10 Best Diving Spots In Cyprus


One of Cyprus’s greatest selling points is its gorgeous waters which cocoon the island. The country features crystal clear seas and sand-fringed shores which are always inviting. 

Maybe a little splash or swim in the shallow waters is not enough for you. If you would like to dive deeper, locating the best spots for diving in Cyprus is a much better idea. 

The good news is that irrespective of whether you are a beginning scuba diver or you have some experience, you can always find an ideal Cyprus scuba diving spot. In this article, we will show you the top spots for diving in Cyprus. If you have already invested in the best scuba gear package, pack it and get ready to explore the following spots. 

Perfect Spots to Go Scuba Diving in Cyprus

1. Zenobia, Larnaca

If you do enjoy shipwreck diving, this spot should be an ideal destination for you. By far, Zenobia is the most famous shipwreck in Cyprus. The Swedish ferry, which sank back in 1980 on her maiden voyage, lies about 1.4 kilometers off the Larnaca coast. 

Both the ferry and its cargo are still intact over 3 decades later. Armed with your best diving camera, you should be able to take some nice pictures while exploring the shipwreck. 

A large number of fishes have already decided to make the shipwreck their home. When exploring the wreck, you are likely to come across tuna, barracuda, and grouper. Your dive will begin at 17 meters and bottom at 43 meters. 

2. Devil’s Head, Akamas

Akamas features a rugged and green peninsula that juts out into the deep blue waters in the area. The so-called “devil’s head” is a popular destination for people who like diving in Cyprus. 

The Cyprus scuba diving spot combines interconnecting tunnels and caves at a depth of approximately 11 meters. If you are lucky, you may come across green and leatherback turtles. The diving spot does feature plenty of marine life to admire while you continue with your underwater navigation.

3. Consdandis Fishing Boat, Limassol

Consdandis was built back in 1989 by the Soviet Union before being registered in Cyprus back 1997. The fishing boat operated in the eastern Mediterranean Sea before being sunk in February 2014. 

If you do decide to go diving in Limassol, you should carry your best lens for underwater photography. The Consdandis fishing boat sits approximately 24 meters below the water surface. You should be able to take some nice pictures when exploring the wreck. 

4. Lady Thetis, Limassol

The boat, Lady Thetis, was also sunk back in 2014 in Limassol. However, unlike Consdandis, the boat was constructed in Germany. If you wear your best-wet suit and decide to go searching for Lady Thetis in Limassol, you should be able to find the vessel at a depth of 18 meters. 

The vessel boasts easy swim-throughs. If you are a more adventurous diver, you can use the penetration options available on the vessel to explore its inside.

This spot for diving in Cyprus has already become home to a wide variety of marine life. The wreck is home to groupers, damselfish, and breams. 

5. Amphora Caves, Paphos


This Cyprus scuba diving spot owes its name to numerous broken pieces of the antique amphora. The antique amphora was an ancient ceramic container used for both transport and storage. 

Armed with your best scuba tank, you should be able to explore several caves in this spot for diving in Cyprus. The dive will take you to a depth that ranges between 5 and 12 meters, as you explore the gullies and the caves. 

6. Green Bay, Protaras

This Cyprus scuba diving spot is both easy to reach and navigate. It is used by diving schools when they are training scuba divers. Knowing that the dive spot is used by beginners can help you deal with predive stress. The dive will take you to approximately 10 meters. 

The spot for diving in Cyprus is brimming with marine life. It is home to a feed station named “The Fish Rock”. The deepest part of the diving spot features underwater columns and statues. 

7. The Caves, Ayia Napa

This diving spot features an underwater cave complex. The caves seabed is filled with amphora. The amphora has its origin from the numerous trade ships which crashed on the Cape Grecko Rocks. 

The diving spot can be accessed very easily from the coast. It is very popular for its rock formation which resembles the shape of Cyprus. 

8. Manidjin Island, Paphos

This dive location is just a 10-minute ride from the Coral Bay harbor. The Cyprus scuba diving spot features a very scenic dive. It has a spectacular cave, a wall, and a swim through. If you already know how to take pictures underwater, you should be able to take great photos in this spot.

The dive will take you to a depth of approximately 6 to 25 meters. The cave features a wide variety of pink and purple calciferous algae. You may come across yellowfin barracuda at the site. 

9. The Canyon, Ayia Napa

This is a great diving spot, although it is not technically a canyon. It is situated on the southern side of the Cape Greco National Park. You can access the diving spot from the shore. 

The Cyprus scuba diving spot is best known for its rich marine life and stunning rock formations. You can find the canyon at a depth of 22 meters. It has a visibility of 25 meters. 

10. Jubilee Shoals, Avdimou, Limassol

This spot for diving in Cyprus is just a short distance from the quiet and gorgeous Avdimou Bay. The Cyprus scuba diving spot features a huge underwater cliff face with pinnacles, a tunnel, and caves. 

The dive spot offers drop-offs from 20- to 60-meter levels. The site does have a wide variety of marine life, including tuna, jackfish, moray, and octopus. 

Globo Surf Overview

If you are planning on visiting Cyprus, you can have your best time in the waters. Cyprus has some of the best diving spots in the world. You can enjoy navigating caves, shipwrecks, or just interacting with marine life. 

In this article, we have shown you the ideal diving spots in Cyprus. Before diving into any of these locations, ensure that you have the right safety gear and you have enough knowledge. Safety should always be your number one concern. 

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