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Despite the many memories you and your hot tub may have shared, from crazy hot tub parties to relaxing solo sessions, a time comes when you start wishing for a newer and better tub. But before you can get yourself a brand new hot tub, you first need to determine how to dispose of the hot tub to make room for the new one.

The process is a lot easier with an inflatable Coleman hot tub or Intex hot tub, but what about bulky, regular hot tubs? Fortunately, there are several ways to go about doing this, from dismantling it yourself to calling removal companies that recycle hot tubs and others. Or better yet, why not take some of the creative ideas below and breathe a new life into your old hot tub?

Removing Your Old Hot Tub

If your hot tub is beyond saving, then you have no other option but to send it to the landfill or a facility that recycles hot tub (the latter being the better option). But before thinking about where to send it, you first need to worry about getting it out of your backyard. There are two ways to do this: you can either dismantle it yourself or call in the pros who will do the heavy lifting for you.

Dismantling Your Hot Tub

If you have some skills in carpentry and electrical wirings and have the right tools at hand, you can try to dismantle your old hot tub on your own. The dismantled pieces will be much easier to dispose of and you can fit them in the dumpster for the garbage collector to haul away. This also allows you to save some money as opposed to hiring a removal company to do the work.

But before you go this route, be sure that you know what you’re doing and that you employ safety practices during the process like using gloves and safety goggles. You’ll also want to make sure that the hot tub is disconnected from the water, electrical, and gas lines. Check the manual as well to determine the removable pieces like lights and jets and then take them out accordingly. Once everything is removed and cut (including the hot tub cover), you can then throw the smaller pieces in the dumpster.

Call a Removal Company

If dismantling your old hot tub seems too much work, then you can take the easier route and simply call a removal company to do the work for you. They will do everything from disconnecting the plumbing and electrical lines to carrying the whole hot tub and hauling it away to the landfill. Accordingly, this is the fastest and safest way to dispose of a hot tub.

Naturally, the service will cost money and how much they charge will depend on a variety of factors. For one, there’s the size of the hot tub. A larger hot tub will take more time and effort to dismantle than a small 2-person hot tub. If they also need to use a crane to lift your hot tub out of your backyard and into their truck, then you’ll be charged more for equipment rental.

It’s also a good idea to find a removal company with eco-friendly disposal practices or recycle hot tub. Their service costs will probably cost the same as regular removal companies, but at least this way you can be sure that your hot tub won’t add to the growing amount of garbage in the landfill.

Making Money Out of Your Old Hot Tub

If your hot tub is still working and you simply want to replace it with a new one, there are some things you can do to get rid of it without actually throwing it away.

Sell It

If your hot tub is still in good condition, then you can probably find someone willing to buy it. You can talk to your friends or neighbors and ask them if they’re interested. You can also try selling it online, although you’ll have to be very clear about your terms and conditions. By the way, this works best for inflatable hot tubs. If you have a regular hot tub and someone’s willing to buy it, you’ll need to iron out the logistics and associated costs.


If your intention for getting rid of your old hot tub is to buy yourself a new one, why not talk to your local dealer and see if you can trade it in? Many dealers accept trade-ins provided that your old hot tub is still in good and working (or at least repairable) condition.

The dealers will then refurbish your old hot tub and then sell it to their other clients, and sometimes for an even higher price than they bought it from you. Don’t be upset though if this is the case because it is very likely that the dealer spent more money on repairing and replacing worn-out or damaged parts.

Sell the Parts

If you can’t find someone willing to buy your hot tub, then you can dismantle it and sell the parts individually. There are many hot tub owners out there who are looking for cheap spare parts for their hot tubs, from hot tub filter cartridges to hot tub heaters and others. You may even get more money out of your old hot tub this way if you have a knack for selling. This route will take more time and effort from you though, but then again the money you make will be more than enough to compensate for your hard work.

Recycling or Repurposing Your Old Hot Tub


If you can’t find a way to dispose of your old hot tub or have trouble letting it go, then you can probably find some new uses for it right in your backyard.

For one, you can turn it into a flower box or a vegetable garden. You simply need to fill it up with gardening soil and fertilizer, sow whatever seed you fancy, and watch them turn into a robust and thriving flower or vegetable garden.

If you lack the green thumb, then how about a small fish pond? Just plug all the holes up or set a pond liner to prevent leaks, fill the tub with water, and put in whatever species of fish you like. Most people would place koi fish because of their beautiful colors, along with some aquatic flora to make it more conducive for the fish and pleasing to the eyes.

There are plenty of other uses for an old hot tub. You can take the acrylic shell and turn it upside down and make it into a dog house (don’t forget to cut a hole for the entrance). If you live on a farm, you can probably turn it into a chicken coop. Think outside-the-box and for sure you’ll find some creative and practical uses for your old tub.


Q: How much does hot tub removal cost?


The average cost of a professional hot tub removal service is around $150. However, the price can vary significantly between one removal company and another. Factors like the size of the hot tub and how much work will be required to dispose of hot tub (e.g. dismantling the decks and hot tub steps, disconnecting power lines, etc.) will also influence the overall price.

Q: How do you dispose of a hot tub cover?


To dispose of hot tub cover, follow the steps below:

  1. Split the middle seam of the hot tub cover into two halves using a knife or a box cutter.
  2. Unzip the zipper on both halves of the hot tub cover.
  3. Remove the foam inserts
  4. Cut the vinyl cover into smaller strips and dispose of them accordingly.
  5. Remove the plastic vapor wrap and dispose.
  6. Remove the metal channel from the foam inserts and throw in recycling bin.
  7. Cut the foam into smaller pieces and dispose in the recycling bin.

Note that you can recycle hot tub cover and its parts and repurpose them instead of simply throwing them away. For instance, the vinyl cover can be cut and sewn into coverings for your outdoor furnishings.

Q: What is the lifespan of a hot tub?


The typical lifespan of a hot tub is anywhere between 5-20 years. Keep in mind that the number can vary depending on several factors like the quality of the hot tub and how well you take care of it. Cheap and low quality hot tubs can last 5 years or less if they’re not well-maintained. On the other hand, high quality hot tubs with proper hot tub cleaning and maintenance can last 20 years or even longer.

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Whether you’re making room for a new hot tub or simply want to remove that old hot tub and use the space for something else, you need to dispose of the hot tub the right way. That is, you can look for a facility that recycles hot tubs or you can sell working parts to keep them from ending up in the landfill.

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