10 Best Diving Spots In Mozambique


Mozambique is a warm, tropical destination full of all kinds of diverse experiences from its friendly people, beautiful and pristine beaches, great and diverse marine life, and of course world-class dive sites.

If you are a great fan of diving around Africa’s waters, then you should try diving in Mozambique. What you stand to experience is an underwater world unlike any other in the world.

The 10 best dive spots in Mozambique

1. Bazaruto Archipelago

The Bazaruto archipelago is found between the African continent and Madagascar and is so stunning that most first-time divers are in awe of its beauty.

The beaches here are pristine and the waters are teeming with beautiful and varied marine life. Perhaps this is because the reef is protected which allows a diversity of marine life to thrive.

When you take the plunge, and while understanding what is a surface interval when scuba diving, you will be sharing these waters with the dugong, whale sharks, humpback whales, giant lobsters, starfish, and both soft and hard corals.

The visibility is awesome and divers can see down 40meters.

2. Inhaca Island

Another of Mozambique’s best dive spots is Inhaca island situated kilometers from Maputo. Apart from diving, many people also come here to snorkel. The coral reefs here are completely untouched resulting in a thriving marine community of animals.

Dive the pristine beaches and experience plate coal, moray eels, a well as large schools of kingfish and barracuda.

But that’s not all. You will also get to swim with dolphins, manta rays, and whale sharks. Always remain conversant with the 5 most common scuba diving hand signals you should always remember.

The visibility of this dive spot is okay and you can see as far as 30 meters. The depth of the Inhaca island dive spot is around 30 meters and the waters are warm at between 22 degrees and 27 degrees.

3. Ponta Mamoli

It is the secluded places that often have the most beautiful sights and this is certainly true with Ponta Mamoli. This scuba diving in Mozambique site will allow you to go under between 9 and 40 meters with amazingly rich coral reefs.

With so much marine life here you will simply be bewildered. You will spot wrasse, blennies, gobies, big hermit crabs, nudibranchs, and also find caves that offer a home to both lionfish and glassfish.

You may want to bring a dive flashlight to be able to see what lies in these caves. You can get to Ponta Mamoli from Kosin bay a distance of around 25 kilometers. If you want to boost the time you want to stay underwater, you will need to know what is in a scuba diving tank.

4. Ponta Do Ouro and Ponta Malongane

These are only a few kilometers from the border with South Africa and are two of the newest scuba diving in Mozambique locations.  The pure white sandy beaches here are adorned with coconut palms and the warm weather results in clear waters making Ponta Do Ouro and Ponta Malongane among the best dive sites in Mozambique.

The coral reefs remain untouched and the bays here are protected which results in a rich marine ecosystem. Dive and swim with dolphins, sharks, potato bass, turtles as well as scorpionfish, and plenty of different types of tropical fish.

The depths of the dive site ranges from 10 meters to 40 meters, with great visibility that allows you to see as far as 40 meters. The temperature of the water is between 22 degrees and 26 degrees Celsius making it warm and comfortable for the diver.

Before diving, however, make sure you check through the ultimate scuba diving checklist.

5. Nacala Bay


Located in Nampula province is Nacala bay, a great dive spot for both beginner and experienced divers. The waters here are warm throughout the year with stunning coral reefs and an abundance of marine life.

Based on the diver’s experience, there are plenty of dive spots to choose from. However, the Bonito reef dive spot is ideal for both the beginner and experienced diver and goes down 32 meters. Here you will spot angler fish, ribbon eels, and leaf fish among plenty of others in the beautiful corals.

If you are a beginner you can also dive at the Nemos dive spot that goes down to a depth of about 20 meters.

For the advanced diver is the wall which goes down 50 meters. Here divers can enjoy the thick coral slope as they descend taking in all the amazing marine sights.

Don’t forget to bring your dive camera with you for some amazing shots of nudibranchs, triggerfish, frogfish, and the ghost pipefish. Make sure you are well experienced when scuba diving in case of any issues. For example, it’s always a great idea to know how to prevent vertigo when scuba diving.

6. Quirimbas Archipelago

If you think the Quirimbas archipelago has some beautiful beaches, then wait until you get to explore its underwater world and you will see sights and scenery that are unlike any you would have imagined. Here you can choose between the many islands and take the plunge.

One of the best sites for diving in Mozambique is to be found around Ibo Island. The depths can be as much as 18 meters making it a perfect dive spot for both beginner and intermediate divers.

You will likely spot rays, Spanish mackerel, sharks, and plenty of reef fish. If you are an advanced diver, you can go to the Lauras leap deep channel and spot some cool marine life. For intermediate divers, there is the Rocha Rocks dive site that goes down 30 meters and offers plenty of unique sights and scenery.

For a scuba diver who is going to go into waters that teem with sharks, it’s crucial to understand scuba diving with sharks.

7. Pemba island

Yet another of Mozambique’s awesome dive spots and a favorite of many divers is Pemba island. The thing that characterizes Mozambique’s dive spots is the coral reefs that remain untouched and in pristine condition. Pemba island is no exception.

Both beginners and more advanced divers will enjoy taking the plunge at the many dive sites on Pemba island. Farol ledge, in particular, is for the advanced diver and will go down to 30 meters. Here they can swim with snowflake soapfish and coral fish.

The penguin shoal dive spot is another one for the experienced diver. The depth is around 30 meters and divers can see beautiful forests of coral and the many and varied marine life that calls this place home.

For the beginner diver, there is a playground with a depth of 12meteres. However, it is advisable to dive here when the conditions are right. There is plenty of marine life to see. South of Pemba island is the gap reef dive. But with a continental shelf that sinks between 15 meters and 100 meters, this is one for the experienced diver.

Make sure you have the best dive computer that should provide you with all the information that you will need when swimming in the deep.

8. Vilanculos archipelago

This archipelago is filled with some of the best dive spots in all of Mozambique and is located in Inhambane province. It is beautiful with waters that are warm as can be expected with the waters around Mozambique.

Some of the dive sites here include Bruba reef, which is a great choice for both beginner and intermediate divers. You can enjoy your time around the great reef and capture images of turtles, eels, and game fish.

For the more advanced diver with plenty of experience with drifting there is the Canyon deep dive to look forward to where you can spot merlin and turtles with the scuba diving in Mozambique site also having large corals. One of the reasons why only experienced divers should try this dive spot is due to the stronger currents that are found here.

The depths can go down 33 meters.

9. Zavora

When diving in Mozambique, one of the newer dive spots in Zavora. The beaches are simply spectacular and the reef promises plenty of unique and unforgettable sights. Check out the inshore reef and the deep reef when diving at Zavora. These are mainly unexplored.

Both the deep reef and the inshore reef are long and what is even better is that there is a shipwreck which you can explore at Klipfontein.

Advanced divers are more capable of taking on the deep reef dive and will swim alongside manta rays, sharks, and game fish to mention a few. On the other hand, the inshore reefs are ideal for all divers who will also share the waters with turtles, sharks, and even spot moray eels among the corals.

The topography at the inshore reef is interesting with red sands, overhangs, and swim-throughs. To monitor and control your breathing when under the surface of the water, you will need high quality and reliable scuba regulator.

10. Toffo and Barra

Toffo and Barra are one of those places in Mozambique that welcomes you as soon as you arrive including a chance to indulge in Mozambique cuisine and culture. That and the pristine beaches to be found here combine to make an amazing experience.

The manta reef is one of the best diving spots. It derives its name from the three manta ray cleaning stations and offers some amazing topography.

Divers who have drift experienced are more suited to dive here due to the strong currents.

Other dive spots are the Praia de Roche and the Salon dive spot where you will see plenty of cleaner fish with different types of fish lining up. While you enjoy watching the activity, your wet suit will keep you warm and keep you from the risk of hypothermia.

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With warm waters and miles upon miles of coastline, Mozambique offers some of the world’s best diving sites plenty of which remain untouched and some even unexplored. Choosing to dive in Mozambique is an awesome choice.

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