10 Best Dive Sites In Greece


If you are looking for your next diving destination, Get your scuba gear package and head off to Greece. With a long history that spans back thousands of years and with much of it closely connected to its waters, Greece offers you an adventure unlike any other.

There are over 240 islands which means you will never run short of diving spots. Better yet, the seafloor is littered with wrecks all of which offer unforgettable diving experiences. Owing to its rich trading history, there are plenty of artifacts in the waters around Greece.

Note that you are not allowed to pick something and keep it as a souvenir though the temptation might be there. With so many places to dive, you are simply spoilt for choice. You can narrow them down to the top 10 best places for diving in Greece.

The 10 best diving spots in Greece

1. Paleokastritsa, Corfu

One of the best Greece diving spots for the dive enthusiast is found around the island of Corfu. The waters, especially on Paleokastritsa, are crystal clear making underwater diving one of the best pastime activities here. It’s no wonder the area is a magnet for divers from all across the world.

There is a huge reef that goes down 40 meters and the underwater arches and pathways provide you with plenty to see.

2. Schinaria, Crete

Whenever you are situated in Crete, scenario beach is one place that you want to check out. The waters here are clear allowing you to take in all the sights around you.

There is plenty of underwater marine life including moray eels, turtles, octopi, and blackfish. Bring your diving camera for some amazing underwater shots.

It is not surprising that schinaria beach is one of the most popular dive spots in Greece attracting tourists and divers from all across Europe and the world over.

If you have been wishing to dive with the big manta rays, then schinaria beach is one of the best places in the whole of Greece to enjoy this amazing experience.

3. Elephant’s Cave, Crete

The elephant cave dive site in Crete is worth checking out. This spectacular cave is filled with water only partially and you can locate it in Akrotiri around the Deprano area.

Make sure you bring your diving camera with you. Put some high-quality underwater lens and get ready to shoot some stalactites and stalagmites in the cave.

It is called elephants cave for a reason. There are fossilized bones of extinct elephant species that lived in the region. These include a tusk, vertebra, and tooth. You can also view the remains of other animals as well.

This cave was discovered by accident. A fisherman going about his business suddenly found himself in the cave.  The bones are not the only attraction here as the whole cave appears truly enchanting and magical.

The roof has stalactites that result from the high aluminum and iron in the rocks. There are also stalagmites in the water. The general belief is that there wasn’t any water in the cave and this explains the fossils found here.

4. Kea Wreck

If you can boast a bit of diving experience, then you should check out one of the most infamous wrecks near the island of kea—the HMHS Britannic. This huge vessel was a WWI ship that was sunk in 1916.

The fact that it lies in such great depths and the myriad of sections and levels makes this wreck for the experienced diver. One of the best tools to make your dive more efficient is the rebreather. It will ensure that you spend more time enjoying the wreck without worrying about your scuba tank emptying too fast.

5. Nea Kameni, Santorini


Santorini is an island that resulted from volcanic activity in the region. When looking for the best diving in Greece, there are plenty of diving opportunities to be found in the waters surrounding Santorini. Among the best diving spots on the island is Nea Kameni.

It is also a great place to do some underwater photography. Using underwater strobes can help you get the best color images.

Under these waters, you will find the Santa Maria wreck. This 34-foot ship went under in 1975 and now lies 18 meters below the surface.  Experienced as well as intermediate and beginner divers can explore the wreck.

And that’s not all. You will also find caves and caverns, marine life and reefs that you can explore as well as underwater lava formations.

6. Mirmigi reef, Lesvos

You can find this awesome dive spot near the village of Petra in the Northwest of Lesvos. This dive site is quite popular among Greece diving enthusiasts and with good reason. There is a lot of varied underwater marine scenery. The topography here is stunning with its volcanic underwater formations.

The currents are mild and the visibility is clear which makes this dive site an excellent choice for beginner divers. The reef offers plenty to see starting at just 16 feet and going down to over 118 feet.

7. HMS Perseus, Zakynthos

Zakynthos is an island that has plenty of coastline with clear and warm waters. It also boasts one of the most infamous wrecks—the HMS Perseus. If you want to take some great shots of this amazing wreck, ensure that your dive camera has the best lenses for underwater photography.

The wreck is a British submarine that was built in 1929. However, it was sunk during WW II in the year 1941. This happened when the submarine went over a mine left in the region by the Italians.

The wreck lies 52 meters under the surface and is for the experienced diver.

8. Chios

Chios is located in the Aegean sea. It is also very close to Turkey being just seven kilometers away. There are multiple world-class dive spots to be explored in Chios. The dive spots here feature reef formations that are adorned with marine life of varying colors, underwater caves, vertical walls, and some unforgettable shipwrecks.

Since the Greece diving spots here are not that deep boasting warm and clear waters, it is an excellent choice for beginner divers. That said, it is always a good idea to carry a dive compass for the best navigation.

The first thing you will notice about Chios is that it is quite a mountainous island, but this only adds to its glamour. There are plenty of vineyards that produce wine, as well as beautiful citrus plantations.  The real treasures for the diver, however, lie under the sea.

This is Greece’s fifth-largest island and sees plenty of tourists year-round. Chios is also thought to be the birthplace of mathematicians Enopides and Hippocrates.

9. Anna Wreck II, Mykonos

Mykonos may be known as the party island of Greece but there is plenty to see under its waters. One of its main features is the Anna wreck II.

This ship is huge spanning a length of 203 feet. Wreck divers will particularly enjoy exploring this wreck

It lies at a depth of 25 meters and is open for exploration by both intermediate and advanced divers. However, there is plenty more to see in the surrounding waters with reefs that are filled with sponge colonies.

If you want to take images of the wreck, you may also want to consider bringing along some dive lights for the best shots.

10. Marathonisi, Zakynthos

One of the few uninhabited islands in Greece is Marathonisi. What makes this region special is that it is among the main areas where the Carretta Caretta sea turtles come to nest. You can enjoy views of these awesome sea creatures in the clear waters.

You can also see loggerhead turtles. Other marine life includes eels, octopi, and parrotfish.

It is a good idea to pick the best time of year to visit Marathonisi. The general impression is that Greece is warm throughout the year but the truth is that winters can get pretty cold. This also means cold water.

Whenever you take the plunge, always make sure that you have good quality and reliable dive watch. It will tell you the time you spend underwater and is a good complement to the dive computer.

The best time of year to make the drive is around Jube. Also, note that if you plan on saving a good portion of your money, then it’s probably a good idea to carry your scuba gear packages.

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If you have been thinking of going scuba diving in Greece you’ve made a great choice. This nation has plenty of underwater dive sites for you to view and is, in fact, one of the best places in the world to go diving. It comes as no surprise when you consider the country’s rich history with the sea.

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