. More traditional saunas go with electrical heaters that heat the air. However, an infrared sauna with its infrared light penetrates the skin and forces your internal body temperature to rise.

How Safe Infrared Sauna Is?

As you surf through the web, you may run into arguments that “the infrared sauna uses radiation, therefore it’s bad for human health”. Everything around us has some level of radiation, and not all radiation is bad for you. So, long story short and to give an as precise answer to this question as possible – infrared sauna is perfectly safe for you and there are no known side-effects as long as you use it properly, know what to do in sauna in general and respect sauna etiquette.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Does infrared sauna work in terms of real health benefits is another important question among people around the world? Speaking from the scientific point of view, it provides more than enough benefits for your body and health to seriously consider it as something to include in your routine

  • Infrared sauna helps with weight loss. As you spend time in the sauna you’ll be sweating a lot, this way removing water from your body and lowering your body weight.
  • It helps your body detoxicate to a certain level. As you sweat and the water comes out of your body, the new and fresh will replace it, while all the toxins that are inside that water will be removed.

What Sauna Doesn’t Do

Saunas have many benefits, but there are a few things it can’t help you with:

  • Losing fat by simply sitting inside the sauna can’t be done because the sauna doesn’t increase metabolic rate but it simply forces your body to sweat.
  • It doesn’t remove all the toxins. Because the sauna doesn’t burn fat, metals, and toxins in the fat will stay there.

Infrared Sauna – Between Myths And Truth

The stories about sauna offer a wide range of myths and legends, but what is the truth? Do infrared saunas work that well for more-less everything you can think of or does infrared sauna work slightly differently when it comes to many claimed benefits and cons?

Joint Pain

One of the most popular theories claims that an infrared sauna will help you relieve joint pain, which is extremely helpful to those with arthritis, muscle inflammation, or any sports injury connected to joints.

The truth is, the sauna doesn’t solve the issue completely, but it does help to a certain degree and eases the pain. To get the most out of it, you’ll have to use it for a few hours per week, and it may take some time until you see noticeable progress, but it will eventually happen. It is also important to know that some studies have proven that the effect of sauna usage will last even after the last treatment.

Cardio Help

Sitting in a sauna will increase your overall body temperature, which has an enormous effect on your cardiovascular health. When heated, objects tend to expand and become more flexible, which is exactly what happens with blood vessels. This helps blood run faster and makes it easier for blood vessels to adjust to blood pressure changes.

That’s not all that’s good in the sauna and cardio collaboration. Because it acts as a stress reliever, your blood pressure will follow and go down.

Performance Effectiveness

Every sportsman in the world is looking for a way to improve performance, and the sauna is regarded by many as one of the best helping aids. But, is it as good and useful as people claim? How can a sauna help with this?

The infrared sauna works the way it increases blood volume and it enlarges blood vessels, allowing blood to move faster and easier through your body. This can be helpful when your body reaches high temperatures during a workout, and it will endure less stress.


Post-workout recovery is essential in the road to success, and saunas are on the top of the most resting shortlists, but how much does it help in practice? Although there have been some small-scale studies in recent years, there hasn’t been any concrete proof that the sauna will help in recovery by itself, but it does add some effect to it.

First of all, when in the sauna, you’ll most likely take your time to relax and clear your mind, so there won’t be much to distract you, besides possible conversation with other sauna users.

Secondly, as you sit in the sauna and the temperature rises, your body will do everything to keep the temperature down by sweating, which will make you even more tired and help you sleep better when the time to hit the sack comes.

Overall, infrared sauna itself may not be enough to completely recover your body, but it surely has a positive effect and, if nothing else, it will give you the chance to start your recovery by complete relaxation, which is more than a good starting point and can easily reduce the recovery time.

Mood And Sauna

You may have heard that many users leave infrared sauna in a better mood. Is it true, and does infrared sauna work from the mental health point of view?

Although there haven’t been many studies covering this topic, one thing is certain – thanks to its ability to let the users rest and relax, the sauna lowers the stress levels, which lowers fatigue and makes you feel better.

Skin Health

One of the most spread myths around the globe is the one that claims that time in an infrared sauna will improve your skin health while helping fight wrinkles thanks to your sweating, but unfortunately, there is no scientific data or research that supports this theory.

Sweating does help to some point, but not enough to help it regenerate and look at least a bit younger.

Common Cold Fight

Winter is the time of year when the common cold is most present, and it is also the time of year with most people in the saunas. But does infrared sauna help with the common cold?

The answer is – yes and no. Although there is no direct correlation between sauna usage and the prevention of sickness, it is interesting to know that it is not uncommon for people who visit the sauna regularly to be more resistant than those who do not.


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about how do infrared saunas work:


Q: Do infrared saunas help you lose weight?


Yes, but not by burning fat or calories. It removes extra water from your body and reduces your weight this way.

Q: Can infrared saunas be harmful?


If you overuse them, yes. Spending too much time in one can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. That’s why you should limit your time in it to an hour at max, while kids should be limited to 20 minutes per session, while really small ones should skip it. Also, it can have negative effects on former or current drug users, people with silicone implants, etc. The best thing to do is to visit your local doctor and make sure you get the green light before you test it out. You can read more about infrared sauna dangers here.

Q: Do Infrared saunas use a lot of electricity?


No, they don’t. The price may vary from place to place, but most often it won’t be more than 1kWh. This means that using the sauna an hour per day, seven days per week, shouldn’t end up being more than $5 every week.

Q: How many times a week should you use an infrared sauna?


There is no limitation. Even if you use it every day, you’ll be alright, as long as you don’t spend more than an hour inside.

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This article should help you understand what an infrared sauna is, do infrared saunas work and how to use them, so you know what you’re doing when you decide to give it a go.

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