What Is Dive Liveaboard?


If you are preparing for a dive holiday, you would want to have access to the best dive sites during your vacation. Planning day trips and returning to your hotel every evening may deny you the chance to have as much fun as you would probably want. Investing in dive liveaboard, however, gives you the chance to access the remote areas and spend the whole night close to nature.

If you are a beginning scuba diver, the idea of liveaboard diving may be new to you. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about scuba liveaboard.

What is Scuba Liveaboard?

Liveaboards are purposely built scuba diving boats or existing vessels that have been adapted to offer diving trips lasting for more than just a single night. On average, the diving trips last for 7 nights. However, it is possible to find both longer and shorter diving trips. The average number of people hosted in the dive boats ranges from 12 to 30 people.

If you are planning on investing in dive liveaboard, you should expect to spend approximately $1000 to $2000 per trip. In most instances, both drinks and food are included in the price of the scuba liveaboard trip.

The dive boats feature comfortable decks where divers can prepare their dive safety gear and other equipment. They also have 1 or more guides who take the scuba divers to and from the dive sites.

Benefits of Dive Liveaboard

If you are to pay the scuba liveaboard price, you would probably want to know what is in it for you and the other divers. After boarding a liveaboard with your freediving equipment, you should be able to enjoy the following benefits.

Unique Dive Destinations

If you intend to explore the best dive locations after donning your scuba tank and scuba mask, staying in a land-based accommodation may not be the ideal option. The best dive locations are usually far from the coast.

If you decide to use the local boats, you will only be limited to accessing the dive sites available in the range the boats can travel. A liveaboard allows you to explore a much bigger region. You will access the best dive sites that the region has to offer.

More Diving

If you are depending on a land-based dive operator, the maximum number of dives you can do is 3. When you dive liveaboard, you will be able to do a minimum of 3 dives. If you are up for it, you can dive up to 5 times every day.

Improved Convenience

On the majority of liveaboards, you will need to assemble the equipment on the first day and disassemble them on the last day of the trip. You will not even need to prepare the scuba BCD for every dive. Carrying your equipment becomes unnecessary.

You Meet New People

Part of diving is experiencing a new culture and interacting with people you have never interacted with before. Unlike when you are staying in a hotel and planning day trips to dive sites, you will get to meet more people when you decide to scuba liveaboard. This is aided by the fact that dive safaris generally occur in confined areas, where meeting people and making friends is much easier.

Drawbacks of Scuba Liveaboard

Just as you would expect, anything that has pros also has some cons. If you decide to dive liveaboard, you should expect the drawbacks outlined below.


As mentioned earlier, once you board the liveaboard, you will probably be away from land for the next 7 days. If you are prone to seasickness, liveaboard diving may not be an ideal option for you.

Bad Weather

If you are staying in a hotel during your dive vacation, you do not have to worry about bad weather. If there is bad weather outside, you can just chill in your room and maybe watch a movie. If you get caught in bad weather while you are on a liveaboard, you could end up spending a whole week rocking and rolling.

Confined Environment

While being in a confined space is a great way to meet new people, you have to keep in mind that you may end up being paired with a group of divers who aren’t nice. If this happens, you won’t have many places where you can escape to.

Types of Dive Boats


The type of dive boat you decide to board can influence the amount of comfort you have when you are out at sea. Below are the common types of dive boats:


This is the most comfortable option. Once you board the dive boat with your dive bag, you should be able to access the most living space per foot of the boat length. Motorboats are generally fast and more stable.

Motorsailer Boats

These are usually wooden and local boats. The dive boats are generally stylish and gorgeous. They are ideal options if you intend to go diving in Asia. While wood can be quite noisy, the experience is generally memorable.

Luxurious Liveaboards

What separates the luxurious liveaboard from the other dive boats is not the type of the boat but how the service is handled. Luxurious liveaboard offers high-quality services.

You should expect 5-star accommodation with good food and personalized service. As you would probably guess, the luxurious liveaboard is more expensive when compared to both motorboats and the motorsailer boats.

Globo Surf Overview

If you would like to dive for more than just a single night without getting out of the water, dive liveaboard may be an ideal option. Once you board the dive boat, you will spend approximately 7 days on the waters. The scuba liveaboard trips make it possible for divers to access remote dive spots. In addition to this, you will get to dive more times each day.

The liveaboards do have guides who take the divers to the dive spots. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting lost. As you would expect, to enjoy liveaboard diving, you have to dig into your wallet.

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