10 Best Dive Sites In Brazil


Parties, carnivals, and beautiful scenery are what come to mind when you think about Brazil. Just one endless party zone where you can dance till you drop and do it all over again the next day.

But with over 7490 kilometers of coastline, Brazil comes with plenty of dive sites, and these, in turn, offer a variety of beautiful and stunning underwater scenery that is guaranteed to leave you awe-inspired.

Marine life teems with all kinds of colorful and bizarre-looking fish from manta rays to whales to other types of reef life. But the Scuba diving Brazil sites are not limited to the oceans. Feel free to travel inland and explore the dive caves and caverns or swim with the pink dolphins in the Amazon.

Always ensure that your scuba gear packages are in top condition before taking the plunge.

With such a huge variety to choose from, you can maximize your time by starting with the best dive sites in Brazil. These are the top 10 best dive sites in Brazil.

1. Florida

If you enjoy wreck dives, Florida is your number one dive site.  The coastline of Brazil is simply littered with vessels that forever rest under the blue of the ocean and Florida tops them all. It was once a steam-powered tug that sunk 33 meters.

Now it is an unforgettable sight covered with a whole array of sponges and corals.  And to top it all off, forget about murky waters as the water here is crystal clear allowing you to see far distances away. This is great when you have your diving camera.

2. Maragogi

When you want unprecedented access to Brazil’s coral coast, you will need the best access point and there is one that is above the rest—Maragogi. More than 13 miles of a beautiful beach surrounding an equally vast lagoon that has some of the best crystal-clear water, there is plenty to see here.

Diving in Brazil at the maragogi will leave you inspired by all the beautiful underwater scenery and many describe it as simply perfect. Thanks to the clear waters, non-divers also make the most of this spot and snorkeling is a common activity. Taking photographs is a favorite pass time. If you intend to capture some unique images ensure that you have the best lenses for underwater photography.

And when you have made the most of your underwater experience you can relax at the stunning beach and reflect on everything you saw as you soak up the sun.

3. Laje de Santos

This site is a marine park and is situated in the south of Brazil right off the san Paulo coast. It is a very popular dive site thanks to the large numbers of turtles and manta rays that come here regularly.

And the great thing for divers is that there are plenty of dive sites that are to be found in the lake de Santos marine park.

One of these is moreja and is special since the boat was sunk on purpose back in 1995 in an attempt to attract both divings in Brazil enthusiasts and marine life. The plan succeeded and now sees divers from all over the world come to see it.

Before diving at the Laje de Santos, always ensure that your scuba mask fits nicely on your face so that there are no distractions and you can enjoy the sights.

You can find the Moreja on the eastern side of the lake de Santos marine park. For more experienced divers, there is another unmissable site to the west of the park. This deeper site is known as anchor ledge and derives its name from the many anchors that are found there lost among the rocks. You will also see plenty of pelagic fish as well as huge groupers.

As you ascend your dive regulator will help control the air that is coming from the tanks based on the amount of pressure change.

4. Sao Paulo and Sao Pedro

These two are part of an archipelago with clear waters surrounding them right off the coast of Brazil. Sharks use these groups of islands as a stop on their oceanic migrations and here you will also get to see huge schools of pelagic fish.

One of the best times of year to visit this spot is from January to June as this is when you are most likely to see the biggest fish in the sea, the whale sharks on their migrations.

5. Ilha Rasa


Right offshore the coast of Rio de Janeiro is a small island called Ilha rasa. It offers plenty of scuba diving Brazil sites for both beginner and experienced divers with depths ranging from 8 meters to 40 meters. These sites offer the avid diver plenty of unique sites from the beautiful corals to the many and varied marine life.

And what’s more, there are several wrecks to be found here such as the Galeao and the Buenos Aires wrecks. While you are unlikely to lose your way here, a dive compass is always a handy tool to have.

6. The Victor 8B wreck

One of the reasons why this wreck is so famous is because it is the first artificial reef in Brazil. This was a cargo ship from Greece that failed to pay its debts and was arrested and in 1997. Then in 2003, the ship was sunk right off the coast of Espirito Santo.

Situated at a depth of 34 meters, it is best suited for experienced divers. If you ever travel to Brazil for a diving experience, you never want to miss the victor 8B wreck. The site is full of stunning marine life and underwater scenery.

7. Fernando de Rohonha

Fernando de Rohonha offers some of the best diving in Brazil sites anywhere in Brazil. But you will need to travel more than 220 miles off the coast of Brazil. There are very few if any inhabitants in this 21-island archipelago perhaps owing to its mountainous landscape.

You know it is a place worth visiting when you learn that it is both a UNESCO world heritage site as well as a national park. There is so much to see and explore from caves, caverns, tunnels, and swim-throughs and the whole experience is made unforgettable thanks to the crystal clear waters that make visibility simply awesome.

A dive watch will complement the dive computer and keep you informed on the time spent underwater.

Here you can see plenty of reef fish and large pelagics. Thanks to the fact the water here is teeming with small fish, tuna, hammerhead sharks, and billfish are found here in large numbers. September and October are usually the most ideal time to visit the Fernando Ode Rohona. At this time of year, there is great visibility sometimes to depths of over 40m.

8. Abrolhos

Back in the 16th century, there was a saying that Portuguese sailors used to access the coast of Bahia “open your eyes” they shouted owing to the many reefs and shoals found here.

One of the most striking features of this dive spot is the crystal-clear waters and the mushroom corals that result in a labyrinth. A beginner who chooses scuba diving in Brazil can make the most of their time here as the depth goes down to about 20 meters. There is less pressure on the scuba tanks which makes it easy to dive.

Albrolhos is known for its humpback whales that make this a pit stop on their migration especially between July to November. This is a national marine park that contains 4 shipwrecks. One of these wrecks is the Rosalinda, an Italian vessel that sank 90 meters to the bottom.

To enjoy the site, the fact that it sits so deep means that the visibility here is low. It would help to carry dive lights.

9. Bonito

If you plan on diving in Brazil in freshwater, then one of the best dive spots that you never want to miss is bonito. It is situated in the Rio de Parata river otherwise known as the river of silver. Bonito is also an excellent snorkeling site owing to the clear and highly visible water.

Since you are not at the sea, you can pretty much forget about currents and enjoy the experience. At the water surface, you tend to feel like you are floating because the water is so clear. You can watch the fish and for the more experienced diver, there are the abyss Inhumans to look forward to.

You will start through a crack in the wall and having breached this, you will find a lake with crystal clear waters about the size of a football field. Here you will also see a different moonlit landscape with limestone formations that can rise as high as 20 feet

10. Arraial do Cabo

There is plenty of varied marine life to be seen at the Arraia do Cabo from small sea horses to large dolphins. It is situated southeast of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro close to the city of Cabo Frio.

The water here is colder so it is advisable to wear a wetsuit or even better a dry suit. This is owing to the large depths which also means that it is suited for the experienced diver. Don’t forget to wear dive gloves and dive socks as well.

That said, even while the temperature of the water can be anywhere between 10 and 25 degrees, you are still going to be able to enjoy the beautiful marine life thanks to the clear waters of the arraial do Cabo. You can see sea anemones, moray eels, as well as the occasional octopus.

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One of the best reasons why Brazil is among the best dive destinations of the world is its clear waters. Other than a few dive spots, the water is warm thanks to the tropical geographical location. From spectacular corals to stunning marine life, there is never a shortage of sights to see in Brazil.

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